Digimon: A Bigger Threat
Episode 1
"The New Quest"

By: Shmeilia Rockie

*A/N: This episode has bugged me since it's creation, so I just had to fix certain parts of it (Mainly the Gennai parts). I breifly considered adding a commercial, but couldn't come up with one. Oh well. I hope that, this way, maybe, more people won't be turned off at the first episode. So enjoy!*

Ken felt the presence long before a bright light woke him. He sat up in bed and turned to see a familiar figure. Oddly, he seemed a bit transparent. "Gennai? What are you doing here?"

"Something has gone terribly wrong, Ken. There is a war being fought in the Digital World even as we speak."

"What?" Ken jumped from his bed and grabbed his D3, but Gennai held up a hand.

"I need to borrow your body."

"Huh?" Now he began to question if he really wasn't dreaming. "What happened?"

"I've been mortally wounded. I can't carry on in my own body any more. Don't worry, I won't stay long. But I need to talk to the other Digidestined before I can move on. Please."

Ken ran his fingers through his hair, still extremely confused. "If you must, you must."

Gennai smiled and bowed. "Thank you. I promise all things will become clear soon."

* * * *

"Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Ba-Da-Deedle-Eep! Beep-Beep!"

An annoying noise woke Davis from his daily nap in Study Hall. It was a shame, too. He was dreaming about Veemon. It had been quite a while since he'd last seen his good friend.

Davis cracked one eye open and searched for the origin of the disturbance, but found none. "Could someone turn off their cell phone? It's getting really annoying."

The teacher glared at him over her half-moon glasses. "I do believe that annoying sound is coming from you, Mr. Motomiya."

He wiped the sleep out of his eyes. "Oh, sorry." He rummaged around in his vest pockets for his D-3. It had to be what was going off, and that wasn't a good sign. It had been a few years since he had last needed it, but he still carried it with him out of habit. Good thing too.

'Emergency' flashed in big red letters. Davis stared at it in shock for a few seconds, then pushed a button. The warning and the beeping disappeared and were replaced by 'urgent message' scrolling across the screen.

So, Davis dug around in his bag for his mini-computer and checked his E-mail. There was a message from Ken.


The Digital World is being invaded. Not by an evil Digimon, not by a human, but by a larger force. I will explain later. You must get to the old Digi-port as soon as possible. Please hurry The very future of the DigiWorld depends on it.


"What does he mean 'larger force'?" Davis asked, his eyes wide. This was starting to look very, very bad. But if the Digital World needed him...

He stuck the D-3 and the computer in his pocket and jumped out of his seat. He ran to the teacher's desk. "I don't feel so good."

The teacher slammed down her pen and ripped off her glasses. "If this is a trick so you can answer your pager, then you can just forget it."

But Davis was a master of excuses. "No, really. I-I think I'm gonna barf!"

She stared at him for what seemed like a very long time, watching for any sign of deception in his eyes. He gave her none, and even managed to turn a convincing shade of green. "Go!"

No one needed to tell him twice. Davis got out of that class like it was going to explode. He ran down the hallway, visions of Veemon and the other Digimon in danger racing through his head. Who knew what was happening to them. Realizing he was starting to get carried away, Davis forced himself to stop and prioritize. Yolei had a special computer programming class outside of the building, so he couldn't tell her. And Cody was still in Junior High, but that meant he was the closest to the Digi-port, so he was okay for now. Kari and TK had History class together this hour. He'd get them first.

He dashed over to their classroom and looked in the little window on the door. Kari was handing out papers, a look of satisfaction on her face. In between kids she just happened to glance in Davis's direction. He mouthed to her, "I need to talk to you." She glared at him in disgust and went back to her work. "Oh, come on Kari. Don't be like that. We don't have the time!" The next time she looked at him he waved his D-3 at her. That got her attention, all right.

She walked calmly over to TK, got at eye level with him, and handed him a paper. She jerked her head towards the door. He looked at Davis and nodded slightly. They stared wordlessly at each other for a few seconds and put together a plan for getting out of there. Even though Kari didn't really say anything he knew what she was about to do. Their bond had become that close. Davis hated it.

When Kari stood back up, she stumbled and caught the edge of TK's desk. She started to collapse, but TK caught her. He yelled something at the teacher, then quickly led her out of the room. They walked down the hall to a bench, where TK gently forced Kari to sit down. Davis carefully approached them. Their act had actually fooled him. "Are you okay, Kari?"

