A/N: In case you haven't noticed, I am a HUGE Felix/Izzy shipper (:

Here's another cute little one shot, taking place shortly after the episode Someone To Believe In.

My Fizzy fanfic, After the Goodbye, will be posted VERY soon, at the latest, mid-May.

"So then Mr. Hodgson left with his daughter?" Izzy Pettibone asked, astounded. "Didn't she get punished?"

"Nope," replied Felix King, tossing Izzy a softball. "Nobody pressed charges."

It was recess. Felix and Izzy were playing ball as Felix told his best friend about his incident with John Hodgson's daughter, Adeline.

"That's real awful. She stole and everything!"

"I feel pretty terrible for suspecting Elbert the whole time. He's not half bad, you know."

"It wasn't your fault. But still... poor Elbert. And poor you. You really did like her, didn't you?"

Felix sighed sadly. "Yeah, I did. She was a very nice girl, and really pretty, too. But she lied to me." Felix took in the expression of concern on Izzy's face, and chuckled. "Don't worry, Iz. You'll always be my favourite girl. Just don't tell my wife I said that someday."

Izzy laughed. "It'll be our little secret."

Felix watched Izzy expectantly.

"What?" Izzy asked.

"Well? Isn't there something you want to say to me now?"

Izzy grinned mischievously. "Oh, I get it." She composed her face into a very serious, sincere expression. "Felix, you'll always be my favourite girl, too."

"Ha ha," Felix said without humour, although he had to fight to hide a smile.

"All this talk about girls is making me sick. Who needs 'em?"

"Hear, hear." Felix smiled. "Not us, that's for sure." At that moment, the bell rang for class to start up. "Let's go. Your father will won't be too impressed if we stroll into class late again."

Izzy smiled at the memory. "It's not my fault the wind took your hat and we had to chase it halfway to Green Gables. But you're right; Father'll probably make me play checkers with him again as punishment. Maybe we should have made Adeline Hodgson have a game or two with him. That would be worse than having anyone press charges."

Felix laughed. Izzy was right.

Who needs girls.