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In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight!

Let those who worship evil's might beware my power,

Green Lantern's light!

- Oath of the Green Lantern Corps


Planet Earth. One of one hundred and fifty inhabited planets in a region of space designated as Sector 2814, and home to the human race; one of the four remaining indigenous sentient races of the Sol system (the others being the nearly extinct green Martians, and the red, yellow, and white Saturnians, who themselves were engineered by the races of Mars). Earth has seen more than its fair share of alien invasions, and had just fought off yet another one; this time from the conqueror race known as the Lorwardians. Earth was now settling back into it normal routine, not knowing that the peace it had fought so hard for would be short lived.

At the edge of the planet's ionosphere, two diminutive blue skinned beings appeared in a flash of green light. One of them was a male with long white hair pulled into a ponytail, and the other was a bald female. They both wore red and white robes with the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps on their chests. "We have arrived," the female said.

"Yes," her companion agreed. In his hand he held a green ring. He closed his eyes, and the ring glowed. In a flash of light, there was a second ring beside the first one. It rose from his hand. "Go and find another," he ordered before the ring shot off towards the planet below.

"Why did you duplicate Kyle Rayner's ring, Ganthet?" the female alien asked.

"To, as the humans would put it, 'hedge my bet,' Sayd," Ganthet replied. "If Hal Jordan and his brothers in light are unsuccessful in freeing the Torch Bearer from the fear entity, then they will need another to take his place by their side. If they are successful and Parallax is defeated, then they will still need another human Lantern to fight by their sides when the Blackest Night falls."

"You seem sure that the ring will choose another Earthling," Sayd observed.

"I am. There are four humans serving in the Green Lantern Corps, Sayd, and one of them has served as the host for Ion, the very embodiment of willpower. At no other time has one world provided so many soldiers for the Guardians' army of light. The ring will find another human, and the Corps will be the better for it."

Sayd closed her eyes and lowered her head. "Then it is time, beloved. We must find Parallax, and hope that Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner have succeeded in freeing Kyle Rayner from its clutches. It is time to complete our last act as Guardians of the Universe before we begin our exile."

Ganthet took his loved one's hand. "You are right. It is time." In a flash of light the two aliens, immortal beings once charged with maintaining order in the universe, were gone. Mere seconds after they vanished, a faint yellow glow began descending on the unsuspecting planet.


Kim Possible was lost in the moment. The world was safe, her BF had stepped up and accepted the mantle of Monkey Master, and she was now an official high school graduate. Life was good. As her Sloth shot through the night sky and she enjoyed the feeling of her boyfriend Ron Stoppable's lips against her own, she lost track of everything else.

If this is how the rest of my life is going to be, I'll take it, she happily thought. Although, I am so done with the alien invasions.

As soon as that thought entered her mind, Kim's serenity was shattered by the sound of an explosion, and the feeling of being thrown from the now flaming remains of her car, which was now plummeting to the ground below.

"Did we hit a flying truck?!" Ron screamed in a panic.

"I seriously doubt it, Ron!" Kim answered. "Think you can monkey up and keep us from becoming street pizza?"

Ron closed his eyes and reached into himself, tapping into the Mystical Monkey Power. He felt that spark of power in his core flare to life, and the sound of shrieking monkeys fill his mind. "Booya!!!!!" he shouted as an monkey shaped blue aura exploded into being around him. Ron dove at Kim, wrapping her in his arms and in his power, and allowed them to slowly drift to the ground. "Any idea what did that?" Ron asked. "I know I got a gentleman's C science class, but I'm pretty sure we would have heard a plane coming."

Kim had been scanning the sky, trying to find what had shot them down. "Not again," she muttered when she saw the dozen or so yellow lights flying above them. "What is it with us and aliens this week?"

Ron looked up and saw the squadron of glowing figures shooting across the night sky. "Who are they?"

"No clue." Kim called Wade Load on her Kimmunicator. "Major sitch here, Wade," she said. "The Sloth's been totaled and we have a bunch of ticked off looking aliens all around us. Any clue what's going on?"

"The world's gone nuts, Kim!" Wade said in a panic. "Aliens are massing in New York and Coast City! Not only that, but there's a ton of Green Lanterns inbound. It's like there's some kind of war!"

Kim narrowed her eyes. "So much for summer vacation."


The green ring Ganthet had created was orbiting the planet, searching for a bearer. It had already located three humans worthy, but they already wore power rings. A fourth had also been located, but he was enshrouded by living fear. The ring was about to break orbit and search another world when it found what it had been looking for. "Sentient located," the ring's artificial intelligence reported. The ring streaked off towards the North American continent.


"What do we have here?" a red skinned, hairless alien asked. He wore a black and yellow uniform, with an emblem on the chest that looked like some sort of strange lantern. He looked at Ron's slowly descending glowing form with a devious interest. "Ring, identify the energy coming from that human."

A yellow scanning beam shot out of the ring and swept over Kim and Ron. "Unable to identify," the ring reported. "Energy is of unknown mystical origin."

