Chapter 1: Who said it was Easy?

I got out of my '92 Ford Mustang and pulled out a cigarette lighting it and inhaling deeply, leaning on my black and silver beater. I closed my eyes running my hand through my pink hair with black highlights. I was a shock to most people, especially here in Forks. Anyone different was a social outcast. This was nothing new to me, seeing as ever since I was twelve, I was deemed unworthy of this life.

Insert sarcastic laugh here.

My mom always told me that I was an accident that I wasn't supposed to be here. The end result of a backseat romp is what she called it. Fucking bitch. Anyway, she pawned me off on my deadbeat dad as soon as I hit sixteen. Thanks a lot Renee. I was debating whether I should stay or just turn and run when some blonde-haired guy leaned on my car.

"So, you're new here, right? I'm Justin." He smirked at me, like his nearly pre-pubescent face and boy band hair would make me swoon.

I scoffed and looked towards him, tossing my cig.

"You have a total of five seconds to get the fuck off my car before I knock those teeth out of your mouth," I said staring directly into his eyes. His fear was obvious when he stuttered,

"I-I- just wanted to welcome you to Washington."

I simply couldn't help the eye roll or death glare he received.

"I don't need a welcome to this rinky-dink, shit whole, backwaters town. Now excuse me, I'm late. Fucker." I may have dislocated his shoulder when I pushed by him, but I simply couldn't be bothered enough to care.

As I walked towards my first class... yes, I'm in college. Port Angeles Junior College, to be precise. What? I had to do something to keep Charlie off my ass; anyway, I kept my head up and scowled at anyone who came too close. I guess you could say that I liked my own personal bubble, but honestly, I'm just a bitch. I frowned at the yellowing numbers above the door of my first class. A punk ass degree in business management, lovely. I sighed as I took a seat towards the back sinking low into my chair, pulling out my sketch pad and drawing up a poster for my band. I couldn't believe I had to find a new drummer and bass player, again, thanks a lot Renee. Fucking Bitch. I drew a skull exploding into flames and smirked, tilting my head...

"I like it," a deep voice said and I jumped a little before looking up at him. He was smiling a crooked smile, one I'm sure had committed many panty terrorism crimes, and I rolled my eyes and continue to sketch. "The Flaming Skulls? What is that?" He asked. I dropped my pencil and mumbled, "My band." He ran his hand through his bronze Mohawk, and I sighed, I really didn't need pretty boy fucking up my day. "Listen I don't want to be your friend or your girlfriend or even in the same room with you. I am not interested in you or what you think you have to offer me, so yeah, poof be gone...fucker." I smirked leaning back into my chair and rolling my eyes. Pretty boy just stared, with his mouth agape and I groaned. He finally took the hint and walked away, I'm not going to lie, and I took a little peek at his ass. It was a nice ass. I sucked my teeth and looked at the clock, I had spent fifteen fucking minutes doing absolutely nothing, and there was still no sign of the professor. "This is bullshit," I groaned getting up and walking outside. I debated for all of a second before running to my car and hopping in turning on my iPod rapping along with Bedrock, driving off.

"My room is the G-spot, call me , I can make your bedrock," I sang as I sped down to my favorite spot. The garage where I practiced, it was run down and beat up, but Mr. Crowley let me practice here whenever I wanted. I parked my car and jumped out excited, practically bouncing. I ran to my baby Sparky, picked him up and strummed his strings. I got him as a gift from my mom, he was a Gibson Les Paul Slash, the one good thing she ever did for me. She gave me a lifelong dream. I plopped down in the prehistoric leather recliner Mr. Crowley gave me and started to play Black Magic Woman; by Santana. I entered another world when I played. It took me away from my drama and to a place where the crowd screamed my name. A place where I called the shots and every fan loved me. I continued to strum, nodding along with the rhythm, singing softly. There could never be a better feeling, when I drifted off into the realm of music I was something significant, someone important. I was everything I always wanted to be. I finished the song with a satisfied grin on my face.

