title: Curiosity's Timebomb 1/?
rating: NC-17
pairing: Randy x Evan in this chapter other pairings later.
summary: Just a soft sappy fluffy night the hotel room for Randy and Cody
warnings: Sex, blood, drama, angst (I guess I suck at figuring out warnings)
disclaimer: I wished I owned them but I don't.
beta: None, all mistakes are my own. Proof read late at night so take it easy on me.

Randy let his finger trace the rim of his half empty glass knowing soon it would be liquor-less and a new one would appear thanks to one of the men or women trying to gain his attention. He wasn't interested in any of them, none of them peaked his lust. Usually by now he'd found a rat and was half way to getting into her pants but not tonight.

Tonight he just looked out into the sea of people watching them dance. John had two rats hanging off him on the floor both were average, not really up to his standards but he knew John was too drunk to care what they looked like.

Then his eyes darted to Ted and Cody, his former protégées grinding on one another on the dance floor. Randy envious of Ted, he knew he had a chance at Cody long ago but just was too scared to act on it. Randy knew he had desires for men, but he never acted on them he just stuck with what was safe.

Women, Randy took a drink that was what was safe right? It didn't hurt Ted and Cody to be out there publicly dancing, didn't hurt John's back stage rep every time he had drunk fumble with a man. "Or a drunk kiss," Randy whispered to himself. Randy remembered that one time he and John were so drunk after a house show when they were both rookies. John had him against the wall and kissed him. John had wanted more, and so did Randy but Randy was just afraid it would damage both their careers for it to get around the locker room that they had kissed let alone fucked.

Randy finished his drink and as he did a new glasses slid in clinking his empty one. "Thanks," Randy didn't even look up to acknowledge who the drink was from.

"You looked like you could us another one," Randy looked up at the familiar voice.

"What do you what Bourne?" Randy picked up the drink taking a sip.

"Oh nothing, I'm just surprised to see you all alone in a bar," Evan slid into Randy's booth. "You're usually surrounded by women by now."

"Whores suck in this town," Randy fiddled with his glass looking at the sea of people.

"Whores usually suck for a twenty," Randy laughed at the joke.

"You should see what you can get for a couple hundred," Randy looked at Evan noticing the young man was eyeing him up.

"Sometimes the best things in life are free," Evan smirked sliding closer to Randy. "Your staring pretty hard at the dance floor, see someone you want?"

"Maybe," Randy keep letting his eyes switch between John and Cody.

"Never knew you liked men," Evan set his hand on Randy's leg.

"I, I," Randy couldn't find the words and bit his lip.

"No one suspects you, except those that want you," Evan let his hand move up to tease the hem of Randy's shirt. "And a lot of the boys want you."

"I don't sleep with co-workers," Randy tipped back his glass and downed the contents.

"Really, I've heard stories of you and the Divas," Evan felt Randy's hand stop his hand from wandering up under his shirts.

"Those sluts come and go like a revolving door," Randy pushed Evan's hand aside. "I don't want to be attracted so someone I have to get into the ring with."

"Why not? I find it's a rush," Evan brushed his lips to Randy's ear. "Such a rush to have another man's hand touch my body, to trust them with it. Just like sex," Evan purred and nuzzled Randy's neck. "I still get off think about the few times I've been manhandled by you in the ring."

"I don't fuck men," Randy growled lowly.

"But you want to," Evan pulled back grinning. "It's pretty obvious who you're eyeing up Randy."

"Shut up," Randy let his eyes fall back to his glass.

"You wish you knew the things I knew," Evan waved a waitress over and ordered them two more drinks.

"What do you mean?" Randy cocked an eyebrow.

"I can't say them here," Evan passed some money to the waitress. "But I'm sure the dirty little secrets I know will blow your mind."

"Is this some type of trick to get me in bed?" Randy pushed his glass back.

"Yes and no," Evan gulped down some of his drink. "I'm not going to lie, I really would like to see you in action, but," Evan paused making a quick glance on to the dance floor. "There's more to it."

"Your room or mine," Randy eyed up Evan. His intent was not to sleep with the attractive man but just to see what this secret is. Randy did admit to himself he found Evan very handsome and turned on by him but was still too aware to let his bi sexuality curiosity get the better of him.

"My room," Evan stood up. "Meet me there in twenty minutes, room 210."

