Title. Daunting Dream
Word length. 684
Rating. PG-13
Warning: Mild-Violence
Prompt: "Accident" for LJ iyfic_contest

The end…

It was predicted from the start, the night's breeze brushed upon the dread-filled damsel to whisper that the dreams—nightmares—didn't come to her for no reason. It would be her last season to see, to feel. Autumn air, fresh unlike the city smug she knew, not too cool, far from fiery, it was ideal.

The colors changed from green to orange, to yellow, to red—just like her dreams.

Scenes seeped into her shut lids, not a night went by without the red bathed battle. It was tedious, gruesome, and tortuous. Too many moonlit starry skied shifts went by without slumber, the cheer she was renowned for slipped away and all noticed—the slayer that was like a sister, the marvelous monk, the bouncy little fox-boy, but none as much a hot-headed hanyou that made it his point to pester her about it.

"What's gottin' into you?" He questioned with a cocked brow, "you look worn, at best."

"Jeez, thanks," she sighed as she brushed a loose somber strand out of her face.

"Kagome," he muttered cautiously, his golden globes glided over her a few times before he inquired, "is there something wrong?"

To that, she always shook her head. It was just a dream—how could it be anything more? She wanted it to be fiction so she willed any other notion away.

She pushed the nightmare out of her mind, forced it far away, it stopped coming each and every night to occasionally, to only sometimes, to near never…

It took a while but it worked, right the frigid frost began to take over as the group she adored traveled onward into their last battle, they just didn't know it yet.

Demons swarmed, a wind-tunnel tore open to tackle the problem, a bone-boomerang burst through bloody beasts to turn them to corpse, arrows swore threw the air to pierce many perils. A sword slip up between two hanyous—a slimy spider and a tricky dog—a fumble here and there, blood blasted everywhere, both wounded, both in danger of losing their lives… and without that strong sword in hot-headed hanyou's hand, his dormant demon blood awoke.

Just like in her dreams.

The power that pulsed through his veins tore apart the evil fiend they all loathed, killed him, but it also sparked madness within the conflicted man's mind. The jewel was what that part of him wanted, so he took it then turned his hazardous attention to the maiden from another era that held the only other fragments.

Just like in her nightmares.

Stun swallowed her as he growled and tore through their friends that tried to defend her. Her hazel eyes were wide, her body rigid and stiff, her brows bent together as the smirking monster that wasn't the man she knew—or loved—but a part of himself that he hated. He flashed his fangs as he lifted his bloody claws to beckon for the jewel fragment she possessed.

Just like in the daunting delusion.

"Inuyasha," she whispered with a light shake of her head, "Inuyasha… it's me."

But he didn't know that, he couldn't tell, he would never want to do what he did. He never would hurt her, but the monster that ate away at him from within would. If only, if only, his sword had not been knocked away… it was a mistake what he did, how he marred her for the jewels.

It was her end, that she saw coming weeks—months even—ago but tried to believe otherwise, tried to think 'no, he'd never hurt me', but he did… and whatever part of him agreed, whatever dormant hanyou part of him knew what he did in that maroon moment was wrong, buried itself deep down in himself to avoid the guilt that he'd surely face if he took over once more.

It'd rather be ravaging and red-eyed mad demon than sane and guilt-ridden so with the jewel the dominant demon in him willed full control so he would never face what he had done on that damned day… just as she had always worried.

A/N: I'll continue this collection with other unrelated drabbles/short-one shots related to Inu/Kag (variety of genres). Some may connect, but this one will most likely not be continued considering the fact that Kagome is dead. Also, I just like the way Love, like and Loath flowed. It really has nothing to do with anything.