Author's Note: This here is my very first crossover fanfic ever. Crossover for Fullmetal Alchemist and Negima. If you're a fan of these two anime's, then you'll like this one, I hope. P.S. It's mostly FMA style though, no Negima characters in it whatsoever.

This is where Edward is assigned with an assignment from his superior officer, colonel mustang, to be an alchemy teacher for a year. How will things turn out for Ed and Al and all thirty girls? Read it and find out.

I also like to say that I hold no clam for FMA or Negima, they belong to there rightful and respectful owners, only the characters that I created belong to me.

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter.

P.S. Please excuse me for any of my spelling and grammar error.

Fullmetal: Edward Elric!?

Lesson 1: Who's the shrimp?

Early morning, sun rose up over the horizons water edge; sea water as of matter of fact. On it, a ship is seen moving across while leaving waves behind. And inside it are two characters where all very familiar with. That's right, its nun other then the Elric brothers in some kind of guess room for travelers, with two beds, a night stand in between, and a single porthole window. Edward is laying in bed on his stomach, looking a bit sick while having a bucket near by for just in case.

"Brother, are you alright?" Alphonse asked out of concern for his older brother. "Should I call for some assistance?"

"N-no, it's alright Al." Edward replied. "I'll be alright, just a bit sea sick, that's all."

"Are you sure? Cause you've been like that for two days strait."

"I tolled you, I'll be fine. So you don't have to worry."

"If you say so..." Al sighed, not to siren but tacks his word for it. "Hey Ed, since its morning, you want to order some breakfast?"

"Uuugh… don't mention food Al…" He said looking sicker and his face turned pale shade of green and blue lines at the bottom of his right eye.

"Oh, sorry… Brother I'm gonna go out strolling for a bit. Maybe I can find out how long to get to our destination."

"Great idea Al… I hope we reach land soon, I don't know how much longer I can take this…" Ed replied, gagging a little. "I just wish I knew what the Colonel assignment is."

"Why don't you look it up in that envelop he gave you?"

"It doesn't have a lot of info in to it… it only says 'Go to a big island outside of Amestris, there you'll find your next assignment' that is it. …It even came with two tickets for this trip."

"That's too bad. Well anyways, I'm going out now. I'll be back with in an hour."

"Ugh… you do that… ugh… uh… uh-oh, I think I'm gonna… I think I'm gonna…" Before Ed can finish his sentence, he immediately grabbed the bucket and… you know the rest, right when Al closed the door.

"Oh brother…" Alphonse said to himself, walking away from the door.

Minutes have passed; Alphonse is looking out at the ocean, just gazing away, deep in thought.

'I wonder what Roy wants Ed to do over there. Probably a lead to the philosopher stone… I hope.'

Al's thoughts were interrupted by the captain's voce coming from the speaker.

"Ladies and gentlemen will be reaching land in approximately half-hour and we do hope you enjoy the trip."

Al looked to the side to see an island just up ahead and not to far off ether.

"That's great, wait till I tell brother!" He excitedly said before running off.

Half an hour later, the ship has finally made it to land, parked at the docks. While a few passengers walk off the ship, Edward ran down with his arms up in the air happily.

"LAND…!!! Ahahahahah land, land, land, land, land, LAND!!" Ed respected, jumping off the dock and landed on the ground with a thud and hugged it, happy to be on land again.

"Brother, wait for me!" Al called out while running after his old brother and having Ed's suitcase in hand.

The small group of crowd stared at him strangely, witch Ed paid no attention nor does he care.

"Ed if you haven't notice, we're being stared at from the way you're behaving."

"I don't care, I'm just glad to be back on land after that loooong trip here." He replied, rubbing his cheek onto the dirt as if not wanting to let go anytime soon with a big smile. Al just sighed, a big sweatdrop appeared. (Can that even be possible for him?)

Later Ed and Al are on a train to their destination as it is read on the paper the colonel has given to them. The boy's has to stand because the train is crowded and filled with mostly teenage girls, for what reason is unknown to the Elric brothers. Ed feels uncomfortable from the fact that it is very crowded, no room to move or sit anywhere whatsoever, and that there are girls all around him. Some of them are even glaring at them, mostly at Ed though. They are gossiping on 'How cute he is?' 'Does he have a girlfriend?' or 'Is he a little kid or just a midget?' luckily he didn't catch that last part, otherwise big trouble. Edwards face is slightly red from all their gossiping about him, and Alphonse noticed it.

"Brother, are you feeling alright?" He asked concernedly for his older brother. "Your face looks a bit red. Are you sick?"

