Prompt: Stars
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death
Pairing: InuxKik
Words: 287
Summary: As she lay dying, she thinks of him.

/.As She Lay Dying./


The way they twinkled, the way the sparkled, it was enchanting and always seemed to spark some romancing. They were the pinnacle for lovers; the glistening specks in the bleak sky that could give them hope for a future—hope to one day reach as high as those blinking sprinkles.

Hope was a whim that they could not share, could not possess, much like the fluttering flickers in the sky. No matter how high they reached, how often they tried, or how desperately hard they willed for it they could never reach their desired outcome.

It was her misfortune, her grave mistake to even think that someday she could be anything but what she was destined for—a priestess, never a woman, never loved or cherished but always revered and respected. It was her training that taught her never trust another fully, it was his upbringing that planted the seed of doubt in his mind.

Now, in his arms she lay motionless but free from pain. When her stare shifts to fall from the sky that she shall never see again the shimmer in his sunlit stare touches her far more than any other star could. Through all their blunders and stolen time, love is still there, brightly shining silently for her final moments.

The glistening tears mean more to her than any words, it's confirmation of the deepest kind—he still cares. So, to comfort her love—her only—she smiles, sweetly, truly to him.

And, to him, no star could shine brighter; even within the agony the warmth her love brings finds a way to sooth his aching heart.

One last kiss before she's gone to fade away like the sparkles in the sky.

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