The Recovery of Team 7: The Spark of Something New

Chapter 5: Apologies

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Outside with Sakura

Sakura had just left Naruto's room, tears burning at the edge of her eyelids. She was still facing the door, her head bent and her luscious pink hair covering her face. Her hand still rested on the doorknob, quivering in place. She forced herself not to cry, composed herself a bit, and headed towards the hospital's exit. Once the sun hit her face when she left the shade of the compound, she felt instantly ten times better. The warm rays of the sun acted as a source of warmth for her emotionally as well as physically. She turned and started heading towards her favorite spot in the park. The road in the park was cool and shaded by trees. It took about a minute from the parks entrance to reach 'her' spot. The Sakura trees swayed in the breeze, there bright pink leaves dancing on the wind like leaves drifting on a river. She silently sat down in a nook under one of the Sakura trees, welcoming the cool shade from the hot sun. It was a normal day outside, a warm, sunny, mid summer day. It is beautiful out right now. Sakura thought to herself. She sat there in the cool shade for an hour or so, just enjoying the peace and quiet until she remembered what she had said to Naruto before she left. Why did I say I am sorry to him! Now he is going to want an explanation. Ugh! She kept mentally scolding herself for the slip up. Well I can't change what I said, so I guess I should start preparing my speech. And with that Sakura started thinking of all the ways she could apologize, not liking a single one. Why is this so hard! She mentally screamed. Ugh I will just go and maybe the words will come to me then. Sakura slowly got up from her sitting position under the Sakura trees, stretching her cramped muscles, and then off she went, to her nightmare. It took about ten minutes, figuring that she kept delaying the inevitable and taking as many side streets as possible, making the trek longer than necessary. Though this was so, eventually she reached the gates of the hospital. She entered through the door and started heading up to Naruto's room. It was about 4:30 by the time she reached Naruto's room. She cautiously grabbed the handle to his door, shakily turning the knob and slowly opening the door. She prayed that he was asleep. When she poked her head in, her hoped were dashed. In there sitting up in bed staring at where her head entered the door was none other than Naruto. "Hey Sakura-chan! What were you doing this whole time?" he asked the pinkette.

"Oh I was at my favorite spot in the park. Just sitting and relaxing in the beauty. I kind of lost track of time though, sorry." She said to the blonde. All of a sudden his faced scrunched up in a curious manner. "Oi, Sakura-chan, how come you were apologizing earlier?" And there it was. The question the pink kunoichi was dreading. She tried to play dumb. "What are you talking about? I think you were hearing things." Hoping he would take the bait, she faked a confused look. The blonde didn't buy it at all. He turned serious and said, "I am absolutely sure I heard you correctly, you said that you would be back later and that you were sorry, what for?" The kunoichi tensed visibly so Naruto relaxed his features a bit. "It's ok Sakura-chan, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"No Naruto, it's not that, you see, I am just nervous because I don't know how you are going to react." She said quickly, trying to make sure he knew that it wasn't him but her.

"Eh, what are you t…" he tried to say but the pink haired girl cut him off.

"Naruto, I am sorry for everything." She made sure he was listening before continuing. She looked down and continued "I am sorry for the way I treated you when we were kids. I had no right. I was so mean to you, always fawning over Sasuke, never paying attention to you. I know now how wrong I was." She looked up directly into his eyes. He had a shocked expression written on his face. Then his eyes softened. "Sakura-chan, you don't need to apologize, you did nothing wrong." She looked shocked as a smile grew on his face. "But I was so mean to you! I don't deserve having you as a friend." Tears started burning at the rims of her eyes but she refused to let them fall, she would not look weak in front of him ever again.