"Of course I'm okay," she snapped bitterly. "This better be good, Davis. I did not just faint for nothing."

"No, you didn't." He handed her Ken's message and she read it quietly to herself. Her eyes went wide, no doubt she was thinking the same things Davis had. She handed it to TK

"Okay, four questions," TK said after reading over it a few times. "One: What's Ken doing back in the Digital World? Two: What does he mean, 'The very future depends on it'? Three: Why the old Digi-Port, and not just any computer? And four: How does he expect us to get to the Digi-port in the middle of school?"

There was a long pause. Davis scratched his head thoughtfully. "No idea, T.E."

TK snorted at this.

"Go call my brother at home." Kari handed Davis some money and motioned for him to go.

Davis stared at her with an extremely blank look on his face. "Isn't Tai a senior this year?"

Kari sighed. "Yeah, Davis. He doesn't have the last two hours. Normally, he'd be at work right now, but he's got today off. He can come get us."

"Oh." He trotted in the direction of the pay-phones.

The two watched him leave. "You know, sometimes I worry about him," TK commented.

Kari agreed, "Sometimes I wonder if he has a hole in his head."

"That was some good acting, Kari. For a second there you had me really worried."

She smiled sweetly at him. "Really?"

He nodded. "And you sure had Davis convinced."

She surpressed a laugh. "Yeah, but it doesn't take much to fool him. You know that."

They laughed a little and then lapsed into a nervous silence. They scanned the hallway for people, but since the hour was only half over there were very few. Those who were there went about their business and didn't bother to ask why TK and Kari were just sitting there looking extremely guilty.

Davis returned, out of breath. "He'll get here in about five minutes."

TK checked his watch. "I hope so. The longer we sit here the more likely it is that a teacher will come along and ask us what we're doing here."

"Forget about teachers," Davis snapped. "What you should be worried about is our Digimon."

Kari interrupted before that could lead to a fight. "If someone asks, I'm sick and you two are escorting me to the nurse, okay?"

They mumbled and looked away from each other.

She stood up and grabbed TK's arm like she was going to pass out. He looked at her with concern and she winked at him. Together, they headed towards the stairs, taking the long route that passed by the nurses office. Davis stared after them, jealousy clouding his thoughts. They did that just to make him mad, and he knew it. But they really did like each other. Always had. And he didn't stand a chance of coming between them. That's what got to him. He grabbed Kari's elbow and led them down the hall.

Amazingly, they made it outside and to Tai's jeep without getting caught. "What's going on, guys?" Tai asked Kari as she climbed into the front seat.

"Something's happening to the Digital World," she told him, buckling her seatbelt.

"Well, I know that," he said watching the other two get in the back.

"Yeah, I told him," Davis said crossly. "We need to get to the old Digi-port, now."

"No problem." Noting that everyone was securely fastened to their seats, Tai peeled out of the parking lot.

The four high school students felt incredibly big being back in Middle School again. Especially Tai. It's amazing how much a school can shrink in a few years.

They headed for the computer room that used to be their little meeting place. The room was completely void of people except one kid sitting at one running computer, looking very guilty for having also cut class. Cody had changed a lot over the past few years. He had grown almost as tall as Davis, and wore some of the coolest clothes. He'd grown his hair out, too. A grim, almost angry expression seemed to linger on his face. He might have looked that way, but inside, he was still the same old Cody. "I'm glad you made it. I was beginning to get worried."

"Well, we're here now, so let's get going," Davis rubbed his hands together impatiently.

Cody stared at him, his face not hinting at any kind of emotion. "Where's Yolei?"

"She's got that computer programming class down at the mall," Kari explained quietly.

"I don't think we can afford to wait for her," Davis said. He pulled his computer and showed it to Cody, but Cody didn't even look at it.

He frowned. "I got one too, but I don't think we should go without Yolei."

Tai spoke up. "I agree with Cody. If you go in there missing a member you'll be more vulnerable. Remember, you're a team. It should be all or nothing."

Davis never was very good at being patient. He growled in frustration and paced around the room like a caged animal.

The clock ticked incessantly on.

After twenty solid minutes of waiting Tai was beginning to get restless too. "Maybe you should go on with out her."

"It doesn't feel right, though," Cody complained.

"I know," Tai agreed. "But I'll stay here and watch over you. If... When... she shows up I'll send her in after you, okay?"

