OKAY... so I know I've been writing alot of Author's Notes lately... and I just wanted to let you guys know one thing cause' I'm posting this on ALL of my stories and upcoming stories.

I NOW have a strictly Fanfiction Account Facebook. I will post all of my update dates there and I will be posting sneak peaks and warnings if I've got things coming up and stuff like that. It is DEFINATELY alot easier that posting a new A/N when ever I need to tell you guys something... LMAO :)

So... my screen name is Lindsey Lynzimaniac and here is the link- ((remove all spaces))

http : / book. com /? ref= logo #!/ pro file. php ?id= 100 001 270 684 770

Please add me if you have a Facebook and like my stories. My profile picture is currently a Powerpuff Girl with brown hair and brown eyes with a hand on her mouth. I will soon change it to match my avatar on FFdotNET. I will change my picture to match my Fanfiction avatar accordingly.

Until next time, my lovelies...