"No, you do. You are so wrong if you think you don't deserve me. It is the opposite in fact. I don't deserve you. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. You are so smart, you help me when I am hurt or injured, and most importantly you smack me when I am getting out of line." She couldn't take it anymore. The tears were let loose like a dam. They were flowing down her face freely. A cry burst from her lips as she lunged herself at him from the side of the bed. She landed on him with him letting out an 'oof.' He just held her and stroked her hair as she cried into his shoulder. "Na..Nar…Naruto….you… are such… a ….good friend." She tried to get out between sobs. "Shhh. You need to rest. You are exhausted." A small smile started to from on his lips. "Shh Sakura-chan." Within a few moments her sobs died down as she fell asleep in his arms. He slowly got up and moved her to the couch. He pulled an extra blanket out of the closet and laid it over her sleeping form. He couldn't resist himself. He gently leaned down over her and placed his lips on her forehead, giving the ever slightest and most loving peck. "Goodnight Sakura-chan" A small smile made it on to her lips but slowly vanished as he left her side.

Little did the two know, they were being watched by someone outside the window in a tree. "Ehehee this is even better than that part in Icha Icha Tactics where the main character pronounces his love to her!" Giggled Kakashi sitting in a tree outside there room. "I will leave them alone for tonight, but tomorrow they are going to have some explaining to do. I will have to happen to walk in as they are getting up in the morning." Kakashi planned deviously. "oho this is gonna be good!"

Meanwhile in the room, Naruto had slipped into bed and turned off the light. He glanced one last time at the sleeping pink haired kunoichi on the couch by his bedside and nodded off to sleep.

The Next Morning

Sakura woke up groggily the next day. Where was she? She couldn't remember going home last night, or getting changed, or even taking a shower. When had she fallen asleep? She slowly got up and took in her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the plain white walls and knew immediately she was in a hospital room. Oh my god! Did something happen to me! She started to freak out until she heard gentle snoring behind her. She slowly turned around and noticed Naruto on his side sound asleep. Then it all hit her. She was still in Naruto's hospital room. She was crying in his shoulder after apologizing to him and must have feallen asleep. She could also remember something, but it was so faint. It felt like someone had touched her forehead or something. The thing she remembers vividly is the warm emotion behind it and the feeling it gave her. She felt like she was all warm inside. She felt so happy at that moment but had no clue why. She got off of the couch as quietly as she could and decided she would head home to take a shower.

Not half way across the room and she heard someone voice, "And where might you be off to?" She turned to find the owner of the voice only to see Kakashi sitting on the window sill. "Oh. Good morning Kaka-sensei. How are you this morning?" She asked her sensei. "Oh I am fine. Just was walking the road of life when I stumbled across Naruto's room." He stated in his boring manner. A vein popped on Sakura's head. "Don't give me that crap Kaka-sensei" She said. "Alright, alright. But the question this morning is not how am I doing, no, no, it is how are YOU doing?" He accentuated the 'you' so she knew he was up to something. She decided to respond cautiously. "I am fine sensei." She said that skeptically, giving him a 'what the hell are you up to' look. "Oh and how is Naruto?" Now she was really confused. "He is asleep sensei, why don't you ask him yourself later." She couldn't help but wonder what he wanted. "Ahh so he is really tired. And you don't look the best right now…." He elbowed her and lifted his eyebrows up and down enthusiastically. Ok now she was lost. What the hell could he be trying to get at? Then it hit her. She was in Naruto's hospital room in the early morning, her clothes and hair really messed up, and Naruto still sleeping in his hospital gown—which a person is naked underneath. Her face went as red as it possibly could. "Kaka-sensei!" She screamed in a near whisper. "It is not like that!" he just eye smiled. "Oh and what is it like then?" She turned trying to hide her blush. "I was tired and dozed off before heading home that is all." She stormed out of the room after that. Kakashi's lone eye opened and his eyebrows went upwards in what could only be described as an evil smirk. He looked over to Naruto and said creepily, "Don't think I am done just yet. You will get your turn soon enough, that is as soon as you wake up." He then took a seat on the couch next to Naruto's bed and pulled out his Icha Icha Tactics to wait for Naruto to wake up.

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