"Your supposed to be in school Bells." Mr.C's voice drifted through my musical haze and I grimaced. "It was a bad first day," I grumbled taking out a cig. "Our agreement was that if you go to school you can practice here." He crossed his arms raising a brow in challenge. I had to admit, the old fucker had brass balls. "Fine, fine! I bow down to you, Mr. C; I'll race back to the community college and bask in the glory of education just for you!" I laughed, lighting my cig and grabbing Sparky. "Yeah, you do that, Bells, just don't harass too many people in the process," he called after me, snorting, as I lumbered back towards my car. I gently placed Sparky in the back seat before getting in and squealing my tires. I tossed a wink back at Mr.C as I sped off, watching him shake his head in the rear-view mirror. I had a soft spot for the old dude; he was a bright spot in my own personal hell. I had no idea where I was going in this small town, I wanted out. I knew Mr.C would be disappointed, but I simply couldn't handle anymore mouth-breather bullshit. I decided just to drive home.

I tossed my cig out the window; I couldn't help but think Smoky the Bear's panties would be in a twist if he saw me, speeding towards Forks. Ah, Forks, the town with one stoplight, one main street, and one officer on duty. It was most definitely not the place where all your dreams became reality. I flipped off the wanna-be-gangsta, Mike Newton as I passed his daddy's sporting goods store. I hated that fucker. You would think over a thousand knees to the groin would get the "I'm not interested" message across. I frowned and punched the steering wheel as I pulled into the driveway. I really didn't want to hear Charlie's bullshit today, but apparently Deputy Doofus let the Chief have a day off. Just my luck.

I walked in and my dog Jacob Black jumped on me. Most people think it's odd that he has such a human name, but if you looked at his little face you'd see that he looks like a Jacob, and Black is my favorite color. Fuck off, he's a miniature Doberman pinscher, and he'd fuck up your frou-frou purse puppy in a heartbeat. "Jake!!!" I scooped him up as he licked my face, "Hey baby, did you miss me?" I asked as he growled playfully nipping at my nose. "Isabella, come here." Charlie all but barked in his authoritative voice. "Let's go see what the sperm donor has to say," I whispered to Jacob, as I sauntered into the kitchen. "What?" I asked listlessly leaning against the door frame. "Why aren't you in school?" I sighed and his furry pornstache twitched in annoyance before I grumbled, "I had better things to do." I glared as he slammed down his coffee cup and yelled, "I am sick of the attitude, Isabella!" I let Jake down and he stood in front of me growling, because like I said, he's fucking awesome. This obviously wasn't the first time Charlie and I faced off, so I straightened my back and started ticking off my fingers. "First my name may say Isabella on my birth certificate, but I'm not some prissy little bitch, so call me Bella, and second I didn't ask to be here, Charlie. It is not my fault that you and Renee decided to knock boots without a love glove, on prom night after hitting the flask too many times. So you don't like my attitude, well tough fucking tit, and it's called safe-sex." I squared off staring straight into his eyes. His shoulders squared and his brow rose at me. Like many a time before when I squared off with Charlie, I left him speechless. "You are grounded Isabella! Go to your room," He almost growled at me. I laughed sarcastically grabbing a yipping Jacob walking upstairs slamming my door.


I walked out of the building seeing my brother Emmett in his Jeep. I smirked shaking my head, he was rocking out, and you could hear the sounds of Queen Miles away. I laughed watching him, it was quite a spectacle, his brown curls were flying with his head banging, but it was the falsetto singing that pushed me over the edge. "Emmett, oh God, dude please stop!" He jumped and flushed red before answering, "Ed, man, somebody to love is a classic, and I can't help it." As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I climbed into the jeep; I couldn't help thinking about the hottie from my last class. Didn't even get her name. Fuck. Emmett punched my arm snapping me out of my haze. "What the fuck?!" I yelled rubbing my arm. "Focus dude. We have rehearsal." Emmett said starting his Jeep. I could tell he was high. Dammit the whole world could tell Emmett was high. He not only reeked of weed his eyes were forever glazed over. "Have we found a guitar player yet?" I asked as he started he drive off. "Uhhh, no no but I heard something today while I was driving past Crowley's garage." He grinned at me. "Well who was it and focus on the road?" I said grabbing the wheel. "Calm down prissy pants." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes at him putting my feet up on his dash leaning back. "Well this thing that you heard, what was it?" I asked. He shrugged "I dunno someone playing the guitar. Black Magic Women. Rocked it!!" He said nodding his head to the beat in his head. His curly tresses bouncing as we served. I chuckled; he was going to kill us one day.

