Title: Crime and Punishment aka Prank and Paperwork

Naruto was in the Hokage's office, bored out of his mind.

"Come on Jiji! It wasn't THAT bad." He whined, shuffling the papers in front of him. As punishment for his latest 'crime', he had been forced to go through the Hokage's VERY tall stack of paperwork. Now he knew why the old man called it the Spawn of the Devil and the Enemy of all Mankind. It was evil and mean, and never went away no matter how many hours you worked at it. Naruto sniffed, trying to get pity so maybe this horrible experience could be over and he could go back to fun stuff. Fun stuff like playing with Sasuke.

The Hokage was sitting in a rather comfortable chair, dozing off. In his right hand he held a glass of cool lemonade. After taking a long sip, he sighed. He ignored the pitiful sounding sniff. The little brat wouldn't get away without punishment this time. "You painted the Hokage Monument. In the dead of night. By yourself. Do you know how bad you could have been hurt?"

He was talking about the prank that Naruto had pulled just last night, involving paint, Chakra, and the Hokage Monument. The little fox had done it in the middle of the night too, where no one could have stopped him from doing it. If he had fallen or been hurt in some other way, there would have been no one to find him. This wasn't like the other pranks that he had pulled, even though he never left any evidence that it was him at all. Actually, most assumed a band of pranksters the culprit not the son of the village hero. Some of the pranks had been done at the same time too, pointing to more than one person. The little fox, the Hokage's nickname for him since he was a little trickster, was a little genius. A little genius who had somehow painted Chakra resisting paint on the Hokage Monument. He had the squad of ANBU, not his regular ones since they were on a mission at the moment but a substitute team who should have caught Naruto sneaking out, actually trying unsuccessfully to remove the paint.

He looked out the window and saw that they were STILL hard at work, trying to get the paint off. Maybe he'll have to ask the little fox how to get it off. "Naruto, how do you get the paint off?"

The little brat smiled sweetly, in a very innocent manner that deceived everyone (even the people that knew him well). "You put Sake, Coke, and vinegar together. Shake it, don't stir it. Then you add saliva, and add to paint. See, not that hard." He grinned. "You have to drink some of it, though. About a mouthful, so enough saliva gets in."

The Hokage shuddered, thankful he wasn't the one that was going to have to do that. The taste would be so bad, that he cringed thinking about. He sighed. "One of you go tell the squad at the monument what to do." The ANBU left. Maybe this would convince any team to never slack in their duties. Who knows what could have happened? He suddenly noticed what Naruto had been doing the whole time he had been silent