A Mel and Jackson Fic

Rated T to be safe.

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Mel was running away as fast as she could leaving behind the image that was so clearly burned into her mind and her heart. Jackson and Taylor were sitting there... cuddling. That was the only way that Mel could think to describe it. Why did hr choice her, she was snobby and selfish and she didn't do anything for the group. Why did it have to be her?

It's like your a drug.

It's like your a demon I can't face down.

It's like I'm stuck.

Running from you all the time.

Mel was running as far away from the camp as fast as her legs could carry her. The Tears that were threatening to fall clouding up her vision. Mel made sure that she was out of any ones sight before she allowed herself to cry. It wasn't something that she would allow anyone to see especially Jackson or even her Nathan who was her best friend.

After a few minutes of running with out being able to see Mel finally decided to slow down. She noticed then that she was farther out then she had ever gone before. How long had she been running and she wondered if anyone would even notice that she was missing or even care for that matter. Dayle, Lex, and Nathan might wonder where she was but it was highly unlikely that Eric, Taylor or even Jackson since he was so wrapped up in Taylor would notice.

And I know I let.

You have all the power.

It's like the only company I seek.

Is misery all around.

"Why? Didn't you say Jackson that it would be a bad idea to date while we were stuck on the Island? Then why did you choice her?" She couldn't hold it in anymore so she feel to her knees and began to cry. Her whole body shook with the sobs that seemed to keep coming no matter how hard she had tried to stop them.

Its like your a leach

Sucking all the life from me

It's like I can't breath

Without you inside of me.

Melissa finally stopped crying on her own after a long time. She didn't know how long she had been gone from the camp and she was spent. With a sigh she pushed herself up to her feet. Wiping the few tears that were left on her eyes she began to walk back to the others. There was a stump that Mel didn't see and she tripped over it spraining her ankle in the process. The throb of pain was so bad Mel couldn't even move.

And I know I let you

Have all the power

And I realize I'm never gonna

Quit you over time.

Has anyone seen Melissa? I can't find her anywhere." Nathan asked as he came back into the camp. No one said anything.

"Where could she be? Have you looked at the beach?" Dayle asked?

"Yea I've looked at everyone of the places the she normally goes. She's not there and I have no idea where she is." The worry was obvious in Nathan's voice.

"The ledge! Has anyone checked up there? I've seen Mel go up there to think..." Eric said and everyone head turned around to stare at him. At the same moment everyone remembered Mel and Taylor falling over the ledge.

"Come on!" Jackson and Nate both ran toward the forest praying that they were wrong. Praying that Melissa was not there.