AN: This is my first try on a GW and Harry Potter crossover. I also want to say that I'm sorry for any wrong spelling, english isn't my first language.

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Lily was playing with her sons, Harry, Duo and Nate, when her husband ran into the livingroom.

"Lily, take the boys and run. He's here." Lily flew up and picked up her boys then ran up the stairs. She could hear James fighting and then hit the floor. She ran into the nursery and put the boys in the crib. She smiled at them.

"I love you. You're my boys and you will always be." The door flew opened and she turned around to see Voldermort standing there.

"Did you really think you could hide from me." Lily got tears in her eyes.

"Please not my boys. Take me instead." She begged. He laughed and stupifyed her. He walked over to the crib and looked at the children. What shocked him was the power coming from two of the boys. One of them had jet black hair and the greenest eyes he ever seen. The other had dark brown hair and voilet eyes. Both of them were starring at him without any fear more like curiousity. The third child had hazel eyes like his dad and red hair like his mother. He was hiding behind his brothers.

"Like any of you could destroy me." He rested his wand and saw the curiousity fade from the two powerful childern and anger apear. He cuckled. "Avada kedavra." He watched the green light go for the children with a smirk. The smirk disapeared when he noticed the two put up their small hands and conjoured a sheild to protact their scared brother. The curse reboundsed and ripped Voldermort's soul out of the body. The last thing he saw as the lightenbolt scars apear on the children's forehead before he dissapeard. The roof started to fall in the magical backlash. A roof piece carved a S looking scar on the red haired child's check. Outside people started to apear out of thin air and they ran inside. They found James stunned by the door. Sirius, a black haired man, ran to his best friend's side.

"Rennervate." James groaned and opened his eyes.

"Paddy?" Sirius smiled and nodded. "Lily? The boys?" That got everyone thinking and they started to run up the stairs after James. They got to the nursery to see Lily on the floor and Nate crying in the crib while Harry and Duo looked to be asleep. James went to wake his wife who flew up and started asking about the boys. Dumbledore walked over and looked over the boys. He picked up Nate and turned to the others.

"Let me present Nate Potter, The-Boy-who-lived." Everyone shared only Remus was concurned about his other cubs. He walked over to the crib. He saw that Duo and Harry started to wake up. They blinked and looked up at him. He smiled.

"Don't worry Cubs, Uncle Mooney will always love you." They smiled at him.

Three years later.

Harry and Duo was reading in the libary while the others were with Nate. Harry who had a photographic memory was on forth year spells while Duo who had alittle trouble was on third year. But the only one who knew about this was Uncle Mooney and Uncle Paddy. Their parents only saw Nate. They looked up when the door opened. They smiled at their Uncles.

"Uncle Mooney, Uncle Paddy." They cried and ran and hugged them. Remus and Sirius shared looks. They kneeld down infront of them.

"Pups we are here to warn you." Sirius said. Duo frowned.

"Warn us about what?" Harry tilted his head in a cute way.

"They are planing to get rid of us, don't they?" Duo gasped and tears formed in his eyes. Remus sighed.

"So we heard but we can't do anything about it. I, as you know, am a werewolf so noone will let me have you. And Sirius here is an Auror so no jury will let him have two little boys when he beraly is home." Harry took Duo in his arms and they cried. Sirius and Mooney looked at each other. "But we have a plan so you have what you need." Harry looked up. Sirius took out necklases. They had a wolf and a dog on both of them.

"They are charmed trunks. You give the password and they restore themselves. In the dogs we have put money so you can get food. We know they will leave you in the muggle world so Sirius has exchanged golleons to muggle money we didn't know where they would take you so there are money for different countrys. In the wolf is things to remember us by and clothes. The clothes are mostly black as you will probobly live on the streets. They are also charmed to grow as you do so you don't have to worry about that. We also put in things so you can defend yourselfs. Like knifes. The goblins like you and they heard about what we were doing so they put in a libbary about magic so if you ever return you know how defend yourselfs in this world too." Remus smiled.

"We put in some of your favorite toys. Like Duo's play snitch and Harry's stuffed wolf. Both your blankets form your granmother are there and the keys to all the vaults you guys own are in the dog trunk. They are also charmed so only you two can use them. So no one elso but you can take them of and you have to be willing. We also put in two way notebooks in there or should I say four way. If you ever get seperated you can write in there. You only write down your nickname and the nickname of the person you want to talk to. Like Memo to mach or Mach to Patfoot or Mooney and the guy's notebook will glow but only you who own it will see. That way we know you are okay." Harry took the necklases and put the one with Memo ,because of photographic memory, around his neck and the one with mach, Duo loves cars, around Duo's neck. They hugged their uncles.

"I love you Mooney. I love you Paddy." Harry said and Duo echo'd his words.

"We love you too cubs." Remus said and Sirius nodded.

Later that night James took the sleeping Duo and Harry to the spaceport and put them on a shuttle to space. If he had checked he would see that it was going to L2.