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And I shall shed my light over dark evil

For the dark things cannot stand the light,

The light of the Green Lantern!

-Oath of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott

Sector 2814. Planet Earth. Middleton USA.

Ron Stoppable watched in horror as the skeletal form that had, in life been Toshimiru, took off like a shot and flew right at Kim Possible.

"KP look out!" the Blue Lantern of Earth yelled as he flew off in pursuit. Ron's ring aura glowed brighter and brighter as he poured on the speed, but the Black Lantern was just that much faster. Ron arrived just in time to see Toshimiru rip out Kim's heart. "KIIIIIIIIMM! NOOOOO!"

When Ron arrived, it wasn't Toshimiru who was holding Kim's still beating heart, it was Ron himself. Ron Stoppable was standing nose to nose with his own reanimated corpse. "Sorry, Ronnie, you're too late," the undead mockery sneered.

"You couldn't save me, Ron," Kim, now a Black Lantern herself, added. The two zombies embraced. "Now we'll be together forever in oblivion."

"No! No!" the real Ron screamed.

"You failed us, Brother," a Black Lantern toddler said as she floated up, along with Black Lanterns of Ron's parents and the Possibles.

"It's over, Ronald," his father said. "It's time to die again." Dean Stoppable's hand shot at Ron and into his chest.


Ron Stoppable shot up in bed, drenched in sweat. "No," he panted over and over again. "Please no..."

"Ron!" a voice from beside him exclaimed. It was his girlfriend Kim Posible, alive and well. She quickly embraced Ron and tried to soothe him. "It's okay, baby. It's going to be okay." Even Rufus, who had been sleeping on Kim's nightstand, was there to lend support.

"Is everything okay in there?" a voice from outside the room asked after a quick knock.

"Ron had another nightmare, Dad," Kim replied. James Possible entered the room to find his daughter holding her panicked boyfriend. James hadn't liked the idea of Ron and Kim sharing a bed, but Kim insisted.

"He sacrificed himself for me, Dad," she had told him. "I thought I'd lost him forever, but he came back to me. We need each other right now."

James had relented, mostly at his wife's urging. After Ron's nightmares started, James was glad he did. The fact that both young people were clothed in their normal nighttime attire helped, too.

"I'm... I'm okay, Mr. Dr. P," Ron panted.

"No, son, you're not," another voice said. It was Dean Stoppable, who was staying in the guest room with his wife and Hana to keep an eye on their son. "You've been through a massive trauma, Ronald. You need to see someone about this."

"He's going to see Dr. Mid-Nite from the Justice Soiety tomorrow," Kim said. "He's an MD, so he can give Ron a clean bill of physical health."

"Yeah, see if I'm fit as a fiddle or just a dead man walking," Ron deadpanned.

"Ron, stop it," Kim pleaded. "You know I hate those 'dead man' jokes. I watched you die!"

"I was there," Ron sighed. "And I saw everything that happened after."

Sector 0. Planet Mogo, currently sharing the orbit of planet Oa. The Fields of Remebrance.

From space, Mogo looked like a lush world with a band of vegetation around the equator. Within that band was a Green Lantern symbol. Many assumed thatthiswas the homeworld of a Green Lantern, but they were wrong. The planet itself was a sentient being, as well as one of the Green Lanterns of sector 2261.

Mogo was where power rings went when they needed to be reprogrammed if their bearers retired or resigned. Mogo was where power rings were sent for safe keeping during times of crisis. Mogo was where Green Lanterns would go on pilgrimage to overcome their fears and find peace in themselves.

Mogo was where wounded Lanterns were sent when the Black Lanterns attacked Oa. And it was deep within Mogo where those Black Lanterns, who were Green Lanterns in life, were now resting.

Mogo had arrived in sector zero, and used its gravitational pull to remove the Black Lanterns from Oa's surface before they could destroy the Central Power Battery. It then pulled those Black Lanterns through its strata, down to its molten core, where they would be kept from reforming for as long as Mogo existed.

Now the surviving Green Lanterns were gathered on Mogo's surface, standing before an enormous tree that was gently blowing in Mogo's breeze. Before that tree floated an orange skinned Green Lantern with thin limbs, large black eyes, and sharp teeth protruding up from his lower jaw over his lips. This was Morro of sector 666, cryptkeeper of the Green Lantern Corps.