"N-no, no I'm alright, really." Ed hastily replied, trying to brush off the subject, but Al doesn't buy it.

"Brother… dose it has anything to do with all these girls? Do they really bother you that much?"

"O-of course not, I'm just anxious to get there that's all!" Edward said deniably.


"Just drop it." He demand, cutting off Al's sentence.


Minutes later, the train pulled up at a station which it is boy's next stop. Al got off before Ed. But while doing so, Edward got trampled by dozens of girls running out in a hurry, leaving behind a cloud of smoke and they didn't even notice him. Poor Ed is comically laying flat against the ground with foot prints all over him. He groaned in pain while Alphonse crouched down to see if he is alive.

"Edward! Are you Okay?"

"……Do I look okay to you?" He grunted before dropping his head back to the ground again.

"Hehe, I guess not…" Al replied, sweatdrop.

A bit later, Ed has recovered from his ordeal and is making their way to where the address is leading them, with a little help from the crowd with some directions of course. They finally got to where they need to be and in front of the Elric brothers stood a three to four stories tall building all the way on top of the stairs. The boys looked amazed not at the size the building, but the fact they have to clam all those stairs.

"Damn." That is all Ed can say, making a face.

"You said it brother not me." Al replied.

"Well, we better get a move on Al."

"Uh, you mean… all the way up there?" He said looking up and it looks to be around at less one hundred steps, maybe a bit over.

"There's no other way to get up there so yeah. Come on Al."

"Right behind you."

Once that is said, the Elric brothers made their way up. It took them awhile and Alphonse is the first one to get at the top. Ed on the other hand is a little behind, looking all worn out. Once there he collapsed on his knees, breathing heavily.

"Finally… we… made it…" Ed rasped after a few breaths just before getting back up to his feet again. "Let's get going Al."

Inside the building, Ed and Al wandered around aimlessly, a bit lost till they found an office filled with adults working at a desk or going table to table with papers in hand.

"Can I help you boys with something?" Someone spoke out to them.

They turned their attention towards a tall man with slick dark brown hair, combed back with some strains sticking out and brown eyes; dress in a suit with his jacket undone.

"Yeah, we're looking for a guy under the name of Tracy." Ed said, handing out a piece of paper. "I was tolled to meet him here."

The men gracefully took the paper and unfold it, reading it. He looked at the two with an eyebrow raised before refolding the paper and handing it back over.

"Ah, you must be the Elric brothers. I've been told all about you boys." The man said. "We've been expecting you, right this way boys." He said, leading the way.

The Elric brothers looked at one another before following. They found them selves facing the big double doors and the man knocked politely.

"Intrude." An old male muffling voice is heard, before entering.

"Mr. Willingham your guess has arrived." The man gestured towards the boy's.

"Ah, the Elric bothers I presume." The old man said while holding out his hand which the brothers took and shacked. "It's a pleasure to meet the famous Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric." He grinned, looking at Al. "I see why they called you the fullmetal from that full suited armor of yours.

"Umm… you're looking at the wrong guy. The one you're looking for is over there." Alphonse said and pointing at where Ed is slouching at a corner, glooming.

"It's okay Al, I should have gotten use to it by now." Edward applied, groaningly.

Both the man turned towards Ed crouching in a fetal position.

"Huh? You mean that little guy is the one that'll be teaching here?" The dark brown-headed man blurted out. (Uh-oh…)

Ed suddenly ran up to his face, eyes darken and stress marks.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL THAT YOU NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS JUST TO SEE ME AT ALL!?!" He shouted at the poor man before being pulled back by Alphonse.

"He didn't say any of that brother, now calm down."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset." The man held his hands up in defense.

"All though he did warn us about his height issue, did he not?" Mr. Willingham said.

"Heh heh, I guess I forgot." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, sweatdropped.

Then Edward suddenly realized something the man said earlier.

"Wait a minute… you said something about 'teaching'. What did you mean by that exactly?" Ed asked, even Alphonse looked at them questionably.

"Hm? Did he not tell you?" The head master said.

"Tell us what?" Al asked.

"Sorry, but Colonel Mustang only gave us this envelope for our next assignment with very little information in it. Along with this paper I'd signed." Edward pulled out both the paper and the envelope, handing them over to the old man.

"Oh dear…" The old man said.


"You boy's do realize that this is a school, right?" The dark brown-headed man said.

"School…?" Both Ed and Al said at the same time.

"Guess not…" He sighed.

"According to the slip you'd signed, you will be teaching alchemy to those who are interested in this school for a full year." Mr. Willingham said.