"Alright, this better be some secret," Randy watched Evan walk away. Evan breezed by Cody on the dance floor shooting Cody a look and smirk which Cody knew the meaning of and just snuggled into Ted more so the older man would think nothing of it. Then Evan passed John who just nodded when the small man walked by.

Randy didn't notice Evan's looks to his friends and occasional objects of lust. He just sat in his booth nursing his drink thinking what had he gotten himself into. Should he do it, have a one night stand with Evan no strings. Wasn't like he had feelings for the small man, not like the way Cody and John both tugged on his heart strings. Alas he'd missed the boat on both of them, John years ago and Cody more recently pretty much handing him to Ted on a silver platter. Randy finished the second drink Evan bought for him, staring down at the ice cubes as they clinked in his glass.

Randy got out of his booth glancing at his watch he still had ten minutes before he was suppose to meet up with Evan. Rolling his neck he head past the dance floor and all the dancing couples. Cody looked up from Ted's neck has Randy glided by. "Please let this work," he murmured into his dance partner's neck.

"What was that Cody?" Ted pulled back giving Cody a angry glare.

"Huh, I didn't say anything," Cody let a sweet smile cross his lips.

"Ready to go back to the room?" Ted kissed him on the cheek. "For some fun?"

"Not yet, I need another drink," Cody moved away and walked to the bar as Ted's eyes shot daggers at his back.

Randy made his way through the lobby to the elevator seeing John and his whores waiting for the same lift.

"Hey Randy you want in?" John slurred being held up by one of the women.

"Ooo he's yummy," the other girl purred stepping towards Randy.

"No thanks," Randy pushed the girl away as the elevator door opened and they all stepped in. Randy kept his distance watching the women grind against John and still making offers to him to join in. Randy considered giving the women the shock of their lives by going over there and kissing John but couldn't bring himself to do it, because he knew it wouldn't be returned.

The doors dinged open and Randy got out of the elevator, fortunately John was staying on a different floor and wouldn't witness Randy knocking on Evan's door. Randy walked down the hall making sure the elevator doors were well closed before stopping at Evan's door. Slowly reaching up he let his fist hit it lightly. The door swung open and Evan welcomed Randy in.

"I thought you might no show on me," Evan closed the door has Randy surveyed the room. Randy saw the room was dimly lit a chair facing him, and the bed neatly turned down.

"Was considering it," Randy eyes follow Evan who was now standing behind the chair. "But my curiosity about these secrets are getting the better of me," Randy took the seat in the chair.

"I have secrets on everyone," Evan swung around the chair and straddled Randy. "But it's the bad one I need to tell you, but only when I think you can handle it," Evan licked at Randy's neck. "When I know you can help me fix it."

"I don't understand," Randy tilted his head back let Evan nip at his neck liking how it felt.

"You will," Evan grinded his ass down on Randy's lap. "Have you ever been with a man?"

"No, just a drunk kiss one time that's it," Randy went to touch the back of Evan's neck but hesitated.

"You can touch me," Evan guide Randy's hand to the back of his neck. Randy gave it a gentle squeeze. "Ever had anal with a woman?" This brought a laugh from Randy.

"Yes, several times," Randy let his hand snake around Evan's waist getting more comfortable with the situation.

"It's like that but I'm not some fragile little flower," Evan popped the top button on Randy's dress shirt. "You don't have to take your time. You get to be rougher if that's your thing."

"You're a bit of a slut then," Randy groaned has grinded down on his denim clad cock.

"Yeah, just a bit," he winked. "This is definitely not my first time," Evan finished unbuttoning Randy's shirt pushing it open to expose the tanned chest. Evan let his finger trail slowly down the center of the Viper's chest.

"I'm still not sure about this," Randy panted his cock straining in his jeans. Evan got off Randy's lap. "I really just came here for your secrets."

"You've got to give to get. Let's start and go a little slower then," Evan swayed his hips and pushed his pants down. "You like lap dances?"

"The few I've had yeah," Randy watched Evan bend down back to touching his toes and showing his ass. Evan's shirt moved up his body has he was bent in two, and when he stood up it was gone leaving him in just his tented briefs.

"I doubt their flexible like me," Evan leaned all the back so his hands touched the floor. Randy licked his dry lips eyeing up the well defined line of Evan's cock in his briefs as Evan spread his legs wider making sure Randy had the perfect view.