"Thank you for coming," a booming voice on the breeze said. "Lantern Morro and I could think of no greater monument to our fallen brothers and sisters, who are now resting in my core, than a tribute of life!"

"Indeed," Morro agreed. "The leaves of this tree will bear the likenesses of those who died during this crisis, and those whose rest was disturbed by the black rings. This tree will grow and thrive here for all time."

Kim Possible stood with her fellow Honor Guard Lanterns, as well as Lanterns Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande of sector 1417. All Kim could think of was the fact that she was here instead of back on Earth with Ron at his doctor's appointment. I made arrangements, she said to herself. I found someone to talk to him about what he's going through. And all it cost me was an autograph for the new Impulse.

Kim smiled at that. Impulse, also known as Iris "Irey" West, was the young daughter of Wally West. Wally was the third man to call himself the Flash, the first Kid Flash, and nephew of the recently returned Flash Barry Allen. Apparently Irey was a huge fan of Kim's. I would have given her the autograph anyway. I'm just glad Mr. Allen said he'd talk to Ron.

The service ended with the power rings of the Lanterns who died during the Blackest Night being released to find new bearers and fill out the Corps' ranks once again. The mood was somber as the various Green Lanterns walked or flew off, heading either to Oa to aid in the rebuilding, or to go back to their sectors.

Kim stood for a moment and thought about her fallen brothers and sisters in arms. "I wasn't here," she said to no one in particular.

"You were where you needed to be, Kim," Soranik Natu said. Lantern Natu was in the thick of things on Oa when the Black Lanterns attacked. "There were times I wished I wasn't here when it all went down." She thought back to finding Kyle Rayner's lifeless body after he was caught in an explosion, and the fight she waged to resuscitate him and keep a black ring from raising him. "How's Ron?"

"He's having nightmares," Kim said softly.

"And how are you?"

"I'm having them too." Kim turned and looked at her fellow Lantern. "I watched him die, Soranik. And I saw what he turned into when a black ring took him. I know it wasn't really him, but the things he said..."

Soranik embraced Kim and gently held her. "You said it yourself, Kim. It wasn't Ron."

"But it was when I finally destroyed him." Tears were now flowing freely down Kim's cheeks. "His spirit never left. He posessed his own corpse so I could stop it."

"Maybe that's why he got a second chance, Kim," Kyle Rayner, who had been watching the exchange said.

"That's something else that's bothering him, Kyle," Kim replied, wiping her tears. "He doesn't know why he got to come back when so many other people didn't, and he's afraid that something will happen and he'll die again."

"Death is the fate of all of us, Lantern Possible," the disembodied voice of Mogo said. "Even I, who measure my life in billions of years, will one day cease to be. It is what we do with the time we have that defines us. Even if Ron Stoppable had proceded to his final rest, his actions would have defined him as a true hero."

"It's funny," Kim said, "people who've never met Ron say that, but people who've seen him in action refuse to believe it."

"I've met him," Kyle said. "I don't need to see Ron in action to know it's true. I know the man."

"All Green Lanterns come to me in times of fear and self doubt, Lantern Possible. I invite you to make that journey, and to bring the Blue Lantern with you. He may wield a different color of the emotional spectrum than we do, but he is a fellow Lantern. Come to me, both of you, and find your paths."

Kim smiled and placed her hand on a nearby tree. "Thanks, Mogo. We will."

"There is no need to thank me, Kimberly. We are all Green Lanterns, and we stand together."

Sector 2814. Planet Earth. Washington DC, USA.

The Justice League of America maintained two different headquarters; an orbital Watchtower that took the place of the League's old base on the Moon, and the Hall of Justice in Washington DC. The Hall was more of a museum for the public than a headquarters, although it could serve as a base of operations if needed. The Hall also had a fully funtional infirmary; one of the best in the United States, if not the world.

Today, a man named Dr. Pieter Cross was making use of that infirmary. Like his predecessor Dr. Charles McNider, Dr. Cross had an unusual occular condition that allowed him to see in pitch darkness even though he was blind. It is for that reason that Dr. Cross took up Dr. McNider's old crime fighting persona of Dr. Mid-Nite.

