"Cody," Randy was in a panic why would he leave when he was still hurt. Was he going back to Ted, no he couldn't why would he want to go back to that horror? Randy felt sick to his stomach for a moment then the rage built in the pit of his stomach bubble quickly until he tried to rush past John and Evan to bring Cody back.

"Whoa," John grabbed Randy holding him tight to his chest stopping the tattooed man's warpath. "We can't go after Cody with guns blazing."

"Wait I never said Cody, he's waiting for me to come back with coffee," Evan placed a hand on Randy's back and the other on John's shoulder. "Ted is gone."

"Good, I hope he doesn't come back," Randy snarled breaking free of John's arms.

"Randy shut up, you still don't know anything," John growled at the raging viper. ""I hope to god he's sober now."

Randy glared at John and then at Evan knowing John's words were true he still knew absolutely nothing about what was going on. All he currently knew was Cody had been hurt by Ted because he wanted to be hurt; no Randy refused to believe Cody wanted that. The other fact he knew was John had taught something to Ted but what could John teach Ted, that would make him do that to Cody.

"I don't care if he's sober your talking, both of you and now," Randy pulled Evan into the room and slammed the door shut. "What fuck did you teach Ted? I want to know now!"

"Calm down, I'm not telling you shit when your pissed off like this," John could see the immense anger in Randy's stony grey blue eyes. "We need to go back to Evan's room and look after Codes, this can wait."

"No you two assholes have put me off twice in one night with your god damn secrets," Randy was trying to control his breath. He wanted to calm down but he had always had a bad temper and with everything that transpired over night he was reaching a breaking point.

"I taught Ted to be a," John started his voice stern and hard but was cut off yet again as a knock came to Randy's door.

"Hey Randy you in there," came a southern drawl from the other side of the door.

"Shit," Evan murmured and grabbed John's arm. "We're not here," Evan pulled John into the bathroom shutting the door and locking it.

This was not what Randy need right now he rubbed his shaved head taking deep breath telling his body to not automatically punch Ted DiBiase on first sight. Randy curled his hand around the metal door knob and pushed it down here it click unlocking it as he pulled it open.

There was Ted his red and puffy from tears and a hangover Randy assumed, neither man spoke as Ted stepped into the room. "What do you want Ted?" Randy tried to not let malice enter his voice for the man just last night he had considered a friend.

"I can't find Cody, John or Evan anywhere? I was supposed to ride with Cody to the next town in an hour?" Ted frowned and Randy could tell was intimidated by Randy's glare. "Sorry if I woke you up," Ted just now noticed Randy was only wearing a hotel bathrobe that looked thrown on.

"Whatever, I don't know where they are," Randy had no emotion in his voice. "Obviously I just woke up," Randy's eyes turned to the bathroom quickly as a loud moan like noise came from that.

"Oh I'm interrupting," Ted realized that there was someone in the bathroom and Randy was probably upset with him for disrupting his morning sex. "I'll go wait by Evan's room I'm sure Cody's with him and they'll be back soon," Ted sighed moving to leave.

"It's a rib Ted," Randy spoke hastily not wanting Ted stalking around Evan's room which contained Cody within it.

"A rib," Ted was confused.

"Yeah those 3 dicks left this morning in one car leaving you with the other car and Cody's stuff," Randy faked a laugh hoping he could make Ted buy his story. "Bad rib I know they wanted to make you think Codes ran away when really they left early. Just take your car and Cody's stuff. Just take off you'll meet up with them in the next town."

"Are you sure?" Ted blinked not sure if he was buying the story Randy was selling. "Ok I guess I'll grab breakfast and head out, have fun," Ted left closing the door behind him.


As Evan shut the bathroom door locking it John walked over and put the toilet seat lid down and sat on it. Patting his knee he gave Evan a look and the younger man smiled and padded over to the chain gang leader straddling the large lap.

"Mad at me?" John nuzzled the dark hair. "For getting you to seduce Randy?"

"Not at all. We always talked about getting him to do a threesome," Evan let his fingers trail down the firmly the large chest. "Beside this needs to happen, and I want it to happen."

"Good," John felt relieved he had been worried all night that Evan would be mad at him for asking him to bed Randy.

"What I'm not happy about was two, did you really need to take two whores two your room last night to fool Randy?" Evan growled his voice getting a little louder. "And you didn't need quite that much to drink."

"Evan did you see those chick, I need that much liquor," John chuckled. "Besides," John's look darkened as he tilted Evan's chin up. "You know how this relationship works."

"I know, better hope Randy doesn't challenge you for me," Evan brushed his lips over John's cheek.

"I'm too willing to share besides he's my best friend I might leave you or," John turned his head kissing Evan softly. "Maybe I'll retire from being a," Evan kissed John this time hard.

