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Penelope Garcia was usually one to enjoy her birthday, she liked low key affairs for it, quaint little get together's with cocktails, dancing and hell of a lot of laughter but something about the looming date this year had felt off from the word go.

Last year she'd been treated to a top notch meal by the team, her deemed family of superheroes and a whole night of partying. Even the baddies had let her celebrate. Her boyfriend had taken her to a greasy spoon cafe and gave her a cupcake with a candle in, originality out of the window and a birthday to remember for all the wrong reasons. The thing with her boyfriend was that she got it, she understood if he'd worked long hours and if he was sorry, she just forgave him. It was the making up that made her realise that.

Her best friend had bought her a necklace that she wore like it were her lifeline and never took off and her boyfriend had gotten her a book on upcoming computer systems. Most of which she'd had a hand in helping with. Yet there was things to her boyfriend she just couldn't let go off, like loving him. That feeling ran too deep to just lose.

Love. That was the one thing she wanted this year. Her boyfriend was somewhat lacking and in that time of absent feelings her masks slipped and forgotten feelings she'd long since buried rose and she began to panic about her future and the happiness of it. It wasn't a lie to say she loved her best friend because she did; she'd love him however he wanted her to. As a friend or as a sibling or as she wanted, more.

She saw a happy future with her boyfriend; if he went down on one knee she knew she'd say yes and get the whole nine yards and all that jazz, even adorned with picket fences. It was a fairytale, all American dream but she didn't feel like she couldn't get that, it was all in arms reach. She knew she would get it. She was happy and loving life.

Except on her birthday it all changed and her life turned into a rollercoaster ride for the day.

She got the good.

She got the bad.

And she got the damn right sexy that day.


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