Special lenses in his goggles augmented Mid-Nite's already impressive infrared vision with additional scanners, allowing him to see even the smallest threats to a person's health. A crime fighter in the public eye, Mid-Nite was first and foremost an MD, and put the health of others first. He was here at the Hall of Justice at the request of Hal Jordan. Even though Mid-Nite was a member of the current incarnation of the Justice Society of America, the direct predecessors of the League, Mid-Nite was more than happy to come to the Hall and examine Ron Stoppable. There was a patient who needed his expertise; how could Dr. Mid-Nite say no?

"So what's the prognosis, Doc?" Ron asked from the table he was laying on. He was profoundly glad the room wasn't cold since he was in his boxer shorts. Rufus was sitting on the chair that Ron's clothes were folded up on.

"Aside from higher cholesterol than I would expect from a young man your age," Dr. Mid-Nite said in a Norwegian accent, "you are in perfect health. I do recommend that you cut back on the fast food, though. You may get dressed now, Ronald."

Ron did just that as Dr. Mid-Nite returned to his scanners. "I would have to say that, according to the medical records you provided to me, the white ring restored you just as you were before the Black Lantern... er... killed you. These findings are identical to the others who returned." Mid-Nite pulled his cowl off and replaced the goggles he'd been wearing with dark glasses. "So physically, you're fine. How are you doing mentally?"

"Fine," Ron lied.

"Nuh uh," Rufus squeaked. "Bad dreams."

Ron shot his pet a dirty look. "Traitor."

"Have a seat, Ronald," the doctor said with a smile. "You've been through a massive trauma; one I can't even begin to imagine. Unfortunately, I have no experience in psychiatry, or with returning from the dead."

"S'okay," Ron said dismissively. "I'll figure it out."

"You don't have to go through this alone, Ronald. Hal Jordan was adamant about the JSA and the JLA providing you with all the help we can."

"Why is that?" Ron asked, genuinely curious. "I mean, I'm not one of you."

"You wear the ring of a Blue Lantern," Dr. Mid-Nite pointed out. "And before that you battled many threats to this world. I'd say you are one of us, and that was before Batman's invitation."

Ron got a sheepish look on his face. "You know about that?" The JLA was going through yet another roster change, with the current Batman recruiting those he felt he could tust. Ron and Kim were on that list.

"Batman made sure the Justice Society wasn't looking to add you to our ranks." Mid-Nite's tone became serious. "Regardless of whether or not you join one of our groups, you're still a hero. And you're still a young man in need of help. As a doctor, I took an oath to do no harm. Not helping you would do harm, therefore I am helping you."

The sound of a door opening drew Ron and Mid-Nite's attention to a man clad in red, with yellow lightning bolts around his waist and forearms. "Sorry I'm late," the Flash said sheepishly.

"Jay Garrick and your successor told me of your problems with tardiness," Mid-Nite said with a chuckle. "How is it the fastest man alive is always late?"

"Part of who I am, Doctor," the Flash smiled. "If you don't mind, I think it's time for Ron and me to have a chat."

"Of course. I'll be in the next room going over some blood tests."

Flash sat down next to Ron as soon as Mid-Nite left. "Your girlfriend asked me to come talk to you. She figured that since we have a few things in common, I might be able to help."

"What do we have in common?"

Flash pointed to Ron's blue ring. "Well, for starters, I wore one of those Blue Lantern rings during the Blackest Night. And I've come back from the dead."

Ron was quiet for a moment. "Do you, you know, have dreams about it? I mean, dying?"

The Flash took a deep breath and thought for a moment. "Honestly, no I don't. I knew it was going to happen. There was an antimatter cannon that was going to destroy the positive matter universe. No one else knew about it, so it was up to me. I knew it was the last thing I would do.

"I ran against the antimatter flow, trying to compress it and destroy the gun. My body crumbled, and I became part of the Speed Force. Being freed from the Speed Force and getting another shot at life wasn't something I thought I'd get."

"I wasn't even thinking about it," Ron said. "That Black Lantern was gonna kill Kim, and I had to stop him."

The Flash smiled at the young man. "So you died protecting the one person you love most. And in so doing, died a hero."

"But I keep seeing it, Flash! I keep seeing when it happened, only it happened different! I didn't save her! And it wasn't the Black Lantern who killed Kim, it was me; the Black Lantern I turned into!"

