Well, Well...looks like i'm here to torture your minds with...wait for it...poetry. No this isn't same type. This is totally different. Just enjoy it while you read.

The Shining Serpent

There was sceering noise of sly and deception,

The fiery sound of his belly swaying swifty,

No reason to hold him or contain him with word of mouth,

Between me and him I was the only one in danger,

To him, my voice is meer sclinece to one of intinsct,

A deadly monster with all death and leave,

Why must they breathe?

It's fangs, the terror of all who reach it's teeth,

I watch smoothly with a swift move of my blade,

I'm ready,

It will be glory to survive it's wrath,

The blood eyes watching me,

Movement of it scales bleed my ears with sheer boom,

Man, won't I be ready to visit it's tomb,

I took my blade ready to strike with force,

The giant serpent's fangs move like daggers,

My mind moves with the blade,

The heart racing with determination and fear,

It open it's mouth to swallow,

I move my sword to slash,

It's tougue the only weakness,

I slash firmly with a tight grip of my so-called destoryer,

Blood rushes my veins while blood run out of his,

He moves away with scales burning with it,

I know I'm the winner,

Only I can slay it now,

The face made diamond but now a soft rock for my breakage

Hope I don't slip away once it regains agains,

Jamien and the serpent will be legend.

Well hope that work because if it does I swear I'll make a story out of it. Just REVIEW!!! :)