Good Enough Chapter 1

Raging Storm

Bella's POV

Life sucks ass. That's the cold hard truth. Hopefully, it'll get better. I'm moving. From the driest, hottest place in the Midwest, Phoenix, to the dreary, wet...thing that's Forks, Washington. I'm going to live with my dad so my mum can spend time with her new husband. My new stepdad, Phil. He's way too young for her, but that's not why I dislike him. I don't have a problem with age. I just don't think he has a stable grasp of reality, just like Renee. She needs a person who can take care of her, and he'd be too busy with baseball practice. Yeah, he plays baseball, but strictly minor-league. He's a terrible player, and he always gets injuries. How in the hell do you get injuries from being on the bench?

Anyway, I'm on the plane to live with my dad. I won't admit it to anyone, but I miss him. He was much better than Renee at the parenting thing. Even though I only saw him for a few weeks each year, I cherished the time we had together. I love my dad. I'll never tell him though. We're both really quiet and talking would just ruin the whole 'no-hovering' thing.

As I came off the plane, I felt a sense of dread for some reason. Like my stay here was going to change my life in some way. I shook my head. I've been hanging out with Renee too much. I regret going to that new age meditation thing. Instead of meditating, listen to classical music like I do. Most of the freaking people in that class were paying $150 to sleep.

Charlie was there waiting for me and had a sign: ISABELLA SWAN. As if it didn't bring enough attention already. Pale, white as hell, clumsy girl tripping over air, coming off a plane from Arizona; yeah, you see that every day.

God, how I hated Forks, I love my dad, but I wish he picked out a better, sunnier place to live. The place was a magnet for rain. It got on my nerves. I loved the bright, hot sun. But since I was so pale, I had a tendency to get a nasty case of sunburn. Only one more year till I go to college and move out. Not that I hate Charlie, it's just that I was really looking forward to living on my own. Living with Renee gave me a sense of responsibility. I got the groceries, cleaned the house, cooked, did laundry, and it taught me to be self-reliant. I even reminded Renee to pay the bills. Sometimes, I helped pay them myself so we wouldn't get the electricity cut off.

It took an hour to get to Forks from Port Angeles. Charlie and I didn't talk much on the ride; we aren't sociable people. The quiet is...calming somehow. When we got to the house, it looked the same as when I had visited three years ago. Charlie never was one for change. I went inside and put my things in the room. I looked around and it was strange. The bedding and paint on the wall resembled a teenager; but the rocking chair and baby pictures under the bed showed a child. I guess Charlie still thought of me as his little girl. I would have to do something about that...I wasn't the cutest baby.

It felt nice, though. To be thought of as a child; I was always very mature for my age. Renee was like a sister; she never was like a real mother. I cooked, cleaned, and helped her pay the bills. I raised some money and put it in my account for college. My dream was to go to Dartmouth and become a writer. Publish my own book, and live a peaceful life. Charlie was a police officer, and as much as I love him, I'd never do something that involves violence. It makes me sick. Renee is a kindergarten teacher; she loves kids. I think they're okay, but I can barely get along with people my own age, why involve kids in the mix?

"Hey Bells, I enrolled you in the high school here. You start on Monday," Charlie said while I was making dinner. He sat down in his chair, and turned the tv on. I could hear announcers from the sports channel.

"Thanks, Ch-Dad." I wasn't used to calling Charlie dad. It's been years since I'd seen him, and even then it was hard to call him that. He wasn't around as much, and I don't blame him. Renee could be a handful. Even though she left him and left the divorce papers on the table.

Then while we were eating dinner, someone knocked at the door. "Hi, how can I help you..."I started to ask, but I saw a very handsome man. He had icy blue eyes, blonde hair, and a very muscular body. "Hey, I'm James Pierce. I work with Charlie, and it is very nice to meet you." His voice was rough and very alluring. I felt a bit uncomfortable, with his piercing gaze. He stared at me curiously. "Hey Charlie, I brought beer." He lifted a six-pack. I was a straightedge; I didn't drink. I wouldn't judge you if you did; but it wasn't something I'd partake in. I stared at the beer.

"Great, James. Bella, this is Deputy James. He's one of the most trusted men on the force." Charlie beamed with pride. "Aw, Charlie, don't get all worked up about me. How come you never told me about your beautiful guest?" He smirked. Charlie smiled. "James, this is my daughter Bella. She's staying here in Forks." I blushed at the sudden attention. "Well, invite me in; I would like to get better acquainted with her." He smiled widely, and it felt weird. Predatory, even. I knew then that my life would change.

"Hi." I said shyly. I wasn't comfortable with him. He scared me; and it felt like he was watching every move I made. A slight twitch of my finger, the way I fidget with my fingers when I'm nervous. I was nervous. I walked into the kitchen, hoping that James had stopped watching me.

Charlie and James walked into the living room and James sat down on the sofa. Charlie smiled at him, and came into the kitchen, where I was placing a dish in the cupboard. Charlie looked uncomfortable as he approached me. "Hey, look. James lost his wife a year ago, and he's a good friend of mine, so please be nice to him. He's been through a lot. He stops by a lot. James is a good guy." Charlie said quietly.

But somehow, looking at James' face, I was convinced that there was something wrong. Something that lurked beneath the surface and it frightened me.