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A Wonderful Birthday

"Mikado!" Kida pulled the string on a popper. The "POP!" sound made the birthday boy yelp. Small streamers and colorful confetti decorated his spiky, black hair. He grinned mischievously. "Happy birthday! You are officially old now!"

"Masaomi," his best friend whined. He glanced at his uniform, brushing off the mess. "Couldn't you wait to surprise me after graduation?"


Some things never change. The third-years of Raira Academy were marching their way to the auditorium; a flower with a ribbon was pinned on the left side of their jackets. As they took their seats, the principal walked up to the podium and spoke for who knows how long.

When everyone received their diplomas, instead of walking normally, Kida opted to wear a black hat (Hey, where did that come from?) and did the moonwalk. The entire student population laughed and howled at his performance. Even the principal and teachers let out a few chuckles. The blue-eyed student clapped with more energy as his best friend received his diploma. His body flinched and stood up when his name was finally called.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths!

Mikado walked towards the stage and shook hands with the principal. As he received the black cylinder, the teen looked out to the audience, where he saw Kida clapping hysterically. His face flushed red. He smiled nervously. His parents and friends cheered and hollered from the back area. When he returned to his seat, he kept clapping for his fellow classmates.

The ceremony ended when the principal made his last speech. The graduating students marched out and cheered triumphantly. They were done with high school. The four friends congratulated each other. Two hands ruffled Kida and Mikado's hair.

"Congrats guys!" Erika threw them a thumbs-up. She wore a cat smile, pretending to wipe away a tear. "I haven't seen a tearful graduation ceremony since Azumanga Daioh."

"What?!" Walker yelled and shook his head. "Erika-chan! Did you forget about Toradora! They graduated not too long ago!"

"Actually, this was more like Angel Beats!"

The four graduates breathlessly laughed at the two otaku. The six met up with the rest of their family and friends. Tom reserved a party room for the graduates at Russia Sushi. When they arrived at the restaurant, Simon surprised them with a huge banner.

"Thank you Simon," Saki said. Her boyfriend put his arm around her shoulders and led them to the room. Mikado's parents smiled as their son smiled away with his friends.

For the past two years, the Ryuugamine couple decided to act as surrogate parents to Kida, Anri, and Saki. The more the merrier as the saying went. They also met Celty and Shinra, who were Mikado's Ikebukuro parents. When the Black Rider revealed she didn't have a head, well…they fainted. They thought it was a crazy dream when they woke up, but found out it wasn't and with a twist. Celty did have her head. It was just wasn't attached to her neck.

"Thank you," Hiromi said nervously, holding her hand out, "for taking care of our son. We're sorry we can't repay right now."

"It's okay," Celty said, holding her head. Somehow, even though she got her head back, her body acted normally as before. Only a few memories came back, but that was it. Shinra, despite not wanting her head, came around and loved seeing those red locks and green eyes. She made him sleep on the couch for that. Now, when she needed to go out, she'd carry her head in a black jar and bring it with her.

"I understand your financial situation."

"Unless you want to work for us," Shinra said, receiving a jab to the stomach.

The group sat around the huge table, reading their menus. Mikado sat between his best friend and boyfriend. Just as he was relaxing in his seat–


"Ah!" Mikado yelled as all the poppers and noise makers went off. Great, more streamers and confetti in his hair.

"Happy birthday Mikado!" His parents and friends shouted. Shizuo, who wasn't part of the "pop"-arazzi, settled with removing the colorful decorations from his boyfriend's hair. When his hair was clean, everyone decided it was present time. First, the graduates received money. Then, the gifts were all Mikado's. Mostly consisting of gift cards or money.

There were three different things that stood out. A rice cooker from Celty and Shinra. An Apple laptop from his parents. Then there was a colorful book from Erika. It came in wrap too. It was titled "So Close." It only took a flip to see what it truly was. A yaoi book.

"Made by yours truly!" Erika declared, sticking her tongue out. Mikado muttered a quiet "Thank you." and put it in his bag. His parents wanted to see it, and their son's face paled. His Ikebukuro parents convinced them not to. The birthday boy sighed, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Bullet dodged.

