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Tony DiNozzo stepped out of the elevator and made his way towards his desk and sat down. He looked around and found that he was the only one that had arrived early. He slept well last night now that he was back home. He couldn't believe the Chip had framed him just because he did the right thing. He loved being an NCIS Agent and Chip wanted to take that away from him. He was so lucky that he had his family around him. Mrs. Parker had thought that she was sending him to a nice family, but she really didn't. He was so glad to be back at work after spending all that time in a jail cell.

Tony blinked and then turned to his computer to turn it on and then turned to the elevator when it dinged. He saw that Gibbs was already here and thought that he was probably in with Director Vance, or in MTAC.

"Hello, Probie." Tony said as he watched McGee step out of the elevator and to his desk.

"Tony." McGee replied.

He turned back to the computer to finish his report. He could of finished it yesterday, but he was tired and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep. He opened up his report and finished it then he emailed it and then printed it out. After he put the printed report on Gibbs's desk he returned to his desk. As he sat down he heard the elevator ding again and Ziva made her way towards her desk.

"Hello, Ziva."

"Tony." She said as she put her backpack down and took off her jacket and sat it on the filing cabinet behind her.

Tony turned to his computer again and checked his mail which he hadn't done since he was locked up. He didn't have any important messages, so he logged out and then turned as Gibbs came into the bullpen.


The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware

"Miss Parker. You have to see this."

"What is it? Is it Jarod?" Snapped Miss Parker.

"No, but it's something you might want to take a look at."

"What is it, Broots?" Replied Sydney who had just came in to see if they had any hits on Jarod's whereabouts.

"There's a marker that is in Jarod's blood actually that there's in all the pretender's blood. I was flagged because I was going to see if there were any hits on Jarod to see if he was in any hospitals. I put it into the program and this just came up. It's not Jarod, it's a man named Anthony DiNozzo. He has the pretender marker."

Miss Parker narrowed her eyes and then turned to Sydney who had a thoughtful look on his face. "Want to share Syd?"

"I remember a young boy named Anthony who had done a sim with Jarod once. He was younger than Jarod, but the two got along just great. He was brought here when he was four just like Jarod was, but when he was eight he gone. I assume that your Mom had taken Anthony and taken him away to another family."

"Do you know anything about him?"

"I do know that he's a natural pretender like Jarod and he has the same I.Q. as Jarod."

"Do you mean that if we couldn't get Jarod that we should get Anthony?"

"I don't know. He was eight when he was taken from the Centre and was raised on the outside. Jarod was here since he was four and was raised here."

"We could try." Replied Miss Parker.

"Miss Parker, he's a fed. He works at NCIS." Broots said as he brought up Tony's information.

"And that's going to stop us?"

"I am going to talk to my father and then if he says yes we can go get him then we'll leave." She said as she stalked towards the door to go to her father's office.

"Hello, Angel."

"Hello, Daddy."

"What do you need, Angel?"

"We found another pretender. His name is Anthony and he's a natural pretender and has the same I.Q. as Jarod does. He was taken away from the Centre when he was eight. He's also an NCIS Agent."

"Go get him, Angel. Bring back Anthony."

"Thank you, Daddy." She smiled as stalked out of her Daddy's office. She smiled because if she couldn't catch Jarod she would catch the next best thing. She was going to catch herself a pretender.

"Let's roll, boys." She said to both Sydney and Broots and then walked away.

Broots had called the hanger to tell them to have the plane fueled and ready for them to go to DC. He wondered how they would get this pretender and wondered if he had seen Jarod again after all these years.