Alfred always knew Arthur liked kids. It was apparent on the Brits face almost every time they passed a park where several of the little bundles of energy were running around the jungle gyms and squealing with delight. His face turned so peaceful and serene and a paternal warmth pooled into his emerald eyes and spread down into the smile that graced his lips. Alfred loved the way Arthur's face looked whenever he laid his gaze on a child; so much so that he wanted to see it every day. The two of them had been happily married for three years so why not?

Gathering his courage together one morning at breakfast Alfred poked at his poached eggs with his fork watching the runny yolks ooze out of the puncture marks. Arthur sat across the table from him; he nursed a cup of steaming breakfast tea as he read the morning paper and nibbled away on a piece of toast smothered in raspberry jelly. Occasionally Alfred would gaze up anxiously at his counterpart from behind his Texas framed glasses before returning to picking at his food.

"Is something wrong, Alfred?" The Brit asked obviously noticing that the American wasn't blabbing on about one thing or another. When Alfred stared up into the other's intense emerald stare he nervously looked away. Come on Al! Hero's don't give up! Just tell him what you think! With an internal prep talk he opened his mouth only to find his words were all choked up in the back of his throat like a lump. They tingled and danced on his tongue, but someone he couldn't get them to pass through his lips.

"Well uh Artie… I was just uh… thinking y'know maybe it's… y'know time we uh…" He stammered intelligently as he twisted the gold wedding band around on his finger.

"Stop beating around the bush Alfred. If you have something to say just say it already." He scolded lightly as he folded the paper and placed it on the nearby counter; reaching for his tea cup next.

Alfred shifted in his seat. "Well okay…" He mumbled. You asked for it. "I was just thinking y'know that maaaybbeeee we should… I don't know… uh… hire a surrogate?"

The Brit's eyes widened as he choked on his tea and spewed most of it back in the cup. Freaked out by his husband's awful coughing and hacking Alfred rushed out of his seat and began pounding Arthur on the back, thinking he was helping.

"Cough, cough S-sto cough, Al! Cough stop!" He shouted angrily between coughs.

"Oh god I'm sorry Artie! I knew you'd freak! I'm sorry!" The America's apology tumbled out from between his lips.

"Belt up!" He commanded wanting a moment of silence to let his mind process what was happening. He regained his composure and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Now… what kind of nonsense compelled you to suggest that?"

"It's not nonsense!" Alfred pouted defensively. "It's just… you always look so happy when you see little kids and we've been married awhile so I was thinking…"

"Al…" Arthur crooned tenderly as he placed a hand on Alfred's cheek. "It's not that simple. Taking care of a child requires a lot of time and responsibility and money…. I-I'm not sure if we'd be the most… functional parents."

Alfred's cheerful demeanor was vanishing, but he remained hopeful. "But Artie… I really think we could do it. Sure it'll be kinda difficult… b-but I really think we could." All of Alfred's hopes laid heavy on Arthur's response. The Ash blonde American held his breath as he anxiously awaited Arthur's answer.

Arthur avoided his counterparts gaze as he chewed on the inside of his cheek in thought. This was Alfred he was talking about. He wasn't one of the most responsible people, but Arthur though he would make a good parent none the less. There was no doubt Arthur had thought of this course of action as well, but he usually just pushed those thoughts deep to the back corners of his mind. Now here he sat with Alfred starring at him with hopeful sky blue eyes waiting impatiently for his answer. It was difficult; such a decision would alter their lives completely. He really had to think about this.

"W-well I…" Arthur mumbled quietly as he moved his hand from Alfred's cheek only to have it grasped tightly by the other.

"We can do it Arthur." The American pleaded as he pressed his forehead to the Brit's and gazed deeply into his liquid emerald eyes. Arthur's heart fluttered and his cheeks burned with a light blush. Alfred was determined; so very, very determined. The word 'no' tingled on the back of the Brit's tongue, but it wasn't the word that passed his lips.

"…Yes…" It was quite and nearly inaudible, but no matter which way you looked at it the word was a definite 'yes.' Alfred's face lit up and his eyes sparkled with what look like a thousand tiny stars.

"You mean it Arthur!? Really?!" The happiness in his voice was apparent as he grinned from ear to ear and jumped up as if he was to burst from the very seams with excitement.

"Y-yes I do…" He didn't get to finish before the bulking American hoisted from his chair; crushing the Brit in a bear hug and spinning him around as if weighed about as much as a rag doll.

"Oh Artie you've just made me the happiest man in the world!" His booming laugh echoed off the walls and cabinets and into the rest of the house.

"Alright, alright! I'm happy too! Now put me down you git!" The Brit screeched in terror and anger as he lightly pounded the American's shoulder. Alfred merely laughed again and placed the smaller man on his feet before gathering the blonde up in his arms and pressing their lips together into a deep passionate kiss. Arthur chose not to fight it and cooled down his temper as he wrapped his arms around Alfred's thick muscular neck and pressed himself closer into the American's body. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours (not that either of the pair minded) before they pulled away to take equal gulps of much needed air.

"I love you so much Artie…" Alfred cooed lovingly as he pulled his golden blonde counterpart close to him again.

"Yes yes I love you too… git." Alfred snickered, but remained undeterred knowing that Arthur's freakish insults were just a way of showing affection. Alfred laid a quick peck on Arthur's lips before bounding up the stairs as nothing more than a blur of red and ash blonde. "Wait a minute! What do you think you're doing?!" Arthur called after him.

"To the internet! Google! Google's got everything!"

Arthur merely smiled to himself as an exhausted smile escaped his lips; then he shuffled up the stairs to begin the search.

So I made Alfred and Arthur when I was playing the Sims 3 and i made them adopt a kid and it was so adorable! XD So I got this adorable image in my head of Iggy and Al being parents and it made my heart melt! 3 I could imagine Iggy being the overly protective mother like figure (Sorry Iggy, but you are the uke) and Al being the carefree and easy going father figure. So lo and behold this is how this fanfiction came to be.
(I'm only choosing surrogacy for the two because I want the kid to have some of their qualities) So don't think I'm weird or anything... -___-