I wrote this a while ago but things just go so busy with me entering University, and going through a bunch of financial and medical issues… I just lost my touch writing.

I'm not really feeling this particular story at the moment seeing as the main series is finished and I just don't see this story going much of anywhere at the moment, so this will be all that I am writing for this story. I am already planning and writing a new story that includes the rest of the series (sans rose's conviction) with an alternate ending and will mainly be working on that as of now.


I might come back to this story, do an overhaul, and re-write it from the beginning. If I do that, I will be publishing it as a new story, and just leaving this one like this.

But, I wanted to at least give you guys everything I have written so far. So here it is, and uncompleted Chapter 3

"Depends? On?" I sat back down in the chair, my eyes never leaving Alberta. She still leaned against the window, arms crossed and looking straight at me. There was a few seconds of silence before she sighed heavily and made her way to her desk, sitting down and rubbing her temples.

"Rose, I am going to fight to keep you here. I know we can't loose you over something this trivial. But, in the end it's not my decision. Before the decision is made, the Headmistress wants to talk with you both. Then, she will decide whether to deal with this herself or…" She sighed again, shuffling through papers on her desk; mindlessly stacking and sorting the mess.

My heart raced. There were only three people in the world, that if they held my whole life in their hands, I would truly be terrified. One was locked away in the most secure prison in the Morori world, and one was the Headmistress at St. Vlad's. Not that she was anywhere near as evil as Victor – it's just that she and I had a long history of conflict. The only person that could do me more harm was the Queen herself – who also didn't keep me in good light. But there was no way the Queen would be involved in something like this.

"Or?" I asked, praying that I was right about that.

Alberta tossed a folder full of what looked to be maps of the school on to the floor beside her desk and folded her hands in front of her neatly. "… or take it to the Royal Court."

"Are you fucking serious?" I practically screamed, jumping up. Apparently I was loud enough that Emil felt the need to re-enter the office and stand post by the door. Alberta wasn't even fazed by my outburst, but rather stared me down, showing she meant business.

"You're not to lie to protect Dimitri and toss yourself on the chopping block; you've proven your love enough for one day. Just tell the truth, and let me try to convince Kirova to deal with this herself. Even if she takes away your extra training with Dimitri and puts you on house arrest its far better than what you would end up with if you say something snarky and make her mad enough to send this to Court." Alberta's voice was steady as she gave me these commands, but I sensed the power in her tone and her stare.

I nodded, not knowing what to say.

"I'd imagine Dimitri will need to be filled in. Go, find him. Talk. Just try to stay out of the common areas; we can't risk adding fuel to the fire, not until appropriate actions are taken. The Headmistress wants you both in her office after dinner, I'll be there too of course, don't worry."

I muttered a small thank you before turning to walk out the door.


I stopped, turning back. I might have been mistaken, but I thought I saw tears swelling in the corner of her eyes.

She went to say something but paused. She waved her hand, shooing me back towards the door, "never mind."

I nodded again, exiting the office.

Thanks everyone for all you're support! I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you enjoy the other stories I plan on writing. Again, this isn't a for sure end to this story, but it might be a while before I find inspiration to come back and re-write/tweak and finish it.