"I'm a forensic scientist, Ron, not a psychiatrist, but it sounds to me like you've got a textbook case of post traumatic stress disorder." Flash put a comforting hand on Ron's shoulder. "It's going to take a while for you to come to grips with all this. But you're not alone." As a gesture of trust, the Flash removed his mask, revealing a kind face and short blond hair. "If you ever need to talk, come to Central City. My name is Barry Allen. My door will always be open."

"As will mine," an alien voice from the doorway added. Ron looked up to see a tall man with green skin and no hair. A blue cape flowed behind him. "J-man! How's my favorite Martian?"

The Flash visibly winced at this, knowing how much J'Onn J'Onzz hated that joke.

"It's all right, Barry," the Matian Manhunter said. "I know Ronald is being sincere and is not mocking me." The Martian approached the Scarlet Speedster and warmly embraced him. "It's good to see you alive and well, old friend."

"You too, J'Onn," Flash smiled. "When I found out you had died, it felt like a part of me died as well."

"That's how we all felt when we learned of your passing, Barry." J'Onn turned to Ron. "I must say I was surprised to see you among the rest of us who returned, Ronald. I am not, however, surprised to see you with a power ring."

Ron raised his ring hand, which glowed a bright blue, causing his Blue Lantern uniform to form around him. "It's kind of a new thing. I got this after KP became a Green Lantern."

"What are you doing here, J'Onn?" Barry asked. "Last I heard you were back on Mars trying to make it life sustaining again."

"I was," J'Onn said. "But I needed to discuss something with Oracle. I thought it would be best if I contatced her from here instead of dropping in unannounced. I sensed Ronald's presence, so I decided to see how he's doing."

"J'Onn!" Rufus happily squeaked before scampering over to the Martian.

"It's good to see you too, little friend," J'Onn said as he picked up the naked mole rat. "I see Ronald's been taking good care of you."

"I'm confused," Flash said. "How do you know each other?"

"It was after you were lost to the Speed Force, Barry," J'Onn explained. "Kimberly and Ronald assisted me on a case two years ago. We kept in touch until shortly before I was murdered." The Martian Manhunter, with Rufus on his shoulder, took a seat. "For whatever reason, we've been given another chance. Before my death, I let myself get cut off from those who matetred most to me. I will not make that mistake again."

"And I've been reconnecting," Flash said, adding in his own experiences. "I'm getting to know my nephew again, his kids, and even my teenage grandson, believe it or not." The Flash saw the confused look on Ron's face. Barry Allen didn't look old enough to have a teenage grandson. "Time travel and accelerated aging. Long story."

Ron nodded in understanding. "I was a ghost for a little while. I hung out with Deadman while the super villain smackdown was happening. I was ready to just stick around and watch after Kim and Hana. You know, before I possessed my own corpse and had to die again."

"Who's Hana?" Flash asked.

"Only the most bondigetty baby sister to ever toddle! I didn't want to miss her growing up, so I figured I'd just haunt the old homestead, you know."

"You can be there for her now in the flesh," J'Onn said. "Be the brother Hana deserves, and the partner in all things Kimberly needs. Take nothing for granted. We have been given a gift, Ronald; a second chance at life. Let us make full use of that gift."

Sector 0. Planet Oa. The Citadel of the Guardians.

"Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do!" Guy Gardner exclaimed as he kicked in the door to the Guardians' chambers. With him were Kyle Rayner, Kim Possible, and Arisia Rrab, the Green Lantern of sector 2815. A look of anguish and rage was crossing her elven features.

"You dare intrude?" a male Guardian barked.

"You may make a formal request of our time at a later date, Lantern Gardner," a female Guardian said in a stern voice.

"We've been putting in requests," Kyle growled. "You keep denying them."

"Se we decided to just take the time we need," Kim added.

"You decided?" the male Guardian demanded. "You dare decide our time?"

"That is IT!" Arisia's ring lit up, flying her up to the nearest Guardian so she could belt him with a devestating right cross.

"Arisia!" Salaak, who'd been trying to keep the peace shrieked.

"You dare to strike a Guardian!"

"That was for Sodam!" Arisia yelled. "You denied him the full use of his Ion powers when he needed them most! And he's dead because of it!"

"We recieved no requests from Lantern Yat," another Guardian calmly pointed out.

