"Harry," I called again screeching loudly from my cage. "Harry, can you let me out!!!!! Please!!!!! I promise I'll be good!!!!!!! I'm hungry, let me out!!!!!!!!!" I hooted and hooted till the white door open. I couldn't help but get excited. It wasn't Harry, but it was another nice human in this house.

"Alright, alright, I hear you." Dudley said coming in. I liked Dudley, even though he was one of those strange humans. I watched as he checked to make sure no one was around. I wondered why he did that, for some reason he had to make sure he was the only human before he could come in the room. He always feeds me, so he was welcomed anytime he wanted. Dudley was one of three strange humans; there was the Skinny woman who would come let me out while she cleaned my cage and there was Big Man who would yell at me when I sang to him, I normally just sang louder to out tune him. I wondered why Harry made me stay here, I would rather be at the larger house with more owls like me. The owls around here teased me because of my devotion to Harry.

The entire time Dudley was looking out into the hall my eyes were beaming at pockets, staring at it, knowing what he had in there. I watched as he reached deep down into his pocket and pull out a white napkin filled with yummy popcorn. I enjoyed each piece as he fed me one by one. I ate each bit of it, they were fantastic. Dudley sure did know how to feed an owl. I than watched him go up to the window as I heard the sound of a car pull out of the driveway. Dudley than turned to smile at me, "Harry went to the corner store so he won't be back for awhile." I nodded, figured he went to get me something. I watched as Dudley stole the glove Harry had when he took me for walks and slipped it on. It was tight on him, that I could tell. I sometimes wondered why Dudley didn't just get a bigger one, but I really didn't care it didn't affect me at all. Dudley than slowly opened my cage as I hopped on his arm, so he could take me down stairs. He then whispered, "Our little secret."

That was what Dudley called it, I was scared of him when we first met because his family were not like any of the humans I have seen before. Than the last time we came here, it was our first visit form the big house Harry, I notice Dudley kept smiling at me. Than the first time I was alone in this room Dudley came in and dropped food in my cage, he kept doing that twice daily. He then started making me take it out of his hand, next was from his palm, now every time Dudley is alone in this house he'll take me out and let me play in the back yard.

I was so excited when he let me loose, I started eating the seeds Big Man placed in the yard for me. Dudley than called me over and made me eat peanuts from a blue container instead, I didn't care they were still tasty. He was reading on the pack porch when Nibbles came up. Nibbles was this annoying brown bunny who had teased me everyday for the past two summers.

"Hedwig," She started with her sleek smile. "I'm out in the yard."

"I see you," I hooted towards her, did she really want me to start.

"Aren't you going to eat me?" She asked laughing Nibbles was a truly stupid bunny.

"I have better taste," I answered, noticing as she backed up towards the fence. Nibbles knew I wasn't allowed out of the yard when Dudley was watching me. He got upset last time I flew after her, saying Harry would kill him if something happen to me on his watch. I didn't want that to happen so I let her go. She has been teasing me ever since, I kept promising myself if Harry ever sent me on a mission and I was on my way back I just might make a visit to Dudley and maybe have her as a meal.

"Hedwig," She yelled again hopping through the yard. "I'm in the bushes, going to eat one of Skinny Lady's flowers." She laughed.

"Eat them, that's why she planted them." I informed her as she was getting ready to take a huge bite, she then stopped and froze.

"Oh, my," Nibbles stood shock. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?" I asked.

"You got a beast," She said in a panic as she hopped away quickly as her feet could take her.

"What did she see?" I wondered coming over to the bushes, was it another owl. I started pecking at something, feeling around. As I used my tiny claws to scratch around I felt this soft fur, I wondered what this creature was, I started pecking at it, to see if it would moved. The creature than popped his head up, I had seen this creature on my routes, they can be truly scary if they don't have an owner.

"Dudley!!!" I screeched running towards him. "There is a dog in the bushes, get it out!" I flew towards his shoulder. I was not normally scared of dogs, I even had a friend who was a dog. Fang, and he warned me not to trust strays, because they will eat us owls. Fang explained to us his master fed him enough so he wouldn't have to eat us owls, but strays don't have that and will only see us as food.

"Hedwig, what is it?" Dudley asked as I stood protectively by his shoulder. "Hope it isn't something that can hurt mum's garden."

"Dudley, don't go in there without your wand!!!" I warned him as he headed towards the bushes. I knew Dudley didn't have his wand, he never had his wand, that was another thing strange about these humans they never had wands, don't they know what could harm them. "There is a dog in there, a big black scary dog!!!!!" I was scared out of mind as Dudley removed the bushes to find the dog laying in the shade, it seemed to be hiding something.

"What are you doing here?" Dudley smiled as the dog looked up, he didn't smile, he just looked at Dudley. "Poor thing, haven't eaten in weeks, I bet."

"Don't hurt me," I cried as the dog ignored me.

"I bet you want some food." Dudley smiled sweetly, as the dog waged his tale. I remembered asking Fang what was the difference between a stray and an owned dog. He told they have to have a collar, I looked at the dogs neck he didn't have a collar. He told me dogs were these things with pride, and they all take pride in baring their master's name. This dog was obviously a stray, Fang also says that dogs who do not have a master are looking for the right one maybe that was why this dog was here.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him. "These people can't be your masters, because they are taken, well not exactly, if is that what you're truly here for. You see Harry brings me here every summer because these people get lonely, and they want me to sing to them but we actally live at a big house filled with animals like me, but they have a dog there and I wouldn't cross paths with him if I were you. Hey, that gives me an idea, this can be hour home, you'll like Dudley, just remember Harry is mine."

The dog ignored me, it is very rude in the animal kingdom to ignore something when they are talking to you. His silence reminded me of the strange cat in the big house. The dog's sliance reminded me of that cat. In the big house we have this one cat who doesn't talk to anybody. . She is so unlike my feline friend Mrs. Norris, who always has a smile as she happily, and takes care of her owner. Mrs. Norris doesn't like this cat very much, she told me even when she was a kitten this strange cat ignored her. I asked Mrs. Norris who her owner was, and she told me she thinks it's this woman who lives in Harry's tower because she is always going into that room. Mrs. Norris doesn't think she is a very good cat, because she never sees this cat with her owner. I have to agree that is strange, I can't imagine never being with my Harry.

The dog did wag its tail as Dudley came out with a plate of human food, and a bowl of water. "Here you go, Mum's pot roast, it's not the best, but I doubt you care." Dudley smiled as the dog ate it. "I got you some cold water, figure you appreciate it." He then let Dudley pat its head, for any of us that meant one thing.

"You are here for Dudley aren't you, I am here for Harry." I smiled. "So I guess we'll be rooming together, just remember Harry is mine, and Dudley is yours. We have our boundaries." I smiled excitedly as the dog ignored me, it just ate and drank as Dudley petted it. "You would like it here, you got a yard to play in, food to eat and water to drink. These people don't use very much magic those, but that really never has an effect on us animals. What is your name? Or should I saw what was your name? My name used to be Snowflake, than I was given to Harry now it's Hedwig." The dog still ignored me, he was ignoring Dudley too, Fang would be shocked if he saw a dog treating his master like this.

"I'm sorry you can't stay here, mum hates animals." Dudley said sadly. "I'll find you a proper home before I go back to school, I promise."

"That's right, you tell him," Any animal that won't pay attention to me or at least play with their master is not welcomed here.

"But I'll take care of you for now," Dudley offered as the dog looked up and wagged its tale. "Comet, because your fur is so black."