"Not bad," Randy slowly getting more willing to throw caution to the win and let his curiosity take over. Evan thrust his hips up and down his cock bouncing under the fabric gain a low groan from Randy.

"Like that?" Evan swung his body up so he was standing again.

"Yeah I do," Randy let his own fingers trace over his collar bone slowly. "So where's this dance," he watched has Evan flicked a button letting low sultry music feel the room.

"It's coming but there are a few rules because I want to drive you wild," Evan hooked his thumbs in to the elastic waist band of his briefs starting to lower them. "I can touch you but you can't touch me, that's the rule," Evan swayed back and forth bring his underwear down so it strained on his erect shaft.

"If I break it?" Randy lend back in the chair spreading his legs to show Evan he was very willing to take the lap dance and for the first time really explore his bi sexuality.

"Well there will be a delay in me telling you my secrets," Evan made a swift tug and his cock sprung free from its confines. Evan stepped out of his briefs so he stood naked and unashamed before Randy bending his knees grinding his hips. Evan gripped his dick and gave it a few pumps so that his cum smoothed over the head and made it have a wet shine. Randy was mesmerized by Evan's gyrating that he was tweaking his own nipples and longing to unzip his pants and take his cock in his own hand.

"Shouldn't you get on this," Randy pushed his groin out. Has Evan turned around and shook his ass dipping low then coming up slowly.

"I'll get to the lap part of your dance," Evan looked at Randy over his shoulder. "Better than watching a woman isn't?"

"I'm really starting to think so," Randy shrugged his shoulders let his shirt come off his shoulders but not off his arms. Evan stretched his legs out Randy watching the muscles flex and relax under the lightly tan skin. Evan finally turned and stepped between Randy's legs putting his hands on Randy's chest massaging the older man's pecs and up to his neck. "This where it broke," Evan traced the small bump on Randy's collarbone.

"Yeah it is," Randy moan has Evan hopped on to his lap straddling him to lick and bite at the small bump. Randy rose his hands instinctively to hold Evan to him.

"No, no," Evan wet tongue tailed up Randy's neck. "You can look, feel, smell but you can't touch big boy."

"You're so tempting," Randy moaned has Evan begun riding him through his jeans his cock pulsing against the rough fabric for he wore not undergarment to protect him from the denim's bite. Evan worked his hips his pre cum slick cock rubbing Randy's stomach leave a white trail. Randy gripped the bottom of the seat wanting so badly to touch the man.

Man, the thing that he thought wasn't safe. The thing giving him the best lap dance he'd ever had. Why had he been so stupid before to pass up the others. To pass up John, and especially to pass up Cody. As Evan licked and kissed at his neck he was slowly realizing there were so many perks to being with another man. No breasts in the away to keep all that lower stomach skin from pressing his, the ability to be more rough because you know you can. Randy was losing his control wanting to snap and wrap Evan's legs around his waist and slam him down on the bed. But the dance was too good to let it stop now.

"I bet you wish your pants were on the ground," Evan's nails scratched Randy's scalp.

"I do and I don't god the burn is so good," Randy closed his eyes enjoying the touch of pain added in with his pleasure has his jeans zipper grazed his shaft every time Evan made a strong grind down. Randy couldn't believe his body felt like it was enflamed and that familiar feeling coiling in his stomach. "Evan stop, I'm gonna."

"You wouldn't be the first," Evan let go of Randy's neck throwing his body back grinding harder and faster wanting to rip an orgasm from Randy. Randy could no longer resist not touching Evan has he feel his hips start to jerk up with the first waves of white heat. Randy grabbed Evan's arms pulling him up flush against his chest holding him tight against him as his bucked up spilling his seed into his jeans.

"Fuck, oh yea," Randy grunt slumping forward send himself and Evan falling off the chair and down on the floor.

"Naughty boy you broke the rule," Evan nuzzled Randy's adams apple feeling the tattooed man tremble from pleasure.

"Shit," Randy still coming off the high. "Had that was too fucking good."

"So worried about having to wrestle against me?" Evan stretched out like a cat skin pressing to Randy's.

"Just don't do that and I think I'll be good," Randy kissed the top of Evan's head. "Might pop a little wood but it's not like that hasn't happen to anyone before."