"The Guardians programmed Sodam's ring to limit his access to the Ion entity when we were on Daxam fighting off the Sinestro Corps! He had to jumpstart his powers to turn Daxam's sun yellow so his people could use their powers!" The Daxamites were an offshoot of the Kryotpnians. When exposed to the light of a yellow sun, they have the same powers as Superman.

"It was Guardian Scar who made that decision," a female Guardian said. "She has paid for her crimes with her life."

"So what, that just gets you off the hook?" Kim demanded.

"You have something you wish to add to this... discussion, Lantern Possible?"

"You knew this would happen," Kim snarled. "You knew the Blackest Night was coming! Abin Sur warned you, and you ignored it! You were told that other Corps would arise, and you cut off all emotion in some lame attempt to prevent it! Like a bunch of ostriches you buried your heads in the sand so you wouldn't have to see what was going on right in front of you! How many more Lanterns have to die? How many more innocent people across the universe have to die before you'll take responsibility?"

"Which brings up my next point," Kyle added. "The Third Law. Love and physical relationships are forbidden in the Corps."

"We are well aware of the wording, Lantern Rayner, we wrote it."

"That's another thing," Kim growled. "You're being dismissinve of Kyle! He used to be your Torch Bearer! Then he gets possessed by Parallax through no fault of his own, and you leave him to rot!"

"Kim, it's okay," Kyle said. "This isn't about me. It's about the Corps, and the Guardians not regulating our emotions!"

"Cause that worked so well with the Manhunters and the Alpha Lanterns," Guy deadpanned.

"That law is wrong," Kyle continued. "Do away with it. Sometimes all a Lantern has is a fellow Lantern. Let us make that choice for ourselves."

"What's next?" Kim demanded. "We can't be friends with other Lanterns? We can't have relationships at all? You may have turned your backs on emotions, but we haven't! Our emotions are what make us who and what we are. We'd be poorer Lanterns without them." With that, Kim and the others turned and left. The Guadians had just been chastised for the first time in hundreds of millions of years. They needed to process that.

Sector 2814. Planet Earth. Middleton USA.

Felix Renton had a shocked look on his face when his best buddy Ron Stoppable handed him a box full of video games. "But I thought you loved the Zombie Mayhem sereis."

"That was before I became one, Felix," Ron sighed. "Now, I don't know, they're kind of a reminder. I thought I'd give you the pick of the litter before I go sell them at the video game store."

Felix looked over the video games, then back up at his friend. "You want to talk about it?"

Ron sighed and sat down. "Not really. I spent about an hour talking to the Flash about it. I just can't help feeling guilty! I mean, I got to come back, but heroes like Hego and Mego didn't!"

"You're a hero too, Ron," Felix pointed out. "You're a Blue Lantern."

"It's not the same as being a Green Lantern. The GLs are space cops, and us BLs are supposed to spread hope. My ring doesn't even fully work unless there's a Green lantern there!" Ron started fiddling with his power ring. "Maybe I'm not cut out for this super hero thing. I couldn't even stop myself from getting killed."

"But you stopped Kim from getting killed," Felix said.

"Which hurt her worse. I was a ghost for a while. I had to see everything that the zombie me did. How messed up is that? I've been a sidekick, a Blue Lantern, a Black Lantern, and a ghost. But through it all I've been a loser."

Rufus scampered up to Ron's shoulder and hugged his face. "Not a loser."

Ron sighed and looked at his watch. "Look, Felix, I gotta go. I have someone to meet."

Sector 0. Planet Oa. The Central Power Battery.

It had taken about half of the Corps to do it, but the Central Power Battery had been fixed up and was better than new. Kim wasn't there when the Battery was trashed, but had helped to restore it. Kim looked up at it, and then down at her ring. "Maybe I'm not cut out for this."

"Ah, Lantern Possible. I've been looking for you."

Kim looked behind her and saw Lantern Salaak. "Am I being busted for talking back to the Guardians?"

"No," the Protocol Lantern said. "I agreed with much of what was said. Although I would have been more diplomatic in saying it. Actually I came here to talk about your recent action report. I commend you on apprehending not only the Red Lantern, but also for capturing a second red ring and the yellow ring I originally contacted you about." Salaak looked over one of his numerous ring genreated computer screens. "Although I would not have recalled the Sinestro ring and given it to a known criminal. How did you convince this Shego to return it?"