The alien sneered. "Indeed." He broke formation with his comrades and shot into a power dive at the slowly falling couple. "Humans!" he shouted. "I want your secrets!"

"Ron look out!" Kim screamed right before a battering ram made of yellow light slammed into them, sending Kim plummeting to the Earth below.


"The female is the least of your worries," the alien said in a voice filled with malice. His ring encased Ron in a capsule that left only his face and chest exposed. "You have something that I want to know more about." Another tendril of light came from the ring on the mad alien's right hand, and coalesced into a scalpel. "I saw Sinestro himself rip a being composed of pure will from a human this way. I'm sure it will work on whatever power you possess!"

"KP!!!!!!" Ron screamed as the searing heat cut into his chest.


Kim's mind raced as she fell, trying to find a way to circumvent gravity and return to save Ron. Unfortunately, Newton's laws were tough to break. She had oriented her body so she was parallel to the ground, hoping to create more drag and slow her fall, if even by a few seconds. "There has to be a way!" she said to herself. Kim's attention was drawn to a green light streaking towards her. "Thank God," Kim sighed. "A Green Lantern." However, when the light got closer, she saw that it was only part of a Green Lantern; only a ring.

"Kim Possible of the planet Earth," the ring said, "you have the ability to overcome great fear." The ring shot onto the middle finger of Kim's right hand and surrounded her in its glow. The tank top and shorts she had been wearing were replaced with a form fitting green body suit with black leggings, and sleeves, and green boots. White gloves had formed on her hands, and an empty white circle appeared on her chest. "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps!"

Kim felt the raw power on her finger, and noticed that her fall had stopped. She was now floating in midair. "Okay, so what do I do now?"

"The ring is fueled by force of will," the ring reported. "Guardian directive detected. Green Lantern 2814.5 is to rendezvous fellow Lanterns of Earth to free Green Lantern 2814.4 from Parallax Fear Anomaly."

"Okay, I'm lost! I have no idea what you're talking about. But that can wait, I need to save Ron from that guy with the yellow ring! Are you gonna help me, or what?"

"The power ring is but a tool. Green Lantern directive to preserve life recognized."

"I'll take that as a yes," Kim said. She looked up at the yellow light above her. "Hang on, Ron; I'm coming!" Kim channeled her will and thoughts of flight into the ring, and she shot up into the night sky.


Ron Stoppable screamed in pain as he felt the MMP's warmth get yanked from his body. He started to go numb. He couldn't feel his baby sister Hana in his heart anymore, and he was losing touch with his naked mole rat Rufus, even though the hairless rodent was hiding in his pocket.

"You can't take this from me!" Ron yelled. "I just figured out how to use it!"


Kim arrived just in time to see the red alien pulling a blue ball of light out of Ron. The air was filled with the anguished cry of thousands of monkeys as bolts of blue incandescence shot off in over a dozen different directions.

"Ring! What happened?" she heard the alien say.

"Unknown energy has dispersed. Unable to track."

"Ron!" Kim screamed.

The red alien saw the rookie Green Lantern approaching. His face contorted into a feral scowl. "So you're a Green Lantern now? I should have been a Green Lantern as my father was!"

"What's his damage?" Kim asked no one in particular.

"Amon Sur of the planet Ungara, Sinestro Corps soldier of Sector 2814," Kim's ring reported. "The son of Abin Sur, deceased Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Amon Sur became leader of the Black Circle crime syndicate. His organization was taken down by Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern 2814.4. Sur had attempted to steal Lantern Rayner's ring, but was unsuccessful."

"Why did he want this Kyle guy's ring?"

"Lantern Rayner's ring had belonged to Hal Jordan; Green Lantern 2814.1. Before that it had belonged to Lantern Sur. Amon Sur believed the ring was his by right. Later he tried to steal the ring of Lantern Jordan, even though it was a copy of the original. He was defeated by Lanterns Jordan and John Stewart; Green Lantern 2814.2."

"So what you're telling me is that this guy's got daddy issues? Great. All right, baldy, what did you do to my boyfriend!?"

"Nothing compared to what I will do to you!"

"Oh really?" Kim pointed her ring at Amon, and forced her willpower through it. A tendril of green light snaked out and formed a hairdryer grapple gun in her hand. She pulled the trigger and trussed the Sinestro Corps soldier up. While he was trying to free himself, she encased her foot in a brick like boot construct and kicked the red alien squarely in the stomach, knocking him back.

Amon's concentration was broken, and the construct holding Ron faded from sight. Kim shot to him and grabbed him before he could fall very far. Kim flew off as fast as her will would take her.


Wade Load tried frantically to get back in contact with Kim, but there was too much interference. He left the party at the lake as soon as he got that message from Kim, and wound up helping an information broker called Oracle orchestrate a response against the Sinestro Corps attack. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that the sound of Kim's voice over the Kimmunicator frequency almost scared him out of his shoes.

"Kim! What happened?"

