Hello. Lynzimaniac8997 here! I am fairly new to so spare me please. I don't like flaming but I'm very open to constructive critisism. ;) So..... Lets start with why I'm here.

1. I will soon be writing my VERY first FF. A Channy SWAC fanfic. **girly squeals of exitement**

They are my Absoluter FAVORITE couple and SWAC is my fav fandom no doubt! COMING TO A COMPUTER SCREEN NEAR YOU!!!! :)

2. I have no problem with spelling OR grammar so don't hate if my computer switches to douche mode and won't type right. Get it? Got it? Good. ;)

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4. If my characters are EVER OOC its because its on purpose.

5. After I finish this story and get aquainted with writing on Fanfiction, If you have any requests for oneshots I will happily cooperate and be a writing slave every once-in-a-while!! 3 ;)


Anyways, if you can learn to love me I will surely make you happy! (((not in the creepy way)))

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Ok... So heres chapter one. There is a good chance that this could be a long oneshot sooo.... but IDK... maybe i'll make it longer.



I walked into the So Random! prop house looking for a certain 'sunny' brunette before stopping dead in my tracks. I saw Sonny sitting on the couch watching 'New Moon'. Sighing over none other than the one and only Taylor Lautner with a dreamy, distant look in her eyes.

Something inside me twitched and I felt a.... really wierd,unfamiliar feeling. Was that....???

...no. No. NO. No, no, no, no, no!!

Chad Dylan Cooper does NOT do jealousy. What is this sunny little Wisconsinette DOING to me!? First the... the... caring, then the helping, and now.... Jesus Christ.

I'd still gone unnoticed due to... to her distraction, so I fixed my hair, and put on the best cocky CDC smirk I could and waltzed in to the room like I owned it. I might as well have. I AM America's number one teen heartthrob after all. Or as Sonny liked to call it, 'Jerkthrob'.

Whatever. I'm Chad. Chad Dylan Cooper. Chad Dylan EFFING Cooper. She wants me.

The look on her face told me otherwise.

"Hey, Munroe." I said in a cocky tone. No responce. "Ooooohh... Watcha watchin???" I said, mocking Portlyn's usual tone when she talked about guys.

She reached around suddenly and smacked my head with the back of her hand without taking her eyes off the screen. "SHHH!!!!" She complained, turning up the volume.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, walking over and plopping down next to her. No responce. I did see her eye twitch though. Haha, atleast she's a LITTLE annoyed.

I sighed louder and dragged it out longer.

Scratch that. A LOT annoyed.

I earned a good groan from her and she paused the movie. She shifted in her indian style position and turned to me to glare.

"What do you WANT, Chad?!"

I put my finger to my chin, pretending to think about it. "Well, let's see. More money, a new car, better hair, for Zac Efron to turn extremely ugly, hmm.... what do I want?" You. I tacked on. No, Chad! She's a stupid Random. And she's friends with all the other Randoms too! Zorro, and Tina and Nick and Garry! And she's average. With her average, gorgeous hair, and those sexy, average chocolate brown eyes, and her average, cute face. Stupid, average cute.

"Whatever, Chad. I know you're conceited no need to emphasize the point. Seriously, why are you here?" She looked.... pissed. Shit.

"I came to get my script. I know you have it, Munroe." I said as I narrowed my eyes. Liar.

"I don't have your stupid script. Bye." She said, turning her attention back to the movie.

I looked at the clock, it was 8:00pm. Crap. I really need to go home. But... Staying here with Sonny was just too tempting.

I loved bugging her. I loved to watch her get so worked up, and spat the occasional cuss word.

I needed our daily arguments like I needed air. Hell, it was my air.

Suddenly, the entire So Random! cast walked in and and plopped down on all the available couches. One of them, (Nico?) looked at my direction and then Sonny's and wrinkled his nose.

"Ew. What is POOPER doing in here?" He complained, and all of the Randoms shared his facial expression.

Including Sonny.

"Ugh, I don't know! He just barged in here and annoyed me about his script! I was perfectly fine watching a movie before he waltzed in here and sat down."

I then noticed that the movie was now off, the 8:30 nightly news on.

We all watched the female reporter getting drenched in a streetside in silence, forgetting the subject.

"Reports of a major thunderstorm is said to hit in Hollywood tonight, raining on the stars' parade. We have just confirmed that this freak storm has been sweeping the nation and is now ending it's reign in none other than west-coastern state, California. Everywhere it goes, it has been causing electrical problems so, people in Hollywood tonight, break out your candles and board games. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

Just then, as if on cue, there was a HUGE clap of thunder and the sound of pouring rain hitting the roof and swaying the trees.

Atleast the lights haven't shut off! Yet.

And...... there goes the lights. Shit.

So? What'd you think?

Love it?

Hate it?

Any Ideas?