Chapter 11: Trapped

Nick's POV:

I'm innocent. I never whispered anything into the candles. Well…I did but it wasn't about what Cassie thinks it's about. I panicked…that's all. All I did was chant a simple luck spell, to help me find out my power. Cheating, I know, but I didn't have time to waste taking things slowly like Diana's plan was. I lean back in the arm chair I was seated in. Cassie's sleeping, and everything is okay. I keep telling myself this as my eyes drop closed further and further. Only a couple seconds later do I open them again, probably still filled with too much adrenaline to sleep. I look at Cassie, at her perfect face and cheekbones, at how her eyelashes are so thick and lush, how her lips are so soft and kissable… Cassie lifts up her good arm, still asleep, and starts scratching her cheek. Then, she starts scratching it vigorously, as if something had bitten her. Soon I see her cheek turning tomato red, and flesh falling to the floor.

"Cassie…?" I call out in alarm.

She continues scratches insanely, and when she stops, the scratches on her cheek read a message. I squint my eyes to read it. It says: Under my control, you will all perish. What the…? Then I jump back and scream as Cassie opens her eyes. Only they aren't hers. They are large, snakelike, and black.

My eyes snap open and I am still screaming. I look at Cassie, but nothing is wrong with her face, and there is no threatening message. It was just a dream…a nightmare actually.

Cassie opens her eyes and moans a couple times before looking at me…"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, just a bad dream I guess," I reply, out of breath from the screaming.

"I've been thinking, and I don't think that you are the cause of all this," Cassie states.

"Thanks…what made you change your mind?" I ask.

"You…I know you. And you'd never do anything to hurt the group, or anyone out of it for that matter. You are tough-looking on the outside but a total softy on the inside," Cassie jokes.

"Hey! Let's not ruin my bad boy image here…" I defend myself.

Cassie laughs…a clear beautiful laugh. It's good to hear happiness after all the destruction that's been going on lately.

"So what WERE you mumbling into the flames then?" Cassie asks, obviously not dropping the subject.

"Nothing…" I say and look away ashamed.

"Okay, your secret if you want it to be."

I bow my head thankfully and go quiet. The dream is still haunting my mind. The eyes piercing my thoughts. I shudder.

"So…what was your nightmare about then? I can tell you're pretty shaken up by it," Cassie says.

"At first I didn't think it was a dream, not until I woke up. We were here, just like we are now. I was watching you when suddenly you were scratching your face harder and harder. Flesh started peeling away, and I wanted you to stop. When you pulled your hand away your face had a message written on it. "Under my control you will all perish" is what it said. Then you opened your eyes, well technically not your eyes, someone else's eyes, just on you. They were pretty terrifying…and…" I try to explain but can't seem to finish.

Cassie's face goes deep with concentration for only a moment until she gasps and exclaims, "Nick! I don't think these things are actually happening as everyone says they are. John Black is dead, I am sure of it. The only way he could get to us is through our minds. I think this whole thing is a trick. When we were in our circle yesterday, finding our powers and all that, I don't think Melanie was actually talking like someone else. I think that something was messing with our minds, and we all THINK that Melanie said something. He's making all this happen by playing tricks on our minds. Don't you see Nick!"

"Possibly," I say thinking it over. "But then how about Melanie disappearing into a black hole, and Laurel's cut on her face, and Melanie appearing walking around on the streets not knowing anything?"

"Laurel's cut on her face probably came from Melanie's OWN nails. And Melanie getting sucked into a *black hole* was just another mind trick. John Black took control of Melanie's mind and made both her and Laurel think there was a black hole. All Melanie did was walk out the front door, under control of John Black. Get it?" Cassie explains.

"I think so…" I say slowly.

"It also explains your dream…he went through your mind to deliver a message."

"What about you? You ending up in this hospital isn't a mind trick…"

"That…that wasn't about witch craft though Nick. That was about me, Adam, and Diana. Even you a little bit…" Cassie says slowly and uncomfortably.

I blush at this realization, and cough awkwardly. We sit in silence for about a minute before I snap my head up and say, "Cassie! If this is true we have to warn the others so that they don't fall into his traps anymore!"

"You're right…let me call Adam."


Cassie looks down at her body… "oh…right…" she says.

I pull out my phone and quickly dial Adam's number with the urgent news we found out.


Ring Ring!

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey! Its Nick! Cassie and I found something out! John Black can't physically hurt us! He's using our OWN bodies to hurt eachother! He's playing mind tricks on all of us to make us think these things are happening but they aren't! We are all trapped in his grasp!"

"Nick…what the hell are you talking about?" I ask. "You aren't making any…"

I look up from the phone. Sean looks at me in terror and shouts "JOHN BLACK!" before pointing straight at me.

"Hello? Hello?" I hear Nick's voice shout through the other line.

I have no time to answer as Sean races towards me and slams me to the ground, sending my phone flying out of my hand as the breath is knocked out of me.