"WHAT?!? A year, in this school, teaching a bunch of boys and girls alchemy just for the fun of it?!" Ed shouted, not happy about their; mostly his next assignment.

"A bunch of 'girl's' to be precise." The man said, grinning.

Total silence...

Ed blinked in confusion. "Come again…"

"This here; is an all girl's school."

Again, total silence…

Edward begins to shake and twitch in anger, face shadowed over, clenching his teeth. His fists trembled for a few moments and then paused before speaking.

"May I use you phone for a minute?" Edward asked as calmly as he possibly can.

"Be my guess." Mr. Willingham gestured towards the phone on his desk.

Edward somewhat calmly grabbed the phone and walked out the room with it, closing the door behind him to talk in privet. Alphonse and the two men stood there in the awkward silence. Moments later, a sudden roar of Ed's voice is heard from all around the school grounds.


"Hello Edward, long time, no talk."

"Don't get all friendly with me Mustang, what the hell kind of assignment did you gave me?!"

"Didn't I tell you?"


On the phone line at central, Roy is looking at some paper work while chatting with Edward and Riza by his side, holding the base.

"That's right; if I did you would have rejected it."

"Damn right! You didn't just put me in any regular school; you put me in one mostly for girls!!" Ed yelled on the phone. "I'm going back in there and tell the old man that I decline, it is just going to be wasting my time! I have more important stuff to do you know!"

Mustang chuckled on the other end of the line. "I'm afraid you can't do that."

"And why not, dare I ask?" Ed groaningly asked.

"Remember that paper I told you to sign?"

"Yeah, what about it…?"

"Didn't you read the fine print… or did you even read it at all?"

"U-uh, well… I um…" Edward hesitated, tripping in his own words.

"By the sound of your voice, I say no." Roy sighed before continuing. "How many times do I have to tell you; when dealing with those types of paper works, always read it throughly before signing it, not skid through it. Since you signed it, you'll have to keep that commitment to serve the school for one year."

Ed groaned, dropping his head and shoulders in anguish with swerve line on his head.

"The only way for you to return to central, is if you failed your task as a teacher."

His face suddenly perked up with an idea.

'So if I fail on purpose, we'll be able to go back searching for the philosopher stone. Ed you are a genies!' He thought with a glint in his eyes, grinning evilly.

"Forget it Fullmetal, purposing failing won't count."

Ed flinched in surprised. "How did you-"

"So you were thinking of it, you're easy to comprehend Ed." Roy chuckled a little.

"But why me…? Why not someone else…?" Edward asked; wanting to know why in the world would the Flame Alchemist chose him out of many other guys in the military, even Roy himself!

"Well Ed…"

"…Since you're the youngest state alchemist in history and a child prodigy, you're the best one we've got. Plus they're desperate. It's only until they find a primitive replacement, which might take probably a year. But for now, you're all they got." Ed made a face while Roy continues. "So quit you're whining and do your job Fullmetal; otherwise, I'll have to take away your license as a state alchemist."

"You can't do that!"

"Oh, but I can. You've got two choices Ed, ether take the assignment… or kiss you silver watch goodbye. Which will it be?" Roy said softly while smirking.

Ed growled angrily, he realizes that he is stuck. He clenched the receiver in a tight fist; Roy is black mailing him to do the job. Well… there's only one thing he can do and only one choice he can make. Edward won't like it though, not by a long shot.

"…Fine, I'll do it." He sighed in defeat while groaning.

"A wises choice Fullmatel." Roy replied.

Edward could swear that mustang is smiling on the other end.

"Now then, I'll be hearing from them of your progress report every once in awhile. Hope you have a good year, Edward."

"H-hey, wait a min-" He never got to finish his sentence as a click sound and then came dead silence. "…Colonel… you backstabbing… son of a-grrah!" He slammed the phone with such rage, luckily it did not brake.

Moments later, Edward went back in the room with his head hanging low and shoulders down. The threesome just gazes at him while he put back the phone on Mr. Willingham deck and sighs.

"…Brother…" Alphonse broke the ice. "What did he say?"

Ed sighed again before replying and looks at the old man. "When do I start?" He asked in a whispering tone.

Mr. Willingham smiled, knowing perfectly well of his answer. "Today..."

The Elric brothers and the dark-headed man are now seen walking down the hall to their new class. Edward looks angry and irritated that Roy has blackmailed him to do this stupid assignment. It is just a waste of their time and now they have to hold off the searching for the philosopher stone, for a full year! But what choice dose he has? Ether this or get his license poked.

"Here." The man handed Ed a black book with red letters glistering in the light. "You're going to need it."