Cody shook his head and ran his fingers through his messy hair. "Fine, but I still have a very bad feeling about this."

They held their digi-vices to the computer screen and were automatically sucked in.

"Man, what happened here?"

Nothing the Digidestined had gone through before could have ever prepared them for what they saw. The landsape lay decimated before them, like the scarred land after a nuclear bomb. Nothing seemed recognizable for as far as the eye could see. The trees, the grass, and even the Digimon had been reduced to smoking ashes. Permanent black clouds hung in the sky, blocking out almost all of the light. It was like coming home after being away for an extremely long time, only to find your home and your loved ones destroyed. In fact, that's exactly what it was. Everything lay fallen, dead and cold.

When the full impact hit, the kids didn't want to believe it.

Davis fell to his knees, grabbed a hand full of ashes, and let them slip though his fingers. He whimpered incoherently.

Kari clamped her hand over her mouth and began shaking with silent sobs. TK reassuringly put his hands on her shoulders, but he also had tears in his eyes.

Cody simply shut his eyes and turned away from the others. "I knew it was going to be bad, but I had no idea how bad. There's nothing left... Nothing."

"Our Digimon," Davis whispered. "Veemon. There's no way they could have survived."

"Actually," a familliar voice called, "There is a way."

All turned to see who made such a confident statement. Standing completely out of place in the middle of the ruins was the sixth member of their group. He wore highly polished sliver armor with the crest of Kindness stamped in black across his chestplate. A dark blue, almost black velvet cape flowed behined him. He shinned like a becon in the darkness. "Ken?"

"No, not really." He approached them slowly, purposefully. His voice rang loud and clear, the only sound besides the kids' breathing in the silence. "I'm glad you made it, Digidestined. It's been a while since I sent for you."

When he got close enough, Cody stepped forward. "What do you mean, you're not Ken. You look just like him."

"True, this is Ken's body," he said staring down at his gloved hands. "But I am definately not him."

Everyone stared at him in disbelieving silence until something clicked in the mind of the youngest memeber. "You're Gennai, aren't you?"

"Very good, Cody." Gennai smiled approvingly. "It's been a while, hasn't it, Digidestined?"

Kari stepped closer to him. "Why are you in Ken's body?"

"Yeah," Davis called, "And where's Ken?"

"His soul's taking a little nap in limbo, but he'll come back once I leave. Don't worry, this was his choice. I didn't force myself into him. Like some people." He frowned.

"Gennai," TK asked quietly, "Why are you doing this? Why didn't you just come here in person?"

"Well, that's part of why I sent for you. The Digital World has been invaded-"

Cody interrupted, throwing up his hands. "Yeah, you already said that in your E-mail. Please, tell us something we don't already know."

"-by demons."

"Demons?" Kari asked.

"Yes demons. I'm surprised they didn't arrive sooner. They are what destroyed everything. Including my body, which is why Ken lent me his. I don't have much time, but I will try to explain everything. Starting with your digimon."

"Are they...Are they all dead?" Davis asked.

"No, I took great care to make sure they escaped the destruction. They're in hiding."

Cody crossed his arms impatiently. "I still don't understand what happened."

"The Second Great Cleansing happened."

"The Second Cleansing? Is that what'd you call this mess?" Davis waved a gloved hand around at the wasteland.

"Yes, the first came with the group before you, resulting in the rebirth of the Digital World. This was the second. It's brought about the potentiality of Paradise. The next and last Cleansing will destroy this place forever-"

"No!" Davis cried, turning away.

"I won't except this," TK stated, also getting extremely upset. (Can you blame him?)

"I'm sorry," Gennai explained. "But it's not up to me. After the DigiWorld is gone, it will be replaced with a better one. A world called Paradise where no one gets sick or tired, and time stands still for eternity."

"Yeah," Cody mumbled, "But I bet we will die before seeing it."

"It will also get rid of all those on Earth who have evil in their hearts. In the end its inhabitents, those with pure souls, will join you in Paradise."

"No, this is terrible!" Kari cried, visions of Earth blowing up playing themselves out before her.

Gennai raised one eyebrow. "Is it really? Because you're helping protect this place, you will get to witness the creation of Paradise. You'll also be the first ones to live there."

"Yeah, but we DO have to die first, don't we?" Cody asked, becoming more fed up with the situation with every new thing that was said.

Gennai waved his hand dissmissively. "A minor sacrafice. You love it here, don't you?"