"You can't retire," Evan whimper. "I need you and Cody does too. And now Randy."

"But I failed when I challenged Ted," John whispered.

"Because Cody loves Ted, that's why we need Randy," Evan rested his head on John's shoulder. "We know Cody as strong feelings for him."

"Yeah," John agreed leaving the conversation at that as they knew the life they were leading and that they both wanted Randy in it.

John was happy to have Evan's warm body in his lap the two whores he took home last night meant nothing to him and he just did it so Randy wouldn't question why he went home alone. John always did the same act in bars pick up two bimbos lead them up stairs and then drug them leaving them in his room before going to Evan. When the girls woke in the morning they just assumed they had the best sex of their life with John Cena when in fact nothing happen.

Last night John was just getting the girls to take their medicine when Evan had shown up to his room. John's plan had originally been to drug the girls then go down to Evan's room to interrupt Evan's seduction of Randy to see if he could join in getting a threesome going but obviously he had failed.

"Oh Evan stop that," John let too loud of a moan go has the smaller man began grinding on his lap rolling his hips getting John very hard.

"See what you missed last night," Evan snickered.

"You know I didn't do anything and I never do," John let his hands wander down to Evan's ass giving it a squeeze as a pounding came on the door.

"John, Evan we got to move!" Randy called to them through the door.

"Play times over squirt," John kissed Evan's nose and nudged the smaller man off his lap stand while Evan moved to open the door.

"How did that go?" Evan asked has he Randy stepped into the tiny bathroom.

"Well Ted thinks you too are hookers," Randy snickered as the other two men rolled their eyes. "But he thinks you two and Cody have played a joke on him be already heading to the next town."

"So then we need to get Cody, grab our things and get moving," John stroked his chin nodding think over how later to tell Ted why they had ribbed him.

"Wait Randy what about Cody's things?" Evan crossed his arms over his chest. "Ted knows they are still upstairs."

"I told Ted the rib was to act like Cody's been kidnapped that's why his things were left behind," Randy inhaled deeply before exhaling. "Ted's taking them to the next town, fuck that means Cody will have to see him."

"Keep your cool Randy will figure something out," John gave the stressed Viper as snug hug.

"Cody won't be please," Evan pursed his lips. "What is he going to wear?"

"Randy gather your bags and we'll go to Evan's room and hash the rest of this out with Cody," John spoke taking leadership of this situation.

The three of them walked out into Randy's main hotel room and packed up Randy's luggage before checking the room over one last time. Randy snatched up his key card as he opened his door taking a good look up and down the hallway making sure Ted was no where around.

"Ok let's go," Randy pushed the door all the way open and they quickly hurried down the hall to Evan's room. Evan knocked on the door.

"Hey it's me," He called making sure not to say Cody's name in case Ted was lurking about on the floor. They waited a moment and the door open Cody staying flush behind it for safety.

"Hey guys," Cody looked pale and shaken as he shut the door behind John, Randy and Evan.

"You ok," Randy was immediately concerned for the young man know a little more about what happen.

"Yeah," Cody mumbled and looked at the ground.

"He stopped here to didn't he, Ted did," Evan pulled Cody into an embrace which made Randy jealous as he had wanted to hold the young man.

"Yes, does Randy," Cody was cut off by John.

"He knows that it was Ted and he know a bit about what's going on but right now we need to get our asses in gear and get on the road," John strode across the room and began packing Evan's things for him.

"Codes, Randy's going to lend you some clothing we sort of tricked Ted into thinking he's been ribbed and we kidnapped you," Evan made air quotes.

"Ted's gone to the next town with your belongings," Randy finished explained taking his suit case and plopping it on the bed. "I've got Affliction shirts and well, more affliction shirts. Pick a color."

"Blue," Cody responded without thinking. "You guys need to slow down and explain this to me, what are we doing?"

"Don't worry Cody I'll get Evan to fill you in on the ride to the next town," John came over and ruffled Cody's hair. "Evan you and Cody in my rental car and Randy and I will go in his. You didn't have anyone riding with you did you Randy?" John didn't really need to ask that as it was a known fact Randy always rode alone and roomed alone.

"No," Randy didn't look up deciding between two blue shirts to give to Cody. Randy wanted to tell John the four of them should ride together or just the 3 of them to help keep the story. However his mind was reminded him being alone with John would mean John would tell him more. It was a 3 hour drive which would be plenty of time to talk and learn. "Here Cody," Randy passed him some clothing. "It's all clean."

"Thanks Randy," Cody went in to the bathroom to get changed.

"We should stop to eat somewhere," Evan sat on the bed. "None of us have had breakfast yet."

"I've travelled through here a bit," John sat next to Evan on the bed. "You heard of Mary's diner, Squirt?"

"Yeah, all you can eat pancakes," Evan huffed not liking that nickname.