"What is it?" Edward asked as he opens it.

"It's a list of students you'll be teaching with and a list of their activities, interest, and clubs."

Ed and Al gaze at the book with images of all the deferent girls they'll be working with. They are all lined up in number orders, each having their names on top of their photos while information's on the bottom.

"Whoa, look at them all." Alphonse said in astonishment. "Brother has to teach all thirty of them?"

"Well of course, that's what teachers do."

"Oh we know that… it's just that-"

"Its okay Al, I think I'll be able to handle it, so don't worry." Edward said, looking up to Al and grinned. "And besides, how hard can it be to handle them all?" He then heard a soft whistling sound from the man, but pays no attention to it.

When they turned the corner someone crashed into Edward with hard force, knocking him to the floor.

"Edward, are you alright?" Al asked, helping his brother up to his feet.

"Mr. Alexander, good morning!"

The brothers turned their heads to the person who bumped into Ed. A girl, about his age if not older, with red hair pulled back into a high pony-tail, green eyes and is in her black and red school uniform on.

"Oh Tyler, Good morning to you too." The man known by the name: Mr. Alexander said. "How was your summer vacation?"

"Really good." She said happily. "I hope we'll have you as our teacher again, last year you were terrific!"


A sound of throat clearing came from behind them and turned to face a very displeasing looking Ed.

"Um, excuse me…" He said, arms cross as if waiting for an apology, and he is.

The girl just looked at him and her eyes narrowed. "Hey, who's the kid?" She asked Mr. Alexander while pointing at Edward.

Ed twitched before replying. "I'm not a kid! I'll have you know, I'm fifteen." He pointed at himself.

"Let me rephrase that then… Who's the shrimp?"

A vain pop out of his head and his eyes darken over in anger before in a split second went up to her face.



"'PIPSQUEAK…!?'" Ed repeated.

"That's right, `causes that's what you are." She said while poking his forehead with her index finger. "I bet people mistaken you for a kid every time you go up to them, huh shrimp?"

"I'M NOT A SHRIIIIIIMP!!!!" Edward attempts to attack her, but Alphonse held him from doing so. "LET ME GO AL, I'M GOING TO KICK HER BUTT!!!"

"Brother, that's just mean, plus she's a girl Ed!"


"Bring it on shortstuff, let's see what you got!" Tyler said, taking a fighting stance.

"I'll gladly accept your challenge, just as soon as I brake free from his grasp!" Ed replied, still struggling.

"By the way…" She turned to Mr. Alexander. "Who's the tin-man?"

"Him…? That's his little brother believe it or not."

Tyler looked surprise. "Little brother…?" She then turned toward the brothers, mostly at Ed. "Shouldn't it be the other way around and not the total opposite?"

That only made things worst, as if Ed isn't mad enough already. "THAAAT'S IIIT, I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!! I'M GONNA BEAT YOU UP SO GOOD, YOU'RE GONNA WISH YOU HAVE NEVER MET ME!!!" He yelled at her dangerously, struggling more and more.

"Brother, please calm down!" Al shouted.

Before Tyler can do or say anything, a hand gently tap on her shoulders and looked up at Mr. Alexander, grinning down at her.

"Isn't it time for you to get to class?"

"Oh r-right I almost forgot." Tyler said, smiling brightly at him before turning back to Ed bitterly. "I'll deal with you some other time." She then ran off down the hall to class.

"H-hey get back here, I'm not done with you yet!"

"Brother, give it a rest already." Alphonse sighed.

"Damn it, I really hate that girl." Ed groaned

"Sorry about that." Mr. Alexander apologized. "That's Tyler by the way, one of our former students here."

"So I've notice." Ed has finally cooled down, but is still feeling irritated and Al place him back to his feet. "What's her problem anyway; she gave me a cold look just a minute ago."

"Oh don't mine that, she dose that to every guy she meets."

"Why?" Al asked out of curiosity.

"Let's just say that she once had a boyfriend that never worked out and leave it at that."

Alphonse nodded in understanding.

"Anyway, class is about to begin. You don't want to be late on your first day." Mr. Alexander said while leading them down the hall.

"Uh right…" Ed replied, following him hastily along with Al by his side.

The inside of the classroom, all the girls are preparing for the arrival of their new teacher. Some are wondering if the teacher is a man or a women, how will they look like, are they nice, mean, who knows… it can be anyone's guess. One of the girls looked more nervous then the rest.

"I-I hope it's a women, please let it be a women." A girl said while holding her hands together.

"Abigail, really, you need to learn to expect the fact that the whole world if filled with men, it isn't something you can just switched a switch and make them disappeared. If it is a man, you need to suck it up and deal with it."