During that whole time, the new eighteen-year-old was looking forward to Shizuo's present. Now it was his boyfriend's turn. He looked at him with anticipation. The fake blond noticed and stood up. He left the room for a moment, returning back with a box that shook in his hands. Was he nervous?

"Happy birthday Mikado."

Shizuo gave the box to his boyfriend, planting a small kiss on the forehead before sitting down. He watched Mikado study the box before removing the red bow and ribbons. When he opened it, a small pink tongue licked the teen's nose. Blue eyes glistened. A smile formed on his face. His hand dove down and held up a–

"Aw!" Erika cooed. "It's a puppy!"

Indeed it was. The small siberian husky licked its owner's face in joy. Mikado looked at it again, confirming it's a girl and noticing a collar around her neck. The dog tag however was blank. He lowered the puppy to look at Shizuo.

"Do you want to name her?"

The fake blond scratched his head and shrugged. The puppy suddenly wriggled her way out of Mikado's hands and jumped onto the table. She sniffed the food, hoping to find something delicious. The puppy barked as she ate the remaining dango, even letting out a cute burp. All of them adored the sight.

"Dango," said Shizuo, stretching his hand to the puppy and putting it under her stomach. He carried her to his lap. Mikado smiled.

"I like her. Thank you Shizuo-san."

"Hang on," said the gartender. He put Dango in Celty's lap. "Can you stand up Mikado?" The birthday boy nodded and stood up. The sunglasses were taken off. Brown met blue. Shizuo moved his hands to grasp his boyfriend's hands. The coolness of them felt good against his warm and sweaty ones.

"I remember meeting you for the first time. You wanted to thank me for pushing you out of the truck's way. Even to leave the hospital without permission. I'm glad you did." He smiled, calling out, "Mikado."


Everyone watched them with bated breath. Both of their hearts raced, each for different reasons. The birthday boy wondered what the older man was going to say. The gartender felt nervous. He could hear his heart beating loudly against his chest. Taking a deep breath, the words flowed out of his mouth.

"Do you want to live with me?"

Many gasps echoed in the room. They all looked at Mikado, waiting for his answer.

"Shizu-chan, that's the wrong question."

A vein appeared on Shizuo's face. He turned around, frowning at the Shinjuku informant. "What the hell are you doing here?"


"Ooh." Masaomi said, wincing as a pink box hit the bartender's face. Mikado's parents were confused. They had no idea who Orihara Izaya was. Not that Mikado's friends wanted them to. At all.

"Happy birthday Mikado-kun." With that, the troll left everyone's sights.

When Izaya revealed that he didn't take away Mikado's innocence, everyone became more infuriated. So, to make sure he'll never bother the couple again, he was given a restraining order. Not that he followed it. Shizuo threatened to beat him into a bloody pulp. However, if there was good thing that came from this, it was Celty receiving her head back. Shinra was scared at first, losing Celty's current personality, but found that nothing changed at all. Still, Orihara Izaya was a bastard troll.

"Stupid flea." Shizuo cursed. Sighing, he turned around and met lips pressing against his chapped ones. Surprised? He was. The birthday boy pulled back and smiled, wrapping his arms around the gartender's neck.

"Yes," Mikado announced. "I want to live with you."

The blond man closed his eyes, smiling to the fullest. He returned the hug lifting Mikado into the air. Everyone decided to take pictures of the couple. They either cheered, whistled, or threw a thumbs-up at the duo. Hiromi smiled, wiping a tear from her eye. Ryuya never felt more happier for his son. Dango jumped from Celty's lap and rubbed her face against her new owners' legs. She wanted in on the love. Shizuo bent down, scooping the dog into his arm, and embraced his boyfriend happily.

"Mikado," he whispered.


"You made me the happiest man in the world."

"So did you."

Shizuo and Mikado entered the former's apartment, removing their shoes as Dango ran inside. The birthday boy carried his bigger presents to the living room, putting them down. He found his new puppy near the window, asleep. The Siberian husky did tire herself from running around the restaurant. He picked her up.

Shizuo walked towards them. "I have a place for her."

"You do?"

"Yeah." The older man led Mikado to the kitchen, where a dog bed sat in the corner. The birthday boy looked at him with a coy smile. He asked, "What?"

"You knew I would say yes, and Dango and I would live with you."

Shizuo smirked. "I have that much confidence."