"Great. We'll meet up there grab some grub and drive on straight to the hotel," John announced the plan to the other two men.

"What about Cody after the show tonight," Randy stood in front of John. "He cannot go back to Ted."

"That's not your choice Randy," The tattooed man turned to see the fully dressed Cody. "Look I will handle Ted after the show it will be fine. It always after," Cody swallowed.

"After he rapes you," Randy stalked over and pulled Cody to him nuzzling the dark hair. "No one deserves what he did you. Stay with me," Randy whispered. Evan and John looked on both smiling; this is what they need from Randy.

They need Randy to show Cody that there was someone out there other than Ted that would love him, give him the treatment he deserved. However there was one more thing they knew Randy had to be able to give to Cody and give it better than Ted, once Randy could do that Cody would be almost free.

Cody wanted to lean up and kiss Randy so bad and just say yes. He had feelings for Randy and that he had only ever denied to Ted and Randy but he wasn't going to hide them from Randy anymore. He wished now he had chose Randy and not Ted, chased the older man instead of giving up so easily. Now he had made a mess of Ted and now he needed to fix it, he just couldn't walk up to Ted and say it's over. To do that would be writing his own death sentence.

"I want to," Cody nuzzled Randy's chest. "But I can't Randy. I know you'll understand soon," Cody went up on his tip toes and kissed Randy's cheek.

"Come on guys let's go to the car," John stood up want to just shove Randy and Cody's lips together but knew now wasn't the time.

The four men exited the room and spilt up, Randy and John first going up to John's room to collect the older man's things before getting to the car. Cody and Evan had already left so they were probably a good ten minutes ahead of the older pair.

John got in the driver's while Randy climbed in the passenger side passing John the keys. The sat in silence until John got through all the morning traffic reaching the highway.

"Alright John start talking, I'm tired of the secrets, why won't Cody leave him?" Randy looked over at John who clicked the cruise control button set the car at a steady pace.

"Ok do you know anything about role play?" John started.

"You mean like when a girl puts a maid outfit on and the guy pretends to be her boss," Randy quirked an eyebrow.

"Yeah like that," John nodded. "Well Ted and Cody kind of do that, so do Evan and I. But it's different," John clicked off the cruise and speed pass a slow moving car. "It's darker."

"Darker how," Randy could take his eyes off John he was watching his face see if it was the truth being told.

"We play a master and slave type game," John was nervous to hear how Randy would react to that statement.

"Sounds like it's a lot more than a game John," Randy watched a bead of sweat run down the older man's temple resisting the urge to unfasten his seat belt and lick it off the man he'd slept with hours before.

"It is. Now, it shouldn't be. Ted has been going too far with Cody," John frowned feeling regret. "I taught Ted how to be a master because Cody asked me too. Cody enjoys the domination," John released the main piece of the secret feeling a weight lifted off his shoulders.

Randy sat there stunned he had heard of people that lived that life style or played at it. He could understand Cody liking to be dominated but what he saw last night that wasn't someone playing at a game or with a lover, no that was destruction.

"John, that's not domination what I saw was decimation," Randy leaned back in his seat.

"You're right. I never taught him to do that. There are rules and restriction, things you just don't do. He's thrown them out the window," John cringed at his last word of window remember Evan showing him the cracked glass window in Ted and Cody's room last night.

"Ted needs help, mental help," Randy's words were cold as ice. "It's one thing to get kinky in the bedroom but what he did," Randy balled his fists.

"I know," John held back there was more that Randy need to know about the life style he, Evan, Ted and Cody were living but decided to wait. For now he decided to get Randy accept this part and hoped Randy would agree to be a new master for Cody. "Cody feels like it's his fault for Ted's out a burst, that's partly why he just won't leave. Especially for another man"

"Because he asked him to play master and slave," Randy growled.

"Yes," John replied. "He's scared Ted will just lose it and yeah if he's scary now just imagine if he saw Cody being close to you."

"I don't want to, I want to punch him hard," Randy slammed his fist down on the dash board.

"Easy now," John raised his voice. "Don't let Cody see you like this, it will scare him away from you."

"John how can I, we, get him away from Ted?" Randy was breathing hard resisting the desire to give into his temper.

"Would you be willing to become Cody's new master?" John prayed for a yes once he got a yes he could begin really teaching Randy. John's heart told him Randy would be able to fill the role, to be a master and possibly the best one, better than John.

"If that's what it takes," Randy squinted as John rounded a corner the sun getting into his eyes. "I'll do anything for him but I'll never hurt him like Ted does."

"After we get done tonight show you and I will have our first lesson then," John spotted the dinner where they were to have a meal with Evan and Cody.

"Ok. I don't know much about this type of thing," Randy explained.

"That's ok you'll learn," John pulled the car in next to the rental car Evan and Cody had been driving.

