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It seemed a normal day in the cockpit of the Heart of Gold, the ship that was powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive. Within this ship was the ex-president Zaphod Beeblebrox, a three-armed, Betelgeusian, currently one-headed man since his other head is piloting the ship. With him is Ford Prefect, another Betelgeusian with only one had and two arms.

"LB, take me to Alpha Centauri, I have some money to spare."

With that, he went to Alpha Centauri in order to have himself a drink. He was feeling a tad hungry from the ordeal and asked Ford to get himself a sandwich. Ford then went into the Food Storage area and saw a humanoid about his size. He looked like a beige colored human with pointed ears, green clothes that looked oddly old-fashioned, a sword that would look out of place in most societies and a shield with an emblem that appeared to belong to one of the ancient empires of Betelgeuse during the unification wars. He then hastily got Zaphod his sandwich and scuttled back to the cockpit.