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"No thanks," Nick said. "I think I've got everyone but you."

"Oh." Hale smirked. "That's simple." Kat wasn't moving- wasn't dancing- and yet she felt like her heart might pound out of her chest as she watched Hale lean farther into the shadows and say, "I'm the guy happened to be home the night Kat came to steal a Monet."

Kat was taken back to the night that she tried and failed to steal from W.W. Hale the Fifth. She was had been taking notes and watching this house forever. She was ready to finally finish the deed. She was ready to steal the Monet.

The weather was prefect for a heist. The sky showed signs of more snow by early morning. Another layer of snow to cover up the snow that Kat would be walking on tonight. She chose her stage well. Dressed in all black, tools in her belt, and looking at the mansion from the woods in the back, Kat Bishop was getting ready to steal the Monet from the Hale's.

The security system would be armed to at home, but that wouldn't bother Kat at all. She planned to walk right in and right out with the painting. She knew just about everything about the Hale's this home, out of many that they own, would be accommodating just two people tonight. The butler, Marcus, and W.W. Hale the Fifth. The butler always slept soundly, but W.W. Hale the Fifth seemed to sleep restlessly. This may become a big problem for Kat.

Just as the weatherman predicted, the snow began to fall heavily. Kat smiled as the slight breeze teased her hair, she knew that the wind was going to pick up as the night progressed. She took a deep breath before walking towards the house. All the lights in the house were off, and there were no signs of anyone awake.

The day before, Simon hacked into the security system to set the alarm off just at 2:24am the next day. Looking down at her watch, she saw the numbers go from 2:23am to 2:24 am as she reached the house. She quickly opened the window that would lead her to the room with the painting in it. She stepped inside the big living room and saw the painting ahead of her on the other side of the room. She smiled even bigger knowing that her job tonight was going to be simple and easy.

She would later realize that she would be proven wrong. She looked around the room as she stepped inside making sure that no one was near or in the room. The fireplace was empty be smelled of smoke as it was recently used, almost too recently. Kat stayed still for a few seconds listening for any sounds at all. She heard nothing, nothing but her breathing and the wind that had picked up from the snow storm. She walked over to the couch closest to the painting and set down her tools for later use. When she did so, she felt warmth threw her gloves. She swore silently and picked up the tool she needed and walked over to the painting knowing that she needed to hurry up.

She had gotten the painting out of the frame and was carefully rolling it up to put in a container that would be strapped to her back before she left. Just as she was getting the tools from the couch she heard a sound from upstairs. Someone was awake. Once she had gathered her tools she silently ran to the window and started to head out when a light came on in the room. She looked to the entrance and saw a guy with light brown hair dressed in nothing but a T-shirt and shorts.

He didn't looked surprise to see Kat with one leg in and one leg out of the room and an empty frame that use to hold a Monet.

"Katarina Bishop." He said walking into the room and sitting on the couch that had occupied her tools just seconds ago. "You picked a good night to steal my Monet."

She looked at him wondering how he would've known she picked this night. She thought about how he sometimes disappears for at least a few months to a few weeks. She thought about all the tings she knew about this estate and the ones who own it. She thought about the guy in front of her who seemed so much like herself, yet he wasn't.

"You're a thief." She said knowing it was true the moment she said it. She panicked and turned to run away from the room but warm hands wrapped around her arms and pulled her back. She felt warm breath down her neck as he spoke.

"Very good Kitty Kat. I'm very shocked that you got that close to stealing something from me. So close yet so far away."

She heard the line so many times before from her Dad. He used it when thief's failed their jobs. She knew that she failed hers. She sighed as she turned around and faced him.

"W.W. Hale I presume." He smiled down at her and reached around to take the painting from where it was on her back. She let him take the container and the painting out. He had to turn away from her to place the painting in its correct place. Once he turned to do so, she jerked around and headed toward the window. She got out this time and ran in the garden and into the maze the hedges made. Somehow she knew that he would follow. She knew him, well the one that he let people see whenever he was out. What she didn't know was what we really wanted when he followed her. She was hiding in the bushes blending in with the shadows as he came close to her hiding place. Close enough to touch. But she stayed still as she could steady her breath making it almost silent.

She knew that he could find her out here. All he had to do was turned around and place a hand out and he could touch her. But he didn't, instead he called out in a voice that was filled with confidence, and some cockiness.

"I know you're out here Kat, and I know that you know that I am not going to call the police. What would that do to my reputation? I would be nothing but a hypocrite and I hate hypocrites. So this is what I am going to do. I will turn around and close my eyes and you can walk out of here. I will never see you again or talk to you again. I get to keep my reputation and the Monet. It's a win-win." He proceeded to turn around from her. She knew that he knew where she was.

She eased out of the bush and went over to him and faced him once again. She found his eyes open and he was staring at her.

"You lied." She said bluntly crossing her arms over her chest.

"I'm a thief; we lie, cheat and steal. But you do the same thing." He pointed out mimicking her and crossing his arms over his chest.

"So what are we going to do-" Kat started but she realized that she didn't know his first or second name.

"Hale." He finished for her.

"But that's your last name." she protested.

"I go by my last name."

"Can you at least give me your first and second name?" Kat asked sweetly.

He leaned down so close to kissing her. "Nope not a chance." He moved passed heading toward the house.

Kat was breathless for awhile but then she called to him. "Fine, Warren Walter Hale!" she picked those two names off the top of her head.

Hale just turned around and called back "Nope not even close. You'll have plenty of time to figure them out!" she saw him smile as he spoke and she smiled back.

"I hardly doubt it, Hale!"

"Giving up so soon?" he acted shocked.

"Not a chance!" she laughed along with him.

She turned around and started to walk away from Hale but she stopped and turned back around to see him trudging his way back inside. "Bye for now Hale. I'm sure you're right, we will see each other soon."

Then she turned around and walked back into the woods to the car waiting for her. She smiled as she got in thinking about Hale and the future.

Back inside the house, Hale watch Kat leave and smiled. "Bye Kat, we will see each other very soon." He turned around and headed toward his room thinking of the future and of Kat and Uncle Eddie whom he just met the other day. He knew about the plan to steal the Monet. Maybe, just maybe it was Uncle Eddie's way to test the two teenagers.

When Hale reached his room, he looked at the various surveillance pictures of Kat that he has acquired over the past few weeks. He knew as much about her as she knew about him, minus the first and second names. He smiled again thinking of her attempted to guess his two other names. He just knew that she would keep on guessing. He couldn't wait till the future that held the possiblites of heists.

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