There was a weak collective of, "yes"

"And your Digimon?"

Another, stronger agreement.

"And most importantly, your friends? Your family?"

"Okay, okay! We get it!" Davis yelled, getting in his face. "So why are we here?"

"You need to drive the demons away."

Davis snorted. "Ah, yeah. How do we do this?"

"Well, it won't be easy. You each will need to... Digivolve, if you will, to the next level of Digidestined."

"There's more than one level of Digidestined?" Cody asked, a look of amusement creeping across his face.

"Of course. But to do this you will need will need to accomplish different tasks that will prove your worth. I'll say right now, though, that one of you will betray your friends, and the only way for you to get home will be to turn that person around. Otherwise, you'll be stuck here forever."

There was another long pause. In the silence, the wind blew the ashes around like drifting snow, without making any kind of sound. They could practically hear each other's hearts beating.

"Are you up to it?" Gennai asked.

"No," Davis said, talking to his shoes. "But I'll do it anyway."

Gennai sighed, suddenly seeming very tired. "How about the rest of you? It must be all or nothing."

TK and Kari looked at each other and nodded.


The youngest member had become quiet as the decision pulled him in several different directions. "Can we go home if we don't decide to do this?"

"Do you really think you can just walk away from here, knowing that you may never see Armadillomon again or even know if he is safe?"

"Even if I decide to go through with this mission, there's still Yolei. She may not want to go." He paused. "And what about Ken?"

Gennai looked down at the armour that covered Ken's body. "He's already made his choice. Otherwise, he wouldn't have already undergone his transformation."

"I don't want to do this," Cody stated flatly. He clentched his fists. "But I guess that really doesn't matter. I need to do this."

Satisfaction crossed Gennai's face. "That's more like it. Now, are you ready to lead these guys?"

Cody looked at him like he was mentally deficent. "Me? Why me? I'm no leader. Davis is. Right Davis?"

"I thought so," Davis replied, just as confused as Cody.

"No," Gennai said quietly. "Not on this mission. Only the one with the Crest of Knowledge can lead this time."

Cody opened his mouth to say something in protest, but then changed his mind. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut and mumbled to himself, "This doesn't make any sense."

Gennai put a hand on Cody's shoulder. "Believe me, it will. Are you ready?"

Cody took a deep breath and looked him confedently in the eye. "Yes. I am ready."

A blinding light and burst of wind surrounded the boy, throwing Gennai back and forcing everyone to sheild their eyes. Like what happens when a Digimon Armour Digivolves, gold plates attached themselves to his body, and a golden helmet with a big white feather on top slid onto his head. The purple Crest of Knowledge stamped itself onto the front of the helmet. To top it off, a big white velvet cape grew behind him.

The light faded away. Cody blinked several times in shock, and a goofy, very un-Cody-like grin spread across his face. "Wow, what a trip!"

"Okay," TK laughed shakily. "That was seriously strange."

"Cool trick, though," Kari said, dusting herself off.

Gennai slowly climbed to his feet. He coughed for having the wind knocked out of him. "Now, I think it's safe to let Ken return."

"No," Kari whined. "Please don't go. We still need you."

But he held up his hand. A hand that wasn't really his. "No, I've been here long enough. Cody will tell you anything you need to know from now on. Besides, Ken still has an extremely important role to play in this mission."

"Uh-oh," Cody whispered. Just then, Yolei fell from the sky and landed at Cody's feet. "Hey! I knew that was going to happen!"

"Well, then, you could have done something to help me ou-" she looked up at him. "Wow, lookin' good, Cody."

He pulled her to her feet. They were almost at eye level with each other. "Did I miss something?"

"Oh, yeah, Yolei," Davis said, adjusting his goggles. "I'll say you missed something. The Digital World has been blown up in an attempt at cleansing it (Whatever that means), Cody just Armour Digivolved, and Ken-"

Ken fell to the ground, unconscious. Everyone rushed to his aid.

"What happened to him?!" Yolei shreiked, shaking in shear fear.

"Gennai released Ken's body," Cody told her. Of course, she had absouletely no idea what he was talking about. "He should come back now."

Sure enough, Ken's eyes slowly opened. He was slow to registure anything. He whispered, "Hey, guys. Am I back, now?"

"Yes, it's good to see you again," Davis said.

Ken sat up and rubbed the side of his head. Then he noticed the surrounding scene. "What in the..."

