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Stan held my shoulders firmly; his years of training and working evident in his strong hold. I could faintly hear him and others calling my name, calling me back. I knew I was supposed to retreat – a command was a command – but I couldn't bring myself to listen. My ears were pounding and I could feel unwanted tears coming to my eyes.

I felt Stan's grip falter for just an instant; I took my chance. Breaking away from the group I ran towards the only thing in my sight – Dimitri, and the blonde strigoi hovering over him. Instantly my stake was out and poised, ready to attack. Fortunately, the blonde was too distracted with Dimitri to notice me running into the cave. Damn, with Dimitri that close I'd be distracted too.

Pushing him off Dimitri was the easy part; he had made himself vulnerable while trying to land a bite on Dimitri's neck. Trying to stake him was harder. I could already feel exhaustion in my muscles, and missed a few swings at the blonde before finally landing a fatal stab into his heart.

Dimitri still wasn't moving but I didn't have time to check on him before the next strigoi slammed me against the cave wall. Pushing off the wall, I slashed a few times at the female with my stake – she was young; I could tell in the way she clumsily tried to dodge my attacks. Sharpening my reflexes I scanned the cave. My mom, Stan, Alberta and two other guardians had followed me, and were now attacking the few remaining strigoi.

Alberta was cornered by three older looking strigoi. Stan finished with his attacker and nodded knowingly at me. He and I moved to opposites sides of the group and attacked the two flanking her. Alberta took the chance and finished the third one. As much as the three of us didn't get along, we worked well together – a lot like me and Christian had.

Stan and Alberta moved in to attack another, as something slammed my shoulder. I turned to see two strigoi who had emerged from deeper in the cave. Instinctively I readied myself, circling the one closest to me. The other one was quick though, and crushed me against the wall. It was starting to fucking hurt! My eyes were going fuzzy from the impact, but I could hear the one I was circling before snarling at my current attacker. My vision was still blurry when I shoved my stake into the distracted strigoi who had me pinned to the wall. I thought I had missed my target, but I soon felt the familiar slump of its body against me. Shoving it to the ground I found Stan fending off the other strigoi. The familiar nausea grew stronger, almost forcing me to the ground. I leaned against the wall for support. More were coming – their numbers were unbelievable. Many were new, and obviously human before their change by their size and lack of training. I'd have to bring that thought up to Alberta later though. I had to warn others of the reinforcements that were coming.

"Retreat!" I heard Alberta yell over the fighting before I had the opportunity. I didn't have time to question how she knew more where coming before something grabbed me and thrust my head against the rock wall I was still leaning against.

That would explain it. Without me noticing, three more strigoi had emerged and were heading towards the group. Quickly I pushed the strigoi off me and quickly shoved my stake in his chest. It wasn't a fatal blow, but it would still take him out long enough for me to make my get-away.

Glancing around the cave I frantically searched for Dimitri. I had thought strigoi had gotten him again until I saw my mom and a guardian I didn't know with Dimitri between them, supporting him as they made their way back out.

"Retreat means retreat this time Hathaway!" Grunted Stan, "Run!"

And run I did. Emerging from the cave I could see how dangerously close it was to sunset now. The nausea faded as we put distance between us and the cave. But my muscles cried out still. My legs began to falter – at this point I wasn't even sure if exhaustion or emotion was the culprit anymore, but it was probably a mix of the two.

I felt a surge of emotion trickle into me as we reached the safety of the school's wards. Finally, the events of today overpowering me, I slumped to the ground and into Lissa's waiting arms.

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