Mikado placed Dango onto the bed. As he straightened himself, he felt something over his shoulder. He turned his head and found Shizuo's hair. His breathing stilled when lips touched his neck. The ex-bartender's arms encircled his waist.

"I'm glad you're here with me."

The two men made eye contact, as Mikado smiled. "I am too."

Shizuo turned Mikado's body around and kissed him. It was slow, but filled with passion. The younger man tasted two things. Vanilla and nicotine. An odd combination, but welcomed either way. The ex-bartender's tongue lapped at his lover's lower lip. The birthday boy opened his lips slightly, and the tongue dashed in. It mapped every part of Mikado's mouth, right before dancing with its partner. Mikado felt his body turning into jello. Shizuo parted from the cavern. He saw the younger man, flustered, letting out short breaths.

"Mikado." His lips moved, barely touching the other's.

"Yes?" he breathlessly said.

"Do you…Do you want an extra present?"

"Maybe. What is it?"


It didn't take too long for Mikado's face to turn redder. He looked down, unsure of what to say back. Shizuo ran his hand through the black, silky hair and pressed the birthday boy's head against his chest.

"You don't have to accept. I–"

"I'll take it." Blue eyes blazed with confidence before blinking and replaced with realization. "Well, that'd be my gift to you. Since you'd be taking my…virginity." The last word was barely audible, but the fake blond knew what his boyfriend was saying. Second thoughts plagued his mind.

"Are you sure?"

Mikado closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, and opened them with certainty. He smiled. "I'll always know that you were my first."

Shizuo nodded, caressing the teen's cheek. He pecked him on the forehead before carrying him in his arms. He loved hearing Mikado's "Ah!" and the arms clutching around his neck. The older man walked towards his bedroom. The birthday boy was laid carefully on the mattress as Shizuo left to retrieve something important.

Ah-ha! In his hand, he held a lotion bottle in his hand. Tossing onto the bed, he climbed on top of him.

The ex-bartender had his hands on either side of Mikado's head. One of his legs was dangerously placed between Mikado's legs. Both men both looked into each other's eyes. They both saw one thing: love. Shizuo buried his head at the crook of Mikado's head and shoulder. He inhaled his boyfriend's scent. Addicting.

His hand tugged at the black tie, unraveling it from the teen's neck. It was tossed by Shizuo to the ground, joined by the blue Raira jacket. His other hand pulled at the white collar to reveal beautiful, white skin. As his left hand worked on unbuttoning, he attacked the unmarked skin.

Mikado gasped, arching his body. He felt lips peppering at his skin, crying out when teeth bit into his shoulder. A tongue soothed the pain away. The birthday boy felt the pink tongue trailing down to his collarbone.

Through hazy eyes, the younger man removed the bowtie and tossed it with the other discarded clothes. He unbuttoned the black vest, but stopped when something traced around his nipple. He looked to see Shizuo's finger lazily moving on his chest. He flinched when it grazed over the nub. His hands, clutching on the vest, trembled. The hand came back, now using the thumb to move it side-to-side. Press on it.

"Ngh…Ah!" Mikado gasped as it was pinched. He kept moaning as the other nipple received the same treatment. It was before long that Shizuo's mouth kissed one and played it with his tongue. Mikado didn't know when his body became so sensitive. All of these sensations made his blood travel downward.

"Aaah," he moaned as Shizuo sucked on his nipple while played with the other one. He switched to the other side before detaching from the skin. As Mikado was in a daze, Shizuo took his white shirt off.


The younger man snapped out of it. He was glad he did and saw the blond take off his vest and white shirt. Underneath them was well-formed abs. He fought against the oncoming blush, but it was useless. Shizuo smirked.

"I'm all yours."

The teen blushed, gasping when a hand touched his clothed hard-on. He squirmed out of his pants as Shizuo pulled them down. The socks were gone. Mikado laid on the bed, almost in naked glory. A hand cupped the teen's clothed sex, earning a low moan from the teen. As Shizuo pressed his lips against it, Mikado jolted from shock and pleasure.

"Ah, Shizuo-san…this is too…intense," Mikado said in short breaths. His face was cupped by his lover's hand. He stared up at those loving, brown eyes.

"Mikado, do you trust me?"

