And what happened to?

Ron Parkinson, (formerly Weasley) lived quietly and quite happily with Pansy. No children.

Seamus Finnigan, killed when he tried to defend his Muggle father from the obliviator.

Neville Longbottom: married a Muggle woman five years after Ginny was taken from him. They were active in Aniragi-Medj Relations, eventually knighted for his work. A son, no magic, but the Longbottom family continued.

Creevey Brothers, killed as Muggle-borns, their wives fled with their children the moment they thought attention was off them.

Justin Finch-Fletchley, Muggle-born, fled Britain and escaped. One wizard child, no grandchildren.

Luna Lovegood, married a scientist, who was driven half barmy when she casually made magic that defied all laws of logic. She had no further contact with the wizarding world, even when her children showed they had magic. By the third generation, intermarrying with Muggles only, there were none left with magic. This was the pattern with others who'd managed to avoid Hermione's products.

Xenophilius Lovegood, left his possessions to Claude, the slave. When disputed by distant relatives, the Muggle court upheld Claude's claim, viewing him as a de facto partner.

Thalia Lovegood was never foolish enough to show her face near wizards again. She was the one adding Bonds to the unequal Bond marriages that had become the norm among the Pure-bloods.

Hogwarts staff:

Hagrid was warned to disappear, and did. He became a hermit in some remote mountains in the far North of Scotland.

Professor Flitwick was a dwarf born to wizard parents. There were other dwarfs in his family. The second time someone accused him of being a Goblin half-breed, he took the hint, and left the wizarding world. Half-breeds were being eradicated. For a time, he enjoyed himself working at the Snow White exhibit at a fun-fair, then later made a very nice living in movies. Look for him next time you see a dwarf in a Muggle movie.

Poppy Pomfrey registered as an Aniragi Healing Nurse, and took a job in the biggest of the London hospitals. She worked in the large and modern ward that was set aside for Aniragi patients. It took the place of St. Mungo's.

Wallace Pettit's crew:

Wallace and Gloria married, no children.

Sue and Barbara married Muggles, no children.

The Vanie: most families were left without children, but retained some respect while they lived. Their wealth suffered under the Muggle taxation regime.

Van Draco Malfoy and Van Tonius Carlyle worked in cooperation with the Muggle government, and each achieved their goal of becoming 'Sir' in the Muggle world.

Kreighley boys:

Tom and Jack: Became soldiers of the SAS, sometimes in trouble due to their lack of regard for the rules, at other times, accepting accolades as heroes.

Liam became less timid as he grew, and wound up working in the Guide Dog facility. His lost sisters were never found.

Blue refused adoption, and grew up at Kreighley.


Bernard Mauresmo, the conscientious head of Law Enforcement, took a killing curse in the back as a preliminary to the takeover. It was the same for Sabine Portat, the Dassier, and a few other influential citizens. The strikes were well coordinated, and were almost all of them simple killings - no duels.

Madame Maxime was executed as a half-breed. She did manage to have a fight, took down two of the enemy, but she was just too big a target.

The older Muggle-borns were used as servants until the Muggles took over, and enforced their freedom.

The Magical Species:

Goblins, House-elves, centaurs: all vanished from the world that we know, possibly to another realm as Dobby referred to.

Harry's brothers and sisters:

Daniel completed his Bachelor of Arts, but then opened an Art Gallery in St. Ives.

Jason made a successful business from his photography.

Mark and Cathy both became accountants.

Vicky became pregnant at the age of 16, lived with the father for a few months, then turned up with a black eye, left Vera with the baby 'for an hour,' and wasn't seen again for a few years when she was spotted playing one of the characters in a TV soap opera. The child was raised as Vera's own. She finally had the chance to mother a baby.

Harry's children: The Chase children, all seven of them, learned what they could from their father, and did as they'd resolved to do, keep an eye on things - the police of the wizarding world. Harry was their teacher and as they never went in teams of less than three, the most serious incident was when Jacob caught a cutting curse across his shoulder.

Harry Potter lived his life as Lee Chase, and was finally buried as Ricky Lee Chase, born 4th October, 1981, died 17th August, 2088.


Harry Potter and his world belong to J. K. Rowling. Sorry Joanne, I killed off your world.


* The 'Midnight Sun' prophecy by Herald_Mage Anduli, author of the story 'Midnight Sun.'

* The 'Green eyes' Prophecy is from the story 'The World Without Me' by Eternal Cosmos.

* The 'Two Hawks Flying' prophecy is from Snapegirlkmf, in her story, 'Broken Wings.'

* The 'Field of battle' prophecy is by Loralee1 in 'Time to Live.'

*'The Protector Prophecy' is by fanfiction author, Iseriad. The character of Iseria D'Angouleme was devised by Iseriad.

And a note to the reader:

The prophecy that started this saga:

Victory for the Side of Light... Victory before the leaves fall... Victory this year... A Sacrifice... This Victory depends on the sacrifice of the Marked One. Betrayed by his friends, hurt by his enemy. Subject to the Rite of Cerlikh... When innocence is defiled, when understanding comes, his anger will be unleashed, his power released... His anger is the key... The Marked Child of Light must know the Dark in order to vanquish the Lord of the Dark. The innocent child, shining white, in his sixteenth year, at the full of the moon. Victory for the Side of Light before the leaves fall. Shame for the Side of Light... Shame! The innocent child lost and broken... The Child of Light lost and broken...

Would there still be a world of wizards if Dumbledore had never taken any notice of this prophecy? Even if a prophecy has a grain of truth, it is as Severus Snape said, - Only fools act on prophecies.