"I'm s-sorry." Abigail apologized, dropping her head a little.

Her long time friend sighed before another one of her dearest friend spoke.

"Don't sweat it; we know how boys make you nervous." She grinned at her and continued. "But did you know that not all guys have any interest in girls."

"They don't?"

"Course not; the world isn't perfect you know. Instead of pretty girls like you, some prefer guys. Just picture this; them kissing, hugging, cuddling, and doing everything a lover dose." She said while gesturing with her hands and body movement, trying to give Abigail a better picture.

Abigail face immediately flashed bright red from the mental images she has in her head, freaking out.

"Lina knock it off, she's gonna get nightmares."

"Oops, sorry..." Lina laughed and rubbed the back of her head.

"Please let it be Mr. Alexander, Please let it be Mr. Alexander, Please let it be Mr. Alexander…"

"Good morning, Tyler."

She turned to the girl that mentioned her name. "Hey Emily, morning to you too…" She said, turning back to praying again. "Pleeeease, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…"

"Um, Tyler…"

The red-head stopped for a moment and looked up at her friend.

"I know he was a good teacher last year, but that's not why you're praying is it?"


"I understand that you like him and all, but isn't he a bit too old for you. I mean he's in his mid twenties. Ten years too far apart."

"Age doesn't matter, what really matters is the person."

"That's true… still though."

Tyler no longer paying attention and continues on praying, harder then ever before.

Outside the classroom, Edward, Alphonse and Mr. Alexander stood in front of the door. Ed reached for the doorknob but hesitated. He looked somewhat nervous, of course he should be. This is his first time working at a school for girls as their teacher. What if he can't handle the job? What if he can't be the teacher they expected him to be? Than he'll have to return to central; which it's not a bad thing in his point of view, but on the first day… he will definably never hear the end of this from the Colonel.

"Is the something the matter Mr. Elric?" Mr. Alexander asked.

"Huh...?" Ed turned to him, then realized his hand in frozen in midair. "Oh no, just uh…" He couldn't continue.

"It's okay to be a little nervous on the first day, all you have to do is take a deep slowly breathe and walk in casually. With a smile of course, you want to make a good impression on them in order to gain there respect." He advised him.

Edward nodded in response, took a deep yet slow breath and turned the knob.

All the girls heard the door open and turn towards it.

"Hey everybody he or she is here." Emily said out to the class with a bright smile.

The girls looked on anxiously, till they saw Ed entering. Their world around them seemed to slow down while he walked in with eyes wide open, glaring at him astonishingly. But all that disappeared when Ed tripped on a rope set across the doors entrance. His head landed in a bucket, rolled over before coming to a stop, slamming against the desk face first, hard.

"Brother!" Al called out behind the door frame.

The entire class got out of their seats and when up to Ed, except for one.

"Hey it's a kid!" A random girl said.

"I'm sorry, I thought you where our new teacher!" Another apologized, removing the bucket.

"Ah, you poor thing!"

"My goodness, you girls sure know how to throw a welcome party." Mr. Alexander said sarcastically.

"We're sorry!" The whole class said.


The group turned to the one who shouted out in surprise. It was Tyler, pointing her shaky finger at Ed, wide eyed.

"You…" Is all she can say at the moment.

Edward gasped, feeling the same way Tyler is now.

"IT'S YOU!!!" They both shouted at the same time.

The students looked confused at their reactions towards each other. What is it that they'd missed? They probably wondered.

"Hey shortstuff, you're in the wrong school. This one here is for girls only."

"I'm not short!" Ed yelled, standing up immediately. "And for your information, I'm supposed to be here!"

"Just what do you mean by 'I'm supposed to be here' crap?"

"He means that from here on out, he'll be teaching this class." Mr. Alexander answered.

All the girls looked surprise and shocked, but not as much as Tyler.

"W-what…? You mean…" She slowly turned back to Ed. "…him?"

"Heh, that's right." Ed said proudly.

The room became silent. Awkward silent.

"I think this is the best time for you to introduce yourself boys." Mr. Alexander broke the ice.

"Uh right…" Ed responded, clearing his throat and straitening himself up. "My name is Edward Elric and this big guy here is my little brother Alphonse Elric, my assistant."

"Pleased to meet you all." Al said while bowing.

"I'll be instructing you in alchemy for the rest of the year. And also…" Ed paused for a second then continued. "If any of you have any problems with me and the way I teach, then to bad. I'm gonna be here for quite a while, so get use to it."