The teen touched the back of Shizuo's hand, pressing it more against his cheek. He nodded, a tear swelled in his eye. "I trust you."

The blond removed the forming tear, grabbed Mikado's hand, and kissed the back of it. He lowered himself to bite the edge of the boxers. With his thumbs, he pulled it down, releasing Mikado's aching member. He moaned as the cool air hit his lower regions. Looking at Shizuo made him pout.



"It's not fair that I'm naked while you're still wearing pants," Mikado teased.

"Huh." A devious smirk appeared on his face. Shizuo thumbed at his belt loops, dragging his pants down slowly. While watching Mikado's eyes be hypnotized by his dance. It was fun to see the growing blush on the younger man's face. His pants were tossed away, revealing his black boxers. His hard-on was now visible.

Shizuo lowered himself close to Mikado's ear.

"Is that enough for you?" he asked huskily. The younger man swore his heart raced from the gartender's voice. Feeling bold yet nervous, he spoke up.


His fingers grazed Shizuo's hips, hooking the edges of his boxers. The blond sighed as the cool air hit him down there. It felt good to be released from those itchy garments. He pressed his lower half against Mikado's body. They groaned when pleasure surged through them from their lengths coming into contact. Distracting him with pleasure, Shizuo uncapped the lotion and poured some into his hands. His hands slipped around the smaller body and traveled down. He earned a surprised gasp when one finger circled the entrance.

"Hm!" Mikado closed his eyes, feeling weird at the finger pushing through. His body squirmed in uncomfortableness. Shizuo noticed this, and used his other hand to grasp Mikado's hard-on. Running his hand up and down distracted Mikado from his intrusion. Adding another finger, he began to scissor inside the soft flesh. When his fingers curled in, it hit a certain spot.

"Ah!" Mikado arched his back from the intense feeling. Breathing heavily, he asked, "What was…that?"

"Pleasure." Shizuo added another finger, earning a pained groan. After thrusting several times, he saw the pleading look in Mikado's blue eyes.

"Please…" Pulling his fingers out, he aligned himself with Mikado's entrance. Spreading his lover's legs gave him a better view. Gently, he pushed in.

Mikado squeezed his eyes shut. His knuckles grabbed the sheets and turned white. Pained gasps left him wordless. He then felt Shizuo's lips near his ear.

"Mikado, relax. I promise you, it'll get better." Nodding, the birthday boy took deep breaths and relaxed his body. He bit his lip, feeling Shizuo pushing further in until he was fully inside his lover. The older man felt nothing but heat all around him, never feeling more aroused in his life. A small smile graced the younger man's face.

"I never thought you'd be so big."

"Well, I'm surprised your body sucked me whole. Are you really that eager?" He chuckled when Mikado's face turned red. Soon, the younger man needed something more and bucked his hips.

"Shizuo-san, move."

Shizuo nodded and quickly pecked Mikado's cheek before sliding in and out. Tightness of the inner walls all around his length made him moan. Mikado steadied his breathing with Shizuo's thrusts. His body felt like it was burning up. His hands wrapped around Shizuo's back and brought the man to crash on his lips. They kissed feverishly as Shizuo increased his pace.

Finally, he found the sweet spot.

"Ah!" Mikado screamed, almost blacking out and seeing stars. It felt so good. Soon, pleasure built up when Shizuo aimed for his prostate again, almost abusing it.

"Shizuo-san…! Please, faster!"

The older man smirked and reached for one of Mikado's hands. Their fingers intertwined while the thrusts became more animalistic. Mikado's delirious moans were wonderful sounds to hear, better than he dreamed. Heat pooled inside him, coming close to the end. Mikado, overwhelmed with raw pleasure, needed to–



Both of their cocks released white substance, Mikado's between their stomachs and Shizuo's inside his lover. Reveling in the aftermath, Shizuo pulled out and laid beside the birthday boy. He saw Mikado glowing, thinking that he looked beautiful. Brushing the black bangs away, blue eyes radiated with joy.

"That was just…indescribable." Then, strong arms pulled him towards his lover's chest. Being spooned by the ex-bartender, Mikado proceeded to hug him. A small kiss was planted on his forehead. He looked up and smiled at Shizuo, who smiled back at him.

"I love you, Shizuo-san."

"Happy birthday Mikado. Love you too."

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