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Whitney walked into the station smiling, moving his arms around to get rid of the cold. Sitting down at his desk, he tipped the bag up and smiled even bigger at the thump he heard when the big, tinfoil covered brick landed on his dayplanner. "Ohhh yea, come to papa."

Riley walked by him and stared down, his face twisting in fear. "Oh come on Whitney, don't tell me…"

"Oh yea! You are looking at Whitney's Fordman's Famous Fried Breakfast Loaf. Sausage, bacon, ham, three kinds of cheese, sautéed onions and hash browns all snuggled lovingly between a toasted sourdough bun!" He smiled at Riley as he unwrapped it, the smell filling the room.

Riley rolled his eyes. "You only manage to make that when Lana isn't home to fuss about the smell… and Kyle can't see his father do that to himself."

"Nell's birthday, they're visiting the city." Whitney picked up the lump and sniffed it lovingly before he took a bite, moaning happily. "Oh that is so good."

Riley shook his head and walked off toward the holding cells.

Ian walked into the station, talking to a couple of the others before he made his way to Whitney's desk. "Whitney is Clark… Oh you made that thing again? Whitney, how many times do I have to tell you how sick that is? Do you know how many calories are in that thing?"

Whitney shook his head. "Nope. Ignorance is bliss."

"So if you were to find out, then that would upset the delicate balance between stupidity and enjoyment, is that right?"

Whitney nodded, a muffled "mm hmm" sounding out.

Ian sat on the corner of his desk. "Well then, as a physician, I think it's only right that I tell you the caloric intake from the bread alone is…" He stopped when he saw that Whitney had actually drawn his gun, laying it on his leg.

After taking a minute to swallow, Whitney sighed. "Ian, I don't really ask for much in this life. Catching a Shark's game with my son, hanging out with my friends, sneaking a quickie with my wife in the crash room when I'm on a double shift. But this, this is one of the things I do ask for. And if you take this away from me, I'm gonna have to shoot you. So what's it gonna be? Your professional peace of mind, or your ass, 'cause that's where I'm gonna shoot you, butt head."

Ian opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out for a long time… "So I was looking for Clark, have you seen him?"

Whitney shook his head. "He's got 3 off, said something about getting in some fishing, but with how cold it is and all, I figured he was probably going to see Lois to… you know… stay warm." Whitney winked.

Ian chuckled. "So when does he get back?"

"Tomorrow morning. You can try calling him, but he's probably dehydrated by now."

The doors to the station burst open then, giving way to the subject of Whitney's reasoning. "Lois, what are you doing here?"

She turned back from heading toward Clark's office. "I was coming to see Clark. I haven't heard from him in a few days."

Whitney sat up, pulling his boots off the desk. "But, he's been off since Sunday. I thought he was coming to see you?"

She shook her head. "He told me he was going fishing out on some lake but he'd see me today. But that's the last I heard from him. He hasn't answered his phone, or returned any of my calls. That's not like him. Has he called you?"

Whitney was already pulling his cellphone from his pocket. "No, but I didn't expect him to. I figured you two were trying to break a personal best." After rechecking his messages and texts, Whitney hit his speed dial and listened. "Straight to voicemail. Phone must be off."

"Or dead," Ian interjected, suddenly realizing how ominous that sounded. "I mean, there's plenty of reasons for that, maybe it fell out of the boat?"

Whitney was moving toward Clark's office. "He'd have come back, he doesn't like being out of contact." Pulling his keys out, he unlocked the door quickly and stepped in. The three went through the phone, messages, mail and his computer, but no message of any sort had been left by the Sheriff.

Whitney leaned back in the chair, rubbing a hand over his face. "Ok, we're just gonna check a few places. Ian, you're going with Riley out to Crater Lake, that's his favorite fishing spot. Lois, did you check his place yet?"

She shook her head. "No, the station is first on the way from Metropolis. I was going there next."

