I couldn't stand that fact that Cassie wasn't mine…it was killing me inside, even though no one could tell. My pain was private from the rest of the world, my love for Cassie was not. And no matter how hard I try to block out the memory of her breaking up with me, it never left. She left me for Adam…ADAM! Sure he's got more to offer, but I am just as good. If not better.

"Dude…aren't you going to join the circle?" Deborah asks.

"In a sec," I reply, as if my voice is dead, lifeless.

"We don't have a sec, the circle is starting now…and YOU need to be in it," Deborah says and jabs her finger at me.

"Well you can't start without me in it now can you?" I snap.

"If you're gonna be an ass then at least hand over a cigarette," Deborah sighs.

"I quit," I state.

"Whatever…you got any," Deborah laughs.

"Don't got any," I repeat.

"You seriously quit?" Deborah asks. "That's a shocker."

"People change Deborah," I snap, trying to use the lowest amount of words that I have to.

"People don't change unless there's someone worth changing for," Deborah states. "Who's the lucky lady?"

I sigh and look of distantely…why does she give a shit? No one cares how I feel at all. Cassie doesn't care that my heart aches for her and my arms long for her to be in them. No one cares.

"You aren't over her yet?" Deborah asks, surprised. "She's with Adam now."

"No I'm not, now mind your own damn business," I argue.

"Chill, I'm not gonna say anything…as if she can't tell with your goggly eyes anyways," Deborah laughs and walks away.

Screw her…she doesn't no what it is like to have your heart ripped out and thrown on the ground. Deborah doesn't know what it is like to never be able to sleep because she haunts your dreams if you do. I really loved Cassie…still do. What does she see in him anyways?