Cody pat him on the shoulder. "I'll explain in a moment. This is going to take a while. Can you travel?"

He climbed shakily to his feet and dusted himself off. "I guess."

"Good. Come on, everyone. Let's go to Infinity Mountain." Cody started on a path that had not been there a few minutes before, guided by some unseen force. Ken shrugged and fell in step behind him. Yolei trotted up beside Ken.

"What's at Infinity Mountain?" Kari asked, slowly following them.

Cody looked over his shoulder. "Our Digimon."

Yolei pointed at Cody's back. "Uh, okay. How'd he know that?"

"It's a long story," Kari said from behind her.

"Yeah," TK added, "You missed the show, although I got a strange feeling you'll get another chance to see it."

"Okaay," Yolei said, looking at Ken.

He shrugged again. "Don't look at me. I know just as much as you do."

TK crossed his arms thoughtfully. "You know, almost everything we did when we first came to the Digital World was centered around Infinity Mountain, but you new Digidestined probably never even heard of it. I wonder why that is."

"Uh, guys," Davis interrupted from way in back. "This is going to take a really long time."

* * * *

"So, I-I don't get it," Yolei complained cluelessly.

Cody started to explain again, but Ken stopped him. "I've figured it out, now. We've been sent here to rebuild the Digital World. Each time one of us 'Armor Digivolves' something gets repaired. When I did it, the Digi-port reopened. Cody's transformation brought back the buildings-"

"But-what about over there..." Yolei interrupted rather loudly, pointing at some moss covered granite blocks off to their left.

"Those ruins were here a long time before we got back, Yolei," Ken told her, a hint of impatientence in his voice.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. "Continue, please."

Ken hesitated. "That's it. That's all I wanted to say."

"Oh," she shrugged. "Okay, whatever."

Cody's cool new helmet started to slip to one side and he paused to adjust it. TK, Kari, and finally Davis caught up with him. Everyone looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to say something important. He really didn't have anything terribly inspiring to tell them, though especially since motivational speaking wasn't his strongest area. "Does anybody have a watch?" They all fell over. That wasn't what they were expecting to hear.

Davis walked foreward, his hands held close to his chest inside his jacket. "Don't you have a clock in your brain?"

"I'm choosing to ignore that," Cody coldly told him, looking at everyone else for help. They shook their heads appologetically.

Finally, they needed Davis for something. Smirking, he announced in a clear voice, "Well, if it means anything to you, oh Glorious Leader-"

That pushed Cody almost too far. "Shut up, Davis."

Davis wasn't listening. He pulled his left arm through the sleeve of his jacket and pushed back his glove. "-I have a watch. Like you care."

"Fine, Davis. You can be our offical Time Keeper. Can you handle it?"

He saluted, and exclaimed, "Yes, sir. My pleasure, SIR!"

Meanwhile, Ken found his D-3 and pushed a few buttons. He held it up for everyone to see and cleared his throat. "Uh, sorry to disappoint you, Davis, but our D-3's have the time built into them."

Davis slapped his forehead and wondered away, none the less disappionted.

The others got their D-3's and confirmed Ken's findings, feeling a bit foolish for forgetting that handy feature.

Yolei wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to keep warm. She whinned through chattering teeth, "I'm s-sooo cold. Lets start moving again. PLEASE?"

So they trotted off once again in the direction of Infinity Mountain, falling into yet another lapse of silence in which the only sounds were their footsteps on the rocky dirt path. "I'm hungry," she complained. "I think it's just the right time for me to be eating lunch."

"I'm hungry too," Davis told her.

"Yeah, guys, I haven't eatten since... Who know's when," Ken said, a with look combined of confusion and disgust at not knowing how long Gennai had borrowed his body. He crossed his arms. "But the thing is... there's nothing to eat here. There's nothing here, period."

"Well, actually there are buildings and roads," Cody corrected.

"Yeah, but you can't eat buildings and roads," he mumbled.

TK raised his hand like he was in class. "I have a handfull of sour apple Jolly Ranchers and I think there's enough for each of us."

Yolei gave him a huge hug. "Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou, TK You're the absolute BEST!"

"Thanks Yolei," TK garbled, "But please stop squeezing me before I pass out."

She let go of him, but hovered closely over his shoulder while he dug around in his pocket for the treats. They glittered in the dim light like little emeralds. Everyone clustered around with their hands out, waiting impatiently for his kind gift of life-saving sugar. He handed them out with out counting them first. Yolei, Davis, Cody, Ken, and-

"Uh-oh," he said, looking pathetically at Kari.