Kim smirked. "She did that on her own. She said she looked dreadful in yellow." A sad look crossed Kim's face. "And she decided to stick to the straight and narrow after her brothers were killed by Black Lanterns."

"Understandable," Salaak nodded. "I couldn't help but overhear that you are not convinced of your place here. A major change in attitude considering how adamant you were about being allowed to join."

"Things change, Salaak. Seeing the person you love most die right in front of you will do that."

"Was not Ronald Stoppable one of the thirteen Earthlings who returned from the dead?" Salaak asked.

"He was," Kim sighed. "But he's not the same. He was finally confident about himself. But now... and I'm here instead of on Earth with him when he needs me!"

"There is no regulation that states an Honor Lantern must reside on Oa, Lantern Possible. Should you wish to relocate to Earth, no one here will stop you. In fact, I would encourage it." If only I could get Lantern Gardner to relocate...

"I think I'll do that, Salaak. Thanks."

"Of course, Lantern Possible." Salaak ran one of his left hands over a floating keyboard. "It has been noted. Now for the other reason I came to see you. Due to your actions during the Blackest Night, you are being elevated to the rank of Illustres Honor Guard. As such, you stand beside Lanterns Gardner and Rayner as part of the Corps chain of command."

"Wait," Kim said in disbelief, "that means..."

"Yes. As you know I, as Clarissi, am second only to the Guardians in the chain of command. After me come the Illustres; yourself, Gardner and Rayner. Which means if the Guardians and myself are incapacitated, you and the rest of the Honor Guard will lead the Corps."

"But, I'm still new to this," Kim protested. "I never wanted to be in a leadership position! I just want to help people."

"And that, Lantern Possible, is why you have been granted this rank."

Sector 2814. Planet Earth. Go City USA.

A being with white skin and a long, tail like apendage on the back of his head knealt down on a freshly recovered grave at the Go City Cemetary. He wore a blue and black uniform, and had a blue ring that pulsed with light with each beat of the alien's heart. This was Saint Walker, Blue Lantern of Sector 1.

"Joe Gordon of Earth," Walker said, "we condemn the desecration of your body, but condone the elevation of your spirit. We hope you embrace the light as it has embraced you. Know that your sons Herman and Mel are now with you, and that your surviving family members miss you all.

"Know that your sons Warren and Wyatt have decided to continue the fight for justice all of your children began after that comet granted them their powers, and know that your wife Lucy continues to live her life to the fullest, knowing that is what you would want of her.

"Your daughter Sheila has even abandoned the life of crime she had embarked upon and has returned to her mother's side. Your survivors have reunited, and are a family once again."

Walker smiled a slight smile, stood up, and faced Lucy Gordon. "Thank you," she said with tears in her eyes. "You didn't have to do this."

"It was my pleasure, Lucy Gordon," Walker replied. "I was a holy man on my homeworld. It is my duty to return the dead to their eternal rest." He approached the grieving woman and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Even though his body was desecrated, your husband did not suffer. His spirit is still at peace. What attacked you and murdered your sons was just a shell of the true man."

"Like that's supposed to make me feel better," Shego growled.

"It will make you feel better only if you allow it, Sheila Gordon," Walker said. "Have hope. All will be well."

"Hope's a joke," the former villain grunted.

"It is not," Walker said calmly. "It is the most powerful light in the emotional spectrum. It can turn back the clock on a dying star, and make it burn bright again, as it did for my home planet."

"I've seen it," a voice form above said. Everyone looked up to see Ron Stoppable come in for a landing. "There's a reason our oath says to look to the stars."

"For hope truly does burn bright," Saint Walker smiled. He warmly embraced his fellow Blue Lantern. "It does my heart good to see you alive and well, Brother Stoppable. Your death hit many of us hard."

"No kidding," Shego muttered. She calmly strode up to Ron and grabbed him by his collar. "Don't ever scare any of us like that again, Buffoon! You got me?"

"Y-yeah, Shego. I got you."

Shego released him. "Good. Enough people have died."

"I will be ready to depart momentarily, Brother Stoppable," Walker said. "Remember my words, Sheila Gordon. Find your true path, and all will be well."

Sector 2814. Planer Earth. Mt. Yamanuchi Japan

Ron and Saint Walker stood before the cave tomb of Toshimiru, where they had just returned the first Monkey Master's remains, and where Walker had performed the same blessing he had done for every disturbed grave on Earth. "I thank you, Walker-sensei," Toshimiru's descendant said. "What you have done for my ancestor..."