Mr. Alexander sways his head in a 'no' motion, palm in the face. 'Is that how you introduce to people?' He thought.


Then more silence, until…

"EEEEEEEEE!!!!" The whole room of girls went crazy, shrieking high pitch and charged at him, making him jump.

"How old are you!?" One of them asked.

"Uh… fifteen…" Ed said with difficulty from all his new students crowding over him.

"Do you have a girlfriend!?" Girl number two asked.

"That's personal!"

"Where are you from!?" Girl number three asked.

"Central, but I originally came from a small countryside call Risembool."

"Never heard of it, but sounds neat." Girl number four said.

"Is he really our new teacher?" One of the students questioned.

"That's right." Mr. Alexander answered strait out.

"This has to be a joke, right?" Another one asked with disbelief.

"Not at all, he will be your teacher for this following year only."

"You must be really intelligent to be offered with this job!" Girl number five squealed.

Poor Edward is being smothered by all those girls, making him red in the face and Alphonse can do nothing but stand back and watch helplessly, sweatdropped.

'If I'm that smart, then why can't I find the right words to get them off me…?' Ed thought to himself.

Suddenly, a loud bam sound is heard through out the classroom, catching everyone's attention. Tyler has her hand flat against her tabletop; face covered in shadows and marched up to her "new teacher". Once face to face, out of nowhere, she grabbed the collar of his jacket and hoists him upward, leaving Ed to stand on his tip-toes. This shocked the whole class; except Mr. Alexander.

"No way…" She started. "There's just no way… that I'll be excepting this little midget as my teacher!" Tyler's face can now be seen with so mush anger and hatred, burning in her eyes. "NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!"

"I'm not a little midget! Don't call me small or shrimp or shortly or anything else about my height, got it!"

"And why should I listen to you? Just because you're the teacher now doesn't mean I have to do everything you say!"

"Well actually, yes you do."

Tyler turned towards Mr. Alexander. "Mr. Alexander…"

"Otherwise, you'll find yourself in the dean's office for disregarding and disordering not only your teacher nor the class room, but the entire school. Which means… you'll probably be expelled or at least bring great dishonor to your last teacher… me." He said calmly while smiling, trying to get his point of view across. "You don't want that, do you?"

"N-no…!" Tyler immediately dropped Edward back to his feet and bowed in an apology poss. "No I don't, please for give me Mr. Alexander, I beg of you!" She said with her eyes shut tightly.

Mr. Alexander chuckled and brings his hand to her head and gave it a gentle patted. "Of course."

"Oh Mr. Alexander, you're so understanding." She said; eyes sparkled as well as her surroundings.

"But its not me you should ask for forgiveness…" He said pointing towards Edward. "It's him."

Ed and Tyler glared a moment or two at each other before both turned away, not bothering to say anything to one another.

Mr. Alexander sweatdropped and sighed. Then the bell went off. "Alright everyone back to your seats, class's has begun."

They all did what he said and made their way to their desks.

"Well then…" He began, facing the brothers, especially Ed. "I just like to give you boys, especially you Ed, my best of luck. Your going to need it, see ya." After that he left them on their own.

Ed went over to his front desk and faced the class. All eyes are on him, waiting. Edward felt nervous at first from their stare, all girls staring at him, but shook it off and cleared his throat.

'Come on Ed; there just of bunch of girls, focus…' He thought. "Alright everyone, before we can begin, I need you to do this paper work first." Ed handed them to Al so he can give them to the students in front row. "Pass them down to whoever is sitting behind you."

The girls did so and they all received it. One of them raised their hand.

"Yes um…" Edward looks down to his book and found the name of that person. "Amy."

"What are these for?" She asked.

"There for us to see and keep track of your knowledge levels in alchemy. Also, it is to help me to help you in any other thing you need to work on. Get my drift."

The girl name Amy nodded in reply.

"You may begin while I do my part." Ed turned towards the board to write something, but having some difficulty reaching the top of the board since he's small and all.

Most of the class tried to hold in the laughs and giggles, knowing fully well that he does not like to be teas about his height. Though that doesn't help him ether way.

"May I be at some assistant?"

Edward looked away from the board and up to a girl with her hair pulled up in a bun with strands of hair sticking out from the back. Her bangs are like Ed's, but only smoother and no antenna.

"Perhaps this footstool may become useful to you, sir?"

Ed looked down and sees it there by his side. "Uh… thanks um…"

"Carolyn." She said with a graceful smile.

"Right, Carolyn. You can take you seat now."

"Yes Mr. Elric." She gracefully bowed then returned to her seat.