"Do that. I'm going out to Mama Kent's. Call at first sign of anything, got it?" He was already back out of the office. "Riley, you're going with Ian, he'll fill you in." Whitney grabbed his hat from the desk and was moving to the door, bursting through them and headed to his cruiser.

Ian and Riley were moving to the back door and Lois was following Whitney out. Riley suddenly stopped dead in front of Ian, making the smaller man bump into his back. "Riley, what's…?"

Riley was pointing to Whitney's desk. Ian followed his line of sight and saw what he meant. Whitney had left his breakfast concoction on the desk, not even bothering to put it in the break room. Ian looked up and met Riley's gaze. "Something's got Whitney freaked out."

Riley nodded. "Let's go, now."


Whitney pulled down the dirt lane toward Kent Farm. His eyes moved all around the yard but he didn't see any sign of the Charger. Grumbling to himself, he parked out in front of the house and looked into the barn, but still no sign. Whitney rubbed his hands over his eyes. "Ok, this is nothing serious. Calm down man, you're gonna find his dumb ass out by the lake in a tent or something, and he didn't realize his phone died. Alright then."

Stepping out of the cruiser he saw Martha step out of the door. "Whitney, good morning. Have you had breakfast?"

His stomach grumbled, and he suddenly remembered he had just started on his glorious breakfast sandwich when all this started. "That's another reason to whup him for getting me freaked out here." He walked up the porch steps. "I grabbed something, yes ma'am. Thank you anyway."

She took his arm and walked inside. "Well come in, let me get you some coffee."

Whitney chuckled. Walking into this place in the cold months was amazing. The house was warm and always smelled like cinnamon and fresh baked bread. "Thanks Mama Kent."

She poured him a cup and held it out. "So what brings you out here this morning?"

Whitney took a drink and licked at his lip. "Well uh… I was just gonna ask if you had seen Clark lately?"

She shook her head, pouring herself some tea. "No, but he mentioned he had a few days off. I thought he'd spend it with Lois."

He nodded. "Well, me too. But she came in today, she hasn't heard from him since Sunday. And he's not answering his phone."

Whitney saw the flicker of concern wash over Martha's face, but she brushed it away quickly. "Well Whitney, I'm sure he just wants a little time alone right now. With it being today and all."

Whitney looked up suddenly. "Oh. Mrs. Kent, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to… right now and all. It didn't even cross my mind. I knew that it was today, it just…" He shut himself up and stared down at the mug in his hands.

Martha patted his arm. "It's ok Whitney. I know it was hard on you too."

He nodded slightly and stood. "Thanks Mama Kent. I didn't mean to disturb you, I'm gonna get going now." He kissed her cheek and made his way to the door.

"No problem Whitney. And you be sure to bring Kyle over for some hot cocoa soon. I've got the big marshmallows." She saw his face light up and she smiled. "Yes, enough for both of you."

He smiled and kissed her cheek again. "Alright then, I'll bring him by soon. Thank you ma'am." Whitney jogged out to his cruiser and hopped in, keying up his radio. "Riley, this is Whitney, got your ears on?"

"Yea Whitney, I got you. We're out here at Crater, no sign of a campsite or tire tracks."

Whitney sighed. "Alright then, but Mrs. Kent just reminded me about something we didn't consider."

"What's that?"

Whitney looked round the farm one more time and sighed. "What's today's date man?"

The radio was silent for a few moments, then keyed to life, and Whitney heard a big sigh. "That makes sense. We're heading there now, have you told Lois?"

"No, I'll contact her now and tell her where to meet us." Whitney clipped the mic back and started the cruiser up.


Whitney pulled up to the gates of Smallville Cemetery. Driving down a familiar stretch he chuckled in relief when he saw the familiar black car. "Damn bossman, give me a heart attack." Pulling up behind the car he stepped out.

Snow covered the ground, and there was a good bit on top of the Charger. "Hasn't been heavy snow since last night. Did he camp here?" Whitney started walking over to the gravesite but there was no sign of Clark. Finally reaching the headstone, he crouched down. "Hey Mr. Kent."