"Long story short," the redheaded heroine said, speaking into the Kimmunicator construct her ring had made, "we got shot out of the sky by guys with yellow power rings, and Ron's been hurt! Where's my mom?"

"At the medical center," Wade said. "I'll call her and tell her to expect you. What happened to him?"

"One of those yellow guys did something to him."

"He ripped the Mystical Monkey Power from me," Ron managed to say. "That red dude with the yellow ring....."

"The Sinestro Corps," Kim growled.

"Who are these guys, KP?" Ron asked in a raspy voice.

"I can find out. Ring, who are these Sinestro guys?"

Wade cocked an eyebrow from his workstation. "Who are you talking to? And are you flying and glowing green?"

"The Sinestro Corps, named for their leader, Thaal Sinestro of Korugar, disgraced Green Lantern of Sector 1417 and the first renegade ejected from the Corps," the ring reported. "Sinestro's sector was once seen as the most orderly in the cosmos, until Lantern Hal Jordan of Earth discovered that Sinestro was ruling his people as a dictator. Sinestro was stripped of his ring and banished to the antimatter universe. He would return numerous times, armed with a yellow power ring created by the Weaponers of Qward. Sinestro was eventually defeated, and imprisoned within the Central Power Battery on planet Oa. It was there that Sinestro made contact with the yellow impurity."

"The yellow what?" Kim asked.

"Green Lantern power rings were once powerless against anything the color yellow. This was due to the imprisonment of Parallax."

"Parallax?" Wade asked. "How can the perceived displacement of distant objects have anything to do with this?"

"Parallax is the name given to a yellow entity composed of pure fear. The Guardians of the Universe imprisoned it in the Central Power Battery on planet Oa. It corrupted the battery's energy, making it vulnerable to anything the color yellow. Sinestro awakened Parallax, and used it to force Hal Jordan to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. The Central Battery was destroyed, Jordan was infected by Parallax, and Sinestro was freed. Were it not for Guardian Ganthet preserving one ring and bestowing it upon Kyle Rayner of Earth, the Corps would have died. Recently, Jordan was freed of Parallax, the entity was again imprisoned, the the Corps was reborn. However, an attack on Oa by the Sinestro Corps again freed Parallax. Lantern Kyle Rayner was also taken, and was made a new host for the fear entity after Ion was removed from him."

"What's Ion?" Kim asked, wishing her cousin Larry was there to help her make sense of all this geeky stuff.

"Ion is a green entity composed of pure willpower. Unlike Parallax, which infects and controls its host, Ion exists symbiotically with its host, freely sharing its power. The Ion entity was recently transplanted to Lantern Sodam Yat of planet Daxam following its recovery from Qward. Kim Possible of Earth, Green Lantern 2814.5, Lanterns Jordan, Stewart and Gardner are attempting to free Lantern Rayner from Parallax. You must assist."

"I have to help Ron first!" Kim saw the medical center come into view and dove down.

"Kimmie! Down here!" Dr. Anne Possible shouted. Most people would be surprised to see their daughter flying with the aid of an alien power ring, but Anne Possible wasn't most people. "What happened?" she asked after her daughter had landed and Ron had been placed on a gurney.

"I don't know. Ring, can you scan him?" A green beam washed over Ron's body, investigating every vital system.

"Subject recently had an unknown mystical power source removed from his body."

"Mystical?" Anne asked in a shocked voice. "Kimmie, what's going on?"

"It's a long story, Mom, and one that isn't mine to tell. Ring, what can we do?"

"Subject Ron Stoppable's system has been weakened by removal of unknown mystal energy," the ring continued. "Recommend a nutrient feed to replenish strength."

"I'll set up an IV," Anne said. "Is there anything else you can do? Anyone who can help?"

"I'll contact Ron's sensei when this is all over. He might know something. Ring, is there anything you can do?"

"Negative. The only mystical energy listed in the Book of Oa is the Starheart, which does not match parameters for the unknown energy source removed from Ron Stoppable. Recommend sending a message to Lantern Torquemada of Sector 3521. He is a sorcerer, and might be able to assist after the Sinestro Corps has been defeated."

"Right." Kim leaned down and kissed Ron. "I love you."

"Right back atcha, KP." Ron said in a weak voice. "Go get 'em."

Rufus had scurried out from Ron's pocket and looked up at the redhead sadly. "Don't go," he squeaked.

Kim gave the naked mole rat a sad smile and leaned down to his level. "I have to stop the monsters who did this, Rufus. Right now, I need you to keep an eye on Ron .Can you do that for me?" Rufus nodded and saluted. "Mom, have Wade contact me if anything changes. I have to go."

"Kimmie, what's happening?" her mother asked, clearly terrified.

"Something that makes the Lorwardians look like the bullies in D Hall." A green aura surrounded Kim and caused her to lift into the air. "And since it looks like I'm a Green Lantern now, it's my job to stop it! Okay, ring, let's go find the others!" Kim shot into the sky, leaving her mother, boyfriend, and a very scared naked mole rat behind. None of them were sure if they would see each other again.


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