While everybody is working Tyler on the other hand just glared at Ed. 'He thinks he can replace my beloved Mr. Alexander and be better teacher that him, huh?' She thought and then smiled evilly. 'Well then, let's see how long he can last and with out losing his cool.' Tyler broke a piece of her eraser, flings it across and hit its target.

"OW!" Edward rapidly looked around only to see the girls doing there work and turned back to the board… just to be hit again. "AH!! Alright who's throwing things at me?!" Ed demanded.

All of the students looked up, confused at his sudden reaction towards the class. No answers. Edward turned to Al, but sways his helmet in a 'no' motion. He grumbled before going back to the board once more. Tyler is enjoying herself to much to stop there and fired a Rubber-ban three times at his head, hitting him in the same spot. Edward was about to lose it when Carolyn spoke out.

"Is something the matter, sir?"

"Well, ether I'm a magnet or someone is throwing things at me…" Ed groaned in anger while rubbing the spot where he was hit.

Carolyn Got out her seat and leaned down for only Ed to hear. "Sir, it is she who is chucking stuff at you."

"She…?" He whispered in confusion, but then realized who she's talking about. "Do you mean Tyler?"

Carolyn nodded in responds.

"I should have known." Ed grumbled, softly. "That girl has been having issue with me since we first met."

"More issues than you realize. If I where you, I reported to the dean about her behavior and have her posterior kick out of this class."

"Hmm, not a bad idea." He said with an evil grin.

Suddenly a box of supplies of pencils and other stuff is thrown hard at the back of Carolyn head, nearly knocking the girl down.

"You want a fight; then you've got one!!"

"Bring it on!" Taylor shouted in a of course bring-it-on-tone.

They pounced on one another in a cat fight and grabbed each others hair. The whole class jumped out of there seats and gathered around to cheer them on.

"Hey, knock it off!" Edward demanded, but no one is listening. "I said, KNOCK IT OFF!!" He rushed towards the two girls only to get hit in the face and flew across the room, hitting a wall.

"Brother!" Alphonse ran over to his brother aid.

"You just hit a teacher!"

"It's his damn fault for getting in the way!"

While the fight continues, Al got to his brother side. "Brother, are you alright?"

"I think so…" Ed said; he then turned to a girl who seems to be the only one who didn't rush over to see the fight. It's Abigail. "Hey."

"Uh, y-yes…" The shy girl responded.

"Tell me, have they always been like this?"

Abigail only nodded in reply.

"I thought as much…" He said, getting back to his feet and once again, rushed over to stop the fighting. "Hey, I'm the teacher here and I say stop!" Ed shouted …and again reserves another punch in the face, sending him back to where he'd been lying.


Ed didn't responded this time, just lied there with swirls in his eyes. He's somewhat unconscious now.

"I-is he alright?" Abigail asked with concern.

"I think so." Al replied.

The school bell ranged and the girls stopped. Class is over. Everything is pretty much back to normal, except Tyler and Carolyn who are still holding the grudge at each other. But they didn't attempt to do any more fights, grabbed their stuffs and left, leaving a stunned Al and an unresponsive Ed in the now empty class room.

Dead silence…

"…" Ed sighed exhaustingly, banged his forehead on a desktop with a face.

Edward and Alphonse are now in the teacher's office with Mr. Alexander, sitting in his seat.

"Had a ruff day?"

"Yeah, I never thought teaching would get so… physical." Ed groaned.

"Me nether..." Al came after, even though Ed did most of the work, but still.

The man chuckled. "You'll get around it somehow."

"Not when your dealing with a straiten red-head, if you know who I'm talking about." Ed said bitterly.

"I see…"

"I just wish I knew what her problem with me is?"

"Same here Ed." Al replied.

"Don't let her get to you Edward." Mr. Alexander started. "She may seem heartless, but underneath that mask, she actually a kind, good hearted person and try not to judge her actions towards you." Edward gave him the look before continuing. "She'll warm up to you one of these days. You'll see."

Ed thought it through long and hard from what Mr. Alexander said, even though the girl clearly pisses him off, it's always good to give people a chance to straiten themselves out, right? "I can't say that I will… but I'll give it a shot." He replied with a sigh.

"That's good to hear."

After that is said, Edward just sat there, lost in his thoughts.

Evening came, the bells of their home island city clock tower bonged signaling the folks the time and that the day is soon coming to an end.

"I thought this day will never end." Edward said with a sigh of relief. "I should reconsider about this job to the Dean and Colonel and just quite."

"Ed, it's only been your first day as their teacher and you're already ready to give up?"

"Tell me this then; what progress did we accomplish today?"

