Jessica Taylor Stanley,that would be me. I am your average teen that has

graduated from highschool and has a few good months of summer. I went inside

the house and I heard my mom screaming in joy. "Hey,I'm back from Meg's!" I

said coming up the steps. "Jessica..your dad has gotten the opportunity to

be...your favorite actors bodyguard! Mom said excited. "Who?..Oh wait is it

Taylor Lautner?" My eyes widen and my heart pounded,I started to

freak."Jessica are you okay?" mom asked "I'm alright,just stunned." I said

turning to go to my room. I went to my room and bellyflopped on my bed,and

screamed into my black zebra print pillow. It was late,so I got up and put my

black pajamas on. That night I dreamed of meeting Taylor Daniel Lautner.