"I have done what I must do, Sensei," Walker replied. "I have done my duty."

"And you, Stoppable-san, I am glad to see that you were returned to life."

Ron hung his head. "Not like Hirotaka."

The old teacher calmly approached his former student. "Hiro's death is a great tragedy, Stoppable-san, but that does not take away from the joy I feel because you live. I know he would not begrudge you your life."

Saint Walker saw this exchange, and knew Sensei was the best help for Ron. "I must take my leave of you," Walker said. "I have another body to return to his rest."

As Walker flew off, Sensei escorted Ron to the main school. "Many lives were lost, Stoppable-san. But the fact that yours was returned to you proves to me that there is justice in this universe. I wish Hirotaka and the others who fell during this tragedy had not died. But now we must honor them and their sacrifice."

"It's still not fair, Sensei," Ron argued.

"Life is not fair, I'm afraid. But as I said, the fact that you live gives me hope." Ron's ring flaired to life when Sensei said that, reacting to the feeling of hope in Sensei's heart.

Suddenly, Ron cried out in surprise and fear as a white aura flaired to life around him. His uniform turned to a pure white, and the now familiar White Lantern symbol appeared on his chest. Sensei quickly tried to help the former Monkey Master.

"Ron Stoppable of Earth," a voice from the white ring that was now on Ron's hand said. "Stop him." Ron saw an image appear in his mind's eye. He saw Gil Moss glowing an angry red and standing over the dead bodies of everyone Ron knew and loved. "Stop him before he destroys everyone you hold dear."

As quickly as it started, it ended, and Ron was again in his Blue Lantern uniform and the white ring was gone. "KP," Ron panted. "Hana." He had seen them battered and bleeding at Gil's feet.

"Stoppable-san? Are you all right? Who was that voice?"

"That was the voice I heard when I came back," Ron said, almost to himself. "That's the Entity."

"Who did it tell you to stop?"

"Gil. The Red Lantern. He's gonna kill everyone!" Ron put on his serious face. "I need to get to Oa."

Sector 0. Planet Oa. The Sciencells.

The riot that erupted after the Sinestro Corps members and Red Lanterns escaped had completely trashed the sciencells. Each cell was specially designed to hold a specific prisoner; that way the perp was less likely to escape. But now the entire prison complex on Oa was in ruins, and holding an amped up Red Lantern was not going to be easy. Honor Lanterns Kim Possible and Kyle Rayner were standing amongst the ruins, checking in on a very special inamate.

He lay motionless in a cobbled together cell. His ring hand was encased in an insulated containment vessel, and he was strapped down to a medical exam table. There was an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth, and various life monitors surrounding him. Gil Moss had been unconscious since before he was put in his cell.

"So he's what, in a coma?" Kim asked.

"If you want to call it that," Kyle said. "He's being kept under by the IV in his arm. It was Sora's idea," he added, referring to Soranik Natu. "We all figured that keeping Gil unconscious would be the best way to keep him under control until we get the cell block rebuilt."

Kim nodded. "It's better than he deserves. Before the red ring, before he was first mutated, before everything that happened to him he was a jerk. He was just another bully. I'm having a real hard time feeling sorry for him."

Kyle gave Kim a small grin. "Then don't. I don't think he deserves it. Now come on, let's start getting you packed."

"You don't have to do this, Kyle. Besides, I thought you and Soranik would have a nice evening planned since you don't have to sneak around anymore."

"We do, and we'll get to it after we help you pack."

"Thanks, Kyle," Kim smiled. "It's gonna be really different around here, isn't it?"

"No kidding. Kilowog's stepping down as drill sergeant, Ganthet joined the Corps as a Sector Lantern, and Guy's gone off to chart the Unknown Sectors." Kyle let out a sigh. "I don't think anything will be the same ever again."

As Kim and Kyle walked off, Gil's hand twitched. His eyes briefly fluttered open, and a small trickle of blood ran out of the corner of his mouth. "Possible... burn..."

To be continued. Coming soon, Ron Stoppable: In Brightest Day

I'll start the next story probably after the "Brightest Day" story progresses a bit more. It may be a little while coming, but it will be coming!