"So, who is she?' He asked.

I shrugged. "Who is who?"

"The chick you're practically fawning over." He stated rubbing his eyes.

"I have no clue actually. She was rude and obnoxious yet her eyes were sad and so beautiful"

"Let me guess bro. You're going to try to crack her." He said.

"Nahh I don't care." I knew that was lie but dammit I couldn't help but wonder what she was hiding.

He stopped the car suddenly making me jerk forward. "What the fuck Emmett!" I yelled. He got out of the car grabbing a flyer that was posted on a pole. I looked at him with bewilderment. After all these years Emmett never stopped to amazing me. He shoved the flyer in my face. "Dude! Look!" He yelled. "If you move it I can!' I barked tapping my foot. He laughed shortly. "Right." He moved back and handed the flyer. There it was, a black skull exploding with red flames the name "The Family Skulls" In dark Purple around it. My mouth dropped open. "Read the back dude!" Emmett practically jumped out of chair. I turned it over and read aloud. "Auditions for Drummer and Bass player Saturday at 1p.m. at Crowley's Garage. For info please call Bella" I looked at the piece of paper for a long time before looking at Emmett. "WE HAVE TO DO THIS!!!" I yelled. "No duh!!! That's why I grabbed the paper!" He said "We are going to rock her socks off!!" I yelled

"That's what's she said" Emmett laughed I rolled my eyes scoffing. "We have to go and practice! Go man go!" I pushed him arm. He sped us home and I basically jumped out the window to get my bass."Chill bro. I need to Call Jasper for my uhh medicine first." I rolled my eyes and looked at the paper in my hand.

Bella, I had her number in my hands. But did I have the balls to actually call her. "Call the bitch!" Emmett yelled "Shut up, foo!" I yelled back. I played with phone. "Fuck it." I stated dialing her number. I put it to my ear as it rang. "Hello Bella talking." She stated, her voice sang out like a song and my heart started to beat a little faster. "Hello Bella my name is Edward." I stated running my fingers through my hair. "Hello Edward. How are you?" I heard the smile in her voice. "I saw your flyer and decided to call." I said. I needed to get my head in the game. She was just a girl. I didn't even believe that. She was more than a girl. "Well what are you auditioning for?" She asked. "Bass and my brother Emmett will be auditioning for drums" I said. "Yay!! I can't wait to hear you thank you for calling Edward." She said. I could tell she was grinning and I couldn't help but smile with her. "Can't wait to play for you Bella. I will see you on Saturday." I said "Yes yes you will." She said as she hung up. Yes!!! That went better than I expected. Emmett walked in his eyes glazed over smelling like weed. "Duuuuuude you are whipped!" He laughed making the whipped sound. I shook my head. "Let's just do this we have to get right for this audition tomorrow." I said tuning my bass. Emmett sat at his drums and started to play. I followed his lead matching his beat until I realized what he was playing. That song from Hercules. He started humming the word and I started to laugh and sing along. "I won't say I'm in love," He threw a stick at my head. "What?" I asked. "That's for you lover boy. You love her you love her you lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee her!" He sang. I rolled my eyes and walked into the house plopping on the couch my mind racing 100 miles per hour. What was buried deep down inside of her that she fought off everyone. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. This was going to be harder than I thought.


I woke up and got dressed in a rush. I felt it today I was going to find my drummer and bass player. I pulled my hair back running downstairs. "Young lady you are grounded!" Charlie yelled after me. I rolled my eyes; I was already late and didn't feel like hearing his bullshit. I picked up Jake and smiled. "You will be with mommy today big boy." I laughed as he licked my cheek. I placed him in the front seat of my car as Sparky sat in the back they couldn't be nest to each other. Sparky as lost many a string because of Jake. I pulled off seeing frustrated Charlie in my rearview mirror. His face was purple his arms crossed and his brow furrowed. I was in for it when I got home.