New Story! It's exactly like the summary says, a 'what if' fanfic about what would happen if Ender had returned to Earth.

It's actually a story this time! Yay!

Enjoy! and the next chapter, hopefully, is coming soon.

Ender sat down next to one of the pillars in the airport. He leaned his head back until it touched the cold metal. No one here recognized him; that was good. Or maybe they did and just couldn't bring themselves to talk to him. He shrugged, it didn't matter, just as long as no one bothered him. Mazer leaned on the pole next to Ender.

"I know I said I'd follow you wherever you wanted to go, but really Ender, I'm too old to be traveling this much."

Ender almost laughed at this, "And here I thought you'd have gotten used to flight by now." Mazer stared down at him disapprovingly but the boy didn't look up. Ender sighed, "We better go get tickets for the next flight to DC." But Ender made no move to stand up.

Mazer echoed his sigh. He was no longer the commander who stopped the Second Invasion. The white in his hair was clearly prominent and wrinkles accented his aged face. "We're already in North Carolina; why not just go home like we had planned to?" Ender shook his head. He knew he wanted to go home; he was so excited a while ago, just like an actual kid his age. But what would he do once he got there? His parents well- they weren't really his parents anymore were they? No; his real father was Graff and his mother (if he could think of him that way) was Mazer, his siblings were his Jeesh. But what about Valentine? A voice asked in the back of his mind. Ender knew the answer to that. Valentine didn't need him anymore. She had Peter, she became Demosthenes for Peter. If he just suddenly showed up, Valentine wouldn't know what to do. She was already prepared for Ender to never return home; she would be fine without him. And Peter. Peter wasn't even home anymore; he went off and started his Free People of Earth as Hegemon, supported by Suriyawong, by the Rwandan military, and by Bean.

As his thoughts trailed off in the direction of his most capable subordinate, he was reminded of the fact that he and Petra were married. So were Alai and Virlomi. Not to mention the first was Caliph of the Muslim world and the latter ruled India. Also, Han Tzu was officially Emperor of China. They had all come so far and Ender, he had just returned to Earth. They had him wait until Graff's trial ended, even though everyone knew he would come out clean.

"Well?" Mazer tapped his foot impatiently, relieving Ender from his thoughts, "Are you going or not?" he inquired in defeat.

"Let's go." Ender said, rising to his feet.

At the entrance to the terminal, Ender and Mazer were standing in line. Mazer was disappointed Ender's clearance card couldn't get them through security faster, but the boy didn't seem to mind. As they neared the gate, Ender could faintly make out a voice behind him, shouting his name. It was a voice he knew all too well, but she couldn't possibly be here. He shook his head to rid himself of the noise, but it remained. In fact, it was getting closer.

"Ender!" Valentine gasped as she was running towards him. Without turning around, Ender walked up to the security gate, "Don't you dare ignore me or go through that gate, Andrew Wiggin!" The name stirred some travelers in the port, but most didn't look their way.

Ender turned to view his older sister. She was so different from what he last saw of her. Thin and beautiful as ever, but she was much taller and no longer the friend, the girl that he remembered, she was a woman now, had lived years without her beloved younger brother. Ender lifted his hand to wave to her, then turned his back on Demosthenes and walked through the gate. Behind him, Mazer nodded his regard to the girl and stepped into the terminal after him.

"Ender!" the call's namesake heard her say, but he kept walking. "I'm gonna find you and bash your head in someday, young man!" This actually earned a chuckle from Ender. He boarded the plane with somewhat of a lifted spirit.