I do not own Vampire Academy because that honor belongs to the brilliant author Richelle Mead. This is the start to my first ever story. There will be more romance later but I'm not telling with who yet so be patient and pretty please keep reading!

Here's the deal, it's been six years since the end of Blood Promise. Rose and Eddie are Lissa's guardians. Christain and Lissa are a sweet happy couple. Dimitri stopped sending Rose notes and after three years she stopped thinking he was going to come. For a year after she came back from Russia she dated Adrian and was happy until the queen made her choose between being Lissa's guardian an dating Adrian. She chose Lissa and Adrian went to travel the world. With Rose having lost the chance to be with someone she loved for the second time she doesn't let herself love anymore but instead hops from guy to guy. Lissa talked Rose out of her plan to break Victor Daskov out of prison and they now live a boring life at court. But could Dimitri really have forgotten about Rose? It's all too possible to get bored when you're going to live forever.

I'm older now. Stronger. Even a little smarter. I can definitely take down this Strigoi. He's a baby, definitely an easy kill. I kept thinking this as I kicked and punched. I felt Lissa's fear both for herself and her guardians. I couldn't think about that now because the second I felt the nausea roll around I had to focus on keeping her safe. I kicked this Strigoi in the gut and he barely faltered. I swept him of his feet with a swipe of my foot. That was me, sweeping guys of their feet and knocking them down. While he was down I went to stake him and move on, when he said three words that almost made me lose focus. I didn't lose it though, and I staked his sorry ass before he could say anything else. I looked over to see that all the fighting had stopped and the good guys came out on top again. Christian had burned a Strigoi to a point where the corpse was unidentifiable and Eddie had taken down his a minute after me. This surprised me because Eddie usually needed at least a little help from me. I did get a glimpse at her before we started fighting and she was obviously a newborn who had been a moroi. That's an extremely easy kill but mine had been a guardian newborn which was a little bit of a bigger challenge. The one Christain had charcoaled was also probably a newborn because of her inability to fight and fear when Christain had first started to burn her. So we just took down three newborns which doesn't seem like the type of Strigoi group that would stick together. This was either a half baked attempt to become big bad group or the were sent here by someone else on a suicide mission. Someone powerful wants to kill the last remnant of the Dragomir line. That's nothing new and worrying about who isn't going to help. Just keep Lissa safe because she comes first. But if this attack was sent by the person I think it was Lissa's not in trouble. I am.

"He didn't forget"

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'How would you like your coffee?'

'Black-like my soul."