"Um, let's see…" Alphonse trailed off as they stopped for a minute.

There was a long pause; the only thing being hard is the wind blowing in the air and some leaves flew with it. Finally, a light bulb lit up in Al's head.

"You introduce yourself to the class, that's a good start."

"What else?"

"Uhh…" Al thought long and hard but came up with nothing, sweat beads appeared on his head. "I'll have to think harder."

"Let's face it Al, the class went nowhere. I'm thinking of stopping it altogether." He said and started walking again and Al followed.

"Come on brother, give it another chance." Alphonse tries to reconsider.

"And why should I?" Ed stopped once again and looked at Alphonse with an eyebrow raised.

"Well…" Al paused for a moment to think up of a good reason. "First off: it's only the first day Ed, so I'm sure everyone has a ruff start. Secondly: it takes work and some getting use to in the class room. And thirdly: Lots of patience."

Edward looked down at the sidewalk while Al continues.

"It's like Mr. Alexander said, 'you'll get around it somehow', so that means that you can't give up just because things didn't go the way you wanted them to." Ed said nothing, but is letting those sink into his head. "Give it another chance brother, who knows; maybe tomorrow will turn out better then this."

"I doubt it, but…" Ed looked doubtful at first, but is quickly replaced with a smile and turned back to Alphonse. "It's like you said Al, this is only the first day and not everybody succeeds on their first day." He sighed before continuing. "It seems my mind has been made up for me."


"It's only until I fail the mission and when that time comes, we can go back to searching for the philosopher stone again." Ed said with arms crossed as they continue walking down again.

Al nodded in response. 'I'm glad brother came to his senses.' He thought to himself before realizing something. "Hey Ed, something just came to me."

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"Where are we going to stay at?"

Ed immediately stopped in his tracks (again), wide eyed. The air turned quiet, save it for the wind blowing.

"I… didn't think about that." It's all that Ed could say.

"Oh great…" Al sighed.

"I'm sorry, but this here is a dorm for girls, so I can't sign you in."

"Then can you tell me where's the nearest hotel is?" Edward asked the counter woman.

"The only hotel in this entire island is at the other side, two hours by train."

"What! Only one and it's all the way out there!?"

The women nodded in reply.

"Can you at least let us stay for one night?" Alphonse politely asked.

"Even if I could, I can't, the place is booked. Again: I'm sorry." She apologetically bowed to the brothers.

Ed sighed before responding. "That's okay, let's go Al."

"Thank you for the help anyway." Al bowed then left alongside his brother.

The women looked guilty but she knows she's just doing her job.

Edward and Alphonse is seen at a fountain near the school, sitting on a bench while thinking of what to do about there situation.

"What now brother…?"

"Guess we're sleeping out tonight, it's the only options we got."

"I guess…"

"Not you guess, you know." Ed said looking up at the concrete stair and saw one of his students carrying stacks of heavy books, Al notice her as well.

"Hey isn't that one of your students um, what's her name?"

"Lets see…" Ed opened his book and scanned it. "Here she is, student number 12: Abigail Reeve. Say's here she's in a book club."

"She must really like books if she can carry all that."

"Yeah, but she looks a little too loaded, she cou-"

Suddenly, Abigail lost her footing and fell off to the side, dropping all of her books on the steps. Ed and Al wasted no time and rushed to her rescue. Edward clapped his hand while running, slamming it to the ground and transmuted some thin stone hands out from the sides to slow her fall. Al saved her in the nick of time, but the poor girl felled unconscious from shock. Ed sighs in relief. Unknowing to the boys, a very familiar red-head just witness the whole thing, looking somewhat half astonished and half disbelieving with a hint of shock.

"Man, that was a close, huh Al?" Edward said relieving.

"Yeah..." Alphonse replied while still holding the unconscious girl, he then peered over his brother head. "Oh."

Confuses, Ed followed his little brothers gaze and notices the red-head girl looking at them, wide eyed.

"Y… you…" Tyler stuttered. "You did it with out a transmutation circle?"

Ed and Al gazed at her, this isn't the first time someone has never seen Edward do transmutation without circles.

"Yeah so…?" Ed replied while Al looked nerves for some reason. (As if you can read his expressions anyway.)

"You did… the forbidden act, the ultimate taboo in alchemy, didn't you…?" Tyler just eyed on the brothers of both disbelief and horrified.

Alarmed washed over the brothers faces and said nothing, not knowing how to respond to that. How in the world did she figure it out, just by seeing the whole thing!? The whole atmosphere is dead silent, even the wind seceded. This is truly, truly bad for the Elric brothers.

End of lesson 1

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