I couldn't help but stare at it. The big fat juicy thing was curled up in a shoe box just sleeping the night away. Ron let me out, but I couldn't leave with that devious alarming smell that touched every bit of my taste buds. I swore the way it breathed. The rat was truly testing my loyalty to Harry. He told me not to eat the rat, but I wanted it so bad. I was caught in its gaze when I heard a tap on the window.

I looked over to see Gawain, a very handsome eagle –like owl that I sort of had my eyes for due to his perfectly cut beak and dark brown sugar wings. He was this charming owl, but for some odd reason obsessed over some wizard named Draco Malfoy. Along with him was Siofra, a gray owl with golden eyes that was also Errol's biological sister. Gawain explained to me, she served the Malfoy family. I sort of liked her, she wasn't like Errol or the other family owls who thought of their family as the rulers of the world. She served her family, but she felt herself in servitude to this elf named Dobby. She talked about him nonstop, as if he was a god or something. They both seemed extremely worried, so I went out the window to greet them. I notice Hermes and Errol were out with them, concerned about their friends. I befriended them last time Harry and I visited Dudley's house. I was on my rounds, taking mail from Hermione when Gawain came flapping up to me asking if we could hoot its very important.

I of course, being a female stopped for that owl. He then introduced me to Siofra, and explained that the head of the Malfoy household, Master Dobby sent her to look for Harry Potter's owl. She was worried that she couldn't find me because Dobby said it was an important and the worst thing for Siofra was to upset Dobby. It would be her greatest frailer.

As soon as I was introduced to Siofra, I was taken to an elf named Dobby. It seemed she worshiped the very ground he walked on. I found that very odd, because he looked nothing like Harry. Dobby then told me all of Harry's mail was to be directed to him. I questioned Dobby until he fed me, I realized what he was talking about. Siofra then flew me aside, saying that what Dobby says, goes and I can't disobey him. So I listen and took Harry's mail to Dobby because Dobby's orders are very important to follow.

"We need your help," Siofra started quickly as I came to the roof of the burrow house.'

"What's wrong," I asked worried, Siofra was in a panic, they both seemed lost in stressed.

"It's Dobby," Siofra said frantically, practically franticing. "He's gone missing."

"What do you mean he's gone missing?" I asked.

"As in he hasn't return home in months, and I don't know where he went, I am worried something awful might of happened to him." Siofra cried. "I don't know how the Malfoy's will handle their leaders missing."

"Well, they still have Draco, and he's second in charge." Gawain reminded her.

"But what if something happened to Dobby," Siofra hooted loudly. "The Malfoys are lost without their leader, they can't even feed us the right food."

"Huuuu" We all let out huff in shock, that is pretty helpless.

"I don't know what we did wrong," Gawain shook his head in disbelief, I could tell they shaken with their missing master. I didn't blame them, I couldn't imagine what grief if Harry disappeared on me.

"Did you check in Harry's house? He did go there." Errol pointed out to his sister, as Herms and I tried to comfort the two owls.

"Yes, we went there, searching for him." Siofra explained frantically as Errol put his wing around her.

"That was where the flying human lady attacked us." Gawian screeched.

"Flying lady." I said.

"Yes," They answered at the same time. "We questioned the dog about it, and he said the lady has always been something beyond human, so he wasn't surprised that she flew."

"Comet talked?" I squawked choking.

"No, this dog was called Ripper, nice dog, didn't seem to fond of your Harry do to him being a wizard." Gawian explained. "I told him, he hasn't been exposed to much of the magical world, if Ripper came across my Draco, I am sure he would take to wizards a lot kindly."

"If they don't like Harry, than I am sure he hates wizards." I pointed out. This lady was most likely doing something to hurt the Durselys. "Anyway, you didn't see a black dog, that never talked and supposedly faithful to Dudley, but it's very hard to tell." He didn't act like most dogs with their masters.

"Oh, that one," Gawain nodded as him and Siofra looked towards each other. "He seemed to be loyal to Harry."

"My Harry?" I interrogated thinking of Comet. Harry was mine; I already made that clear to the dog. He had no right to take my Harry from me, not when he had Dudley.

"Yes, he followed him until we got to the bus." Gawain explained.

"I wanted to continue my search for Dobby, but he insisted on making sure your Harry was protected." Siorfria pointed out as Gawain hooted embarrassingly as I gave him a soft smile.

"I knew you would be upset if something happened to Harry." Gawain said with a slight hoot.

"And I would do the same for you," I admitted as Gawain and I gave two twinkles in his eyes.

"Let's go," Siofri sighed. "The sooner we find Dobby, the safer he will be."

Gawain gave me a peck on the cheeks, and flew off.