She looked at his hand. Only one remained. "There isn't enough?"

TK sighed, took her hand, placed it into her palm, and closed her fingers over it. "I don't need it."

She smiled wordlessly at him and pocketed it.

There was a rustle of plastic wrappers as everyone except TK and Kari quickly stuffed their lunches in their mouths. They acted as if they'd never eatten candy before in their lives, giggling and drooling and basicly just being a little over enthusiastic about it.

Watching the others make fools of themselves, Kari gave TK's hand a slight squeeze. "Thanks."

He laughed and put his arm around her. "Calm down, Kari. It's only a piece of candy. No big deal, right?"

She looked down at her shoes. "No, that's not what I ment. I could care less about the candy, but... It's the point. You just gave it to me. That says a lot."

"It does?"

A blush creeped across Kari's face. "I-I know how you love your junk food."

"Well, I'd give up any day. For you," he said quietly.

She looked into his big blue eyes, and he smiled sweetly. They stood there, lost in the moment that, unfortunatly, was ruined before it could lead anywhere.

"Hey, you two," Davis yelled. "Stop actin' all mushy and let's get goin'"

"What's your problem, Davis?" TK replied quickly removing his arm. "We're in no hurry,"

Davis got in TK's face. "How can you say that? Every minute we stay here chatting, is one more minute our Digimon have to wait for us. We need to find them before those demon-things get to 'em!"

"I know that," he said through clenched teeth, trying hard to resist the urge to beat Davis up. "You don't have to be so pushy."

"Oh, don't I? We are wasting time-"

"Yeah, fighting IS a waste of time," Kari pushed herself between the two of them to stare pointedly at Davis.

The air between the two boys crackled with electric tension. Kari stood between them, but one more angry word and it really wouldn't matter. Someone had to do something before the situation got any worse.

"Let's go guys," Cody said in a deadly quiet voice. He turned his back to them with a swish of his cloak and stomped down the path. Ken and Yolei obediently followed without question.

"Later, Pretty Boy," Davis spat and started after them.

"You're just jealous," TK returned in an equally harsh tone.

"TK-Don't." Kari grabbed his arm.

It hurt terribly that she wasn't on his side. "Well, he is."

"Just let it go." She walked away, leaving him there to wonder what had just happened. One minute, it seemed like they were about to kiss, and the next minute, she's leaving him. He never could figure her out. He sighed, and slowly tried to catch up with the others.

"I don't like this," Ken whispered to Yolei. "This is a very bad time to be fighting. We need to stick together as a team, or..."

"Or?" She asked after he trailed off.

He shook his head. "I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about those two."

"They've always been like this, though," Yolei told him. She crunched the last the Jolly Rancher and swallowed loudly. "It's because they both like Kari."

He grunted. "Well, I can see that. This creates a problem."

"What, then," Cody called from over his shoulder, "do you suppose we do about it?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well, we haven't got much further to go. Despite our setbacks we've been making good time. We should be to where our Digimon are hiding in about an hour."

"Where are they hiding, anyway?" Ken asked. "Where could they hide? Everything was completely blown away."

Cody turned around and walked backwards. Mysteriously, he stepped over every little bump, every crack in the road that normally would have tripped him. "They're hiding in glitches-"

"Glitches?" Yolei scratched her head in confusion.

"You know, loop holes in the program, that aren't supposed to be there?" Ken attempted to explain.

"That's weird. I didn't even know there were glitches in the Digital World."

"But once we're there," Ken asked, already about fourty steps ahead, "How do we get to them? It's not like they can hear us, right?"

"Search me," Cody shrugged, stepping around the corner of a large stone block that stuck out into the path, without even turning around. Yolei smacked into it. "You okay?"

She wobbled around slightly and put both hands on her head to stop the spinning. "Yeah, I'll be...FINE? How'd you see that coming? It's like you have eyes in the back of your head!"

He shook his head. A grin tried to cross his face and he fought hard to keep serious. "Yolei, I'm wearing a helmet."

"Nyaah, that's just weird," was the only responce she had to that.

They continued on the path, completely unaware that they were being watched by evil eyes.

What will the Digidestined find at Infinity Mountain?
Did their Digimon make it?
Where are those 'demons' now?
And what is their plan for the Digidestined?

Find out in Episode 2:
"Loosing Davis"