"So Evan is yours?" Randy asked confused as to why Evan would sleep with him if he was with John.

"Yeah," John turned off the car.

"Why did he sleep with me then?" Randy clicked his seat belt removing it but not getting out of the car. "And then you with me?"

"I told him too and he wanted to. Don't worry things are fine with he and I. He'll be involved in your lessons if you don't mind," John opened the door and got out of the car. Randy followed suit stepping out into humidity caused by the hot summer sun.

"I'd be ok with that," Randy smiled liking that he was now finally getting some answers to questions. "There's more you're not telling me yet isn't there?"

"Yeah the rest of the answers will come in time," John assured him. Randy nodded John had told him this much he was sure John would keep his word to tell the rest.

The entered the restaurant and saw Cody and Evan sitting in the back at a corner booth that was secluded and private. Evan slid out allowing Randy to get in beside Cody before sitting by the viper and then John by him.

"Sorry we're late," John grabbed one of the menus on the table. "Traffic was hell."

"You're not that late," Cody smiled and felt Randy take his hand under the table.

"Cody," Randy looked at the young man about ready to state that he knew about his darker side.

"I told him," John flipped a page of the menu not that he needed it telling Cody that the secret was out as if he was commenting about last night's basketball game. "Well told him most of it."

"Then you know I can't just walk away," Cody smiled looking at Randy's hand gentle rubbing his.

"Yeah," Randy frowned and squeezed Cody's hand tighter. "Doesn't mean I have to like it or him though."

"True," Cody agreed as the waitress walked up to the table. They all ordered the same thing because the diner was famous for its all you can eat pancakes. The first round of pancakes came and they all pour syrup on them devouring them greedily mumble how delicious they were.

"I'm going to go have a smoke outside," Randy stretched his long body upward. "Don't eat my pancakes."

"Can I bum one off you?" Cody bit his bottom lip.

"Yeah sure," Randy responded as the two of them got out of the booth and walked outside the restaurant. "Let's go to the side of the building."

"Thanks," Cody took a cigarette from Randy, the older man lighting it for him.

"Yeah," Randy lit his own.

"So relaxing," Cody reclined against the wall.

"He doesn't like you smoking does he," Randy didn't need to say the name nor did he want to.

"No hates it, really snaps him," Cody exhaled the smoke. "I've used it purposely before," Randy didn't like that last bit know Cody liked to set Ted off.

"If you get his head on straight will you leave him for all he's done or," Randy paused taking a drag.

"I don't know. I crave that dark side if I can't get it from him," Cody flicked some ashes. "I might hurt him and cheat. I do love him though and I've got to fix this, him, I'm just not sure how."

"What if it can't be fixed," Randy moved to stand in front of Cody. "If he's too far gone."

"I'd rather not think about that," Cody puffed on his cigarette.

"John is going to show me how you know," Randy swallowed. "To do the things he does but to do them the right way, so I don't," Randy didn't get to finish Cody kissed him and spun them around pressing Randy to the wall.

"I know, we all want you to be," Cody threw his cigarette to the ground and pressed to Randy. "I want you so much, we all want you and need you to succeed."

"Succeed at what?" Randy was confused as hell but in heaven as Cody kissed at his neck.

"Your lessons," Cody whispered. "So much I have to do so that when it's time," Cody ran his hands over Randy's chest. "But if I fail, I'll fail you."

Randy was confused Cody was talking in riddles and he thought he gotten through all the riddles. However right now he was not interested in figuring them out as Cody was pressed so tightly to him, his warm breath tickling Randy's tattooed neck stirring his body.

"Cody," Randy dropped the cigarette he had in his had that had just been burning up and grabbed Cody's ass pulling him close. "I can love you better."

"I know you can," Cody stroked Randy's shaved head. "But I can't take better yet. Just remember this moment for when I can take your better love. For now let me pretend for a few minutes that I'm yours."

"You don't have to pretend. I will be yours and wait until you fix what is wrong," Randy pressed a kiss to the top of the dark hair. "I'll protect you while you fix it with everything I've got."

"You don't even know what you getting into," Cody closed his eyes knowing that it wouldn't matter Randy was stubborn and he could see his mind was made up and his was all ready too deep into everything. All Cody could hope is that Randy's curiosity and determination wouldn't set of an irreversible bomb inside Ted.

"Guys sorry to spoil the moment," Evan popped around the corner. "Cody you need to come inside, now," the two embracing men could see Evan was pale like he had seen a ghost.

"Ok let's go in Randy," Cody took Randy's hand.

"Uh no he's got to stay here," Randy felt Cody drop his hand.

"Stay here please," Cody's aqua eyes begged the stunned Viper as he disappeared around the corner. Randy knew what this meant as he slammed his fist against the wall of the dinner in anger.