It was an average day on the Heart of Gold, if by average, you mean average for someone who has to deal with a narcissistic ex-politician and doors that sigh whenever they open and close. This was just a small part of the life of Ford Prefect.

"We're goin' to get a meal!" Zaphod shouted, shortly before activating the Infinite Improbability Drive and sending the ship to where the two people were eating at. An intergalactic burger joint, oddly reminiscent of such a drive-in one could find on the former planet Earth.

Perhaps the most unusual thing was the fact that there was an elderly man in a brown coat and a top hat, with a cane. Beside him was a large yellow mouse, with red cheeks.

"Are these friends of yours, Ford?" Zaphod asked.

The old gentleman spoke. "My goodness, I thought I was in Belgium!"

The large yellow mouse replied with "Pika, Pika!"

"Good heavens, what in the name of Liverpool is that?" the gentleman said, shortly before disappearing in a puff of probability.

"Pikachu?" the yellow mouse spoke, shortly before disappearing as well.