Dear Readers,

Break Night, will not be moving forward.
I've lost all interest in the story. After the first chapter, the story went all weird. I wrote things I didn't want to write and the story turned into something completely different from the first idea I had, that had inspired me to start this. It was such a good idea to me, I had been so excited. Alas, my brain sometimes plays tricks and makes it hard to get my ideas from my mind to my finger tips. If my desktop is still intact, I have another story in the works that has gone in the original direction I wanted for Break Night. The day I get my computer back, I shall post the beginnings of that.

For anyone reading this, who reads any of my other stories, those are still being worked on.
This is the only story being discontinued.

Thank you all so much for being so amazing.

-A Very Discombobulated Sharmander.