He looked at the somber grey stone, the final marker of Jonathan Kent. His hand traced over the letters. "Jonathan Kent. October 19th 1961-January 26th 2006. Beloved Husband, Father, and Friend"

Whitney sighed, remembering the man who had always been good to him. He reached out to brush the snow off of the stone, wiping it from the top and then where it piled up on the side next to his name and he stopped. There was something else there. Wiping the stone down, he saw something written in scraggly red writing.

"Clark Kent. 1987 – Now. Dirty Cop"

Whitney's breathing stopped. He looked all around but he saw no sign of his friend. "Clark? Clark where are you? CLARK!!!"

He pulled his cell phone out, and was dialing for Riley when he looked back down. There was a line under the writing. Wiping the rest he saw a jagged arrow pointing next to the grave. "No no no no no no…"

Whitney hit his knees, pulling snow away only to see freshly dug earth. Digging his hands into the cold mud he pulled hard, digging out as much as he could, digging frantically. "Clark! I'm coming Clark!"

Ian and Riley got there to see him digging through the dirt next to the grave. "Whitney, what are you doing?"

"Getting him out!"

Both men were confused, but they finally looked at the grave stone. Both hit the ground next to him, digging with him.

Lois ran up minutes later and found the men covered in mud, wet from the snow. "What is going on?"

Whitney didn't answer, trying to reach through the heavy dirt when finally… "Got something!" He dug around and found an edge, trying to follow it. Pushing his other arm into the hole he pulled up a dirt covered box with a lock on it. "What the hell is this?"

"It's a safety deposit box. It needs a key."

Whitney shook his head and jammed the box back down in the mud, the lock to the top. "Back up." Pulling his jacket off and cleaning the muck off his hand as much as he could he pulled his pistol. Aiming, he turned his head away and fired, dropping back to his knees and pulling the box from the muck again, flipping the top open now.

Clark's favorite cap sat in the box, soaked in red. Whitney's stomach rolled as he reached out for it, Ian stopping him. "Whitney no. Evidence. Just… let me ok?"

Whitney nodded, not moving. Ian looked around. "Riley, I need my bag out of the car." Ian scooped up snow and started rubbing his hands together, getting rid of most of the dirt. Shucking his jacket off he dried his hands off on the inside as best he could and pulled some gloves from his bag. "Always be prepared, right?"

"Not the time boy scout." Whitney was trying to keep his temper in check, pissed off that he was being held back from trying to find out what happened to Clark.

Ian just nodded and reached into the box slowly, lifting the cap. Beneath it, Clark's cell phone, badge and gun were situated, all splashed with blood.

Whitney reached into Ian's bag and grabbed some gloves, not bothering to pull them on. Picking the gun up carefully, he sniffed. "It's been fired. Maybe Clark knicked them." Dropping the clip, he looked at it. "One missing, one chambered. He got off one shot."

Lois was pacing behind them. "So what does this mean? Where is he?"

Whitney stood back up, wiping at his face, not even noticing the dirt he smeared on himself. "Someone… somebody's got Clark."

He stared down into the hole, the "grave" someone made for his best friend.

"What do we do now Whitney?"

He turned back to Riley. "What? Why are you asking me?"

Riley didn't say anything, he just looked around at the ground.

Ian spoke up. "I think he means… You're second in command. So now, with Clark… missing…" Ian stepped closer and gestured to the muddy deputy, "Whitney, you're in charge."


This is just a teaser to see if there's any interest in me continuing this story. Many people have said they like Whitney as I've written him and the jokester, buddy relationship he has with Clark. There has also been a hint of Whitney's past touched on back in "Smallville, Big Trouble" and that is what i want to build on. But in all fairness to warn you, this will go into a darker place in Whitney's past, the part he doesn't like talking about. So, with that in mind, please let me know if you would like me to continue with this, or just scrap it. I've kept writing this AU because of the support of my readers, and I don't want to alienate anyone.

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