"What about fucking a co-worker?" Evan let his hand go to the button at the top of Randy's pants.

"I already broke your rule, so fuck my own," Randy let his hands wander up and down Evan's light sweat sheen back. Evan lowered Randy's zipper and started pushing the vipers pants down revealing the cum covered half hard cock.

"Damn you bigger than everyone imagined," Randy shot Evan a look.

"Everyone?" Randy arched an eyebrow up.

"What you though I was the only one wanting in your pants. There's a few of us and I'll tell you who after you fuck me to make up for your rule breaking," Evan scooped Randy's cum up on his hand and began licking it. Randy kicked his pants under the bed rolling on top of Evan.

"So do you have lube? I mean I've got to work you over right?" Randy looked down into the chocolate eyes drowning in them a little.

"I'll get. I'd rather do this on the bed," Evan crawled out from under Randy. Randy pushed up with his arms so he was kneeling on the floor watching Evan climb on the bed with a bottle of lube in his hand. "Coming?"

"Oh yea," Randy stepped up at the foot of the bed gazing at Evan laying on the pillows at the head his knees bent up and spread wide open. Randy steely eyes took in Evan's proud leaking untouched cock lying on stomach, his smooth round ball sack and the pink invite hole that was just peeking out under it.

"Would you rather watch or do you want to touch a man on the inside for the first time?" Evan popped the top on the lube. Randy was a little nervous but it faded quickly because he'd finger enough women before what would be the difference with a man. Randy chuckled climbing on the bed knowing the difference would be Evan wasn't going to object to it or say stop your fingers are too big.

"Give me that," Randy pulled his shirt off throwing it aside before snatching the lube. Randy over coated his hand with lube while Evan wiggled on the sheets awaiting a finger but it never came. Instead Evan was treated to a little show from Randy who rubbed the substance over his chest making himself nice and slick like he would be for a match. Evan moaned watching Randy pinch and pull at his own nipples and his other lube coated hand stroking his cock back to full hardness.

"With all that lube on you should slide right in," Evan let his foot caress Randy's thigh.

"Oh yea don't want a finger?" Randy felt the excitement course through him wanting a no, needing a no. He knew a woman would never let him do it without prep but a man might. He knew how tight it was during anal sex after stretching a tight hole but he was desperate to feel it at its tightest.

"I can see it in your eyes what you want," Evan crooked his finger luring Randy to hover over him. "I told you I'm not a delicate little flower, you want to give me that snake right now then do it," Evan grabbed Randy's neck pulling himself up to Randy's ear. "Fuck me Viper," Evan gasped has Randy grabbed his legs pulling them around his waist and locking them at the ankles.

"You'd better hold on," Randy pressed on hand on Evan's should pushing him down while the other aimed his shaft at his target.

"I want see what all the women fuss about," Evan felt the wet head rubbing his hole.

"You mean scream," Randy forced his way in ramming through the tight ring of muscle. Evan's tossing his head back on the pillows letting an obscene scream go feeling his body filled completely. Evan latched on to Randy's shoulders as the older man held nothing back letting his balls slap roughly on Evan's legs.

"Damn," Evan panted trying to make his hip meet Randy hard thrusts. "No wonder everyone is after you," Evan closed his eyes has Randy's long thick length struck his prostate. Randy couldn't believe how tight Evan was, being in a man was far more enjoyable than a woman could ever be.

"I can't…believe….I resisted men….oh fuck," Randy forced Evan down on to the mattress almost folding him in half. Evan could tell Randy's orgasm was creeping up on him fast already having cum once tonight. The young man dropped one of his hands from Randy's shoulder to stroked his painful erection. Both men panting and swearing. Salty sweat dripping from Randy's brow down on to Evan, his tongue snaked out to taste it. Evan felt his cum shoot from his cock onto his chest his ass muscles clamping tighter on Randy.

Randy could feel it building in his stomach again, and pulls out shove Evan's legs aside so he can get up by his face. Randy lets his fist fly while his hip jerk forward making his dick hit Evan's lips. Evan closed his eyes and opened his mouth knowing what's about to happen and want every bit of it. Randy let out a grunt and the white streams erupted from him landing on Evan's cheeks and in his mouth. Evan licked around his mouth loving that he was the first man to ever taste Randy like this. Randy dropped down beside Evan his chest heaving up and down.

"So giving up pussy?" Evan looked over letting Randy get a good look of his handy work.

"Only if there's not a hot tight ass around," Randy laughed. "Damn that was so good," Randy said closing his eyes.

"You can stay the night if you want and maybe we can have another round in the morning," Evan grinned at Randy. Randy felt exhausted the drinking earlier in the night and two mind blowing orgasms he real wasn't in the mood to get out of bed. Plus there was morning sex which sounded really good.

"Sure," Randy wasn't sure if he should snuggle Evan or not but Evan showed him by rolling to his side and pulling Randy to spoon him.

"I'm not sorry if my ass gives you some morning wood," Evan felt Randy yawn against his neck.

"Night," Randy let his hand absently stroke Evan's abs has he drifted off to sleep.

"Sleep well," Evan stayed awake feeling Randy's body become a dead weight has it drifted into oblivion. When Evan was sure Randy was asleep he removed Randy's arm and got out of bed. Grabbing his clothes he went into the bathroom to clean up. "He didn't even ask about the secrets again," Evan patted his face with a towel before looking into the mirror. "He'll know soon enough. Must have really liked the sex, can't believe John was right and he was hiding his truly lust for men for that long," Evan pulled his clothes on. "Now let's see if I can pull him from the bear and to the Viper," Evan exited the bathroom. "Randy?" Evan checked to make sure the older man was still asleep. Smile has he saw Randy on his back arm thrown over his eyes. "I'll be back."

Evan quietly closed his hotel door making his way down the hall to the elevator up to the floor with his best friend's room hoping he would find him alone. Evan reached the hotel room to find it wide open. Evan stepped seeing the chair's upset, the lamp broken in a million pieces on the floor. "Hello?" Evan called out seeing if anyone was here but no response. He walked to the window see it was closed but filled with cracks like someone had been thrown against it. "It's just me if your still here please come out!" Evan scanned the room in a panic. "Not good, not good," seeing blood on the floor.

Evan ran from the room flying down the hall "JOHN! John you dick get up!!" Evan came to a sliding stop at John Cena's hotel door pounding on it.

"Huh, what is it Evan?" John was slightly still buzzed his whores asking him to come back to bed.

"How the fuck did you not hear what was happening down the hall!" Evan shoved the door wide open. "You said you'd keep watch, they're both gone and there is blood on the floor."

"John whose the kid," one of the women sat up in the bed.

"Get fuck out," John suddenly snapped into a sober state. "Shit, where's Randy?"

"Asleep in my bed," Evan watched has the girls grabbed their clothes and left the room.

"We've got to find them before Randy wakes up," John quickly slung on his clothes. Evan and John started searching the hallway for any sign of a struggle or a sign of which way either of the other rooms occupants went. "By the way not that it matters right now but did you get it done."

"Oh yeah, I did," Evan saw bloody scuff marks in the rug. "Someone went this way," Evan and John took off following the stained carpet.


Randy rolled over in the bed feeling for Evan but just felt cold sheets. "Evan?" Randy sat up in bed looking around the dark room. "Stay the night, yeah and you leave me. Oh well it's just a one night stand," Randy sat up grabbing his pants for his cigarettes. "Shit left my smokes at the bar," Randy pulled on his underwear. "Do I wait for that brat and his secret or go back to my room?" Randy said to no one but himself. Letting out a long sigh a hurried knock came to the door. Randy got off the bed, "Must be Evan probably forgot his key."

Rand hauled the door open and Cody plowed into his arms. "Evan he's lost it, completely lost it!" Cody looked up realizing he was clinging to Randy. "Where's Evan?"

"I don't know," they both heard the ding of the elevator. Cody closed the hotel door and quickly locked it.

"I hope he's ok," Cody panted before returning to cling to Randy. "Please don't let him touch me again."

"Cody what's going on?" Randy brought Cody to the bed.

"Didn't Evan tell you?" Cody curled up in a ball in Randy's lap.

"We fucked but he didn't tell me anything," Randy was completely confused.

"Why did he leave without explaining everything like said he would," Cody kissed Randy's cheek. "Asshole," he lay his head on the older man's shoulder. Randy just stay their cradling Cody not sure what was happening but felt something wet on his hand. Looking at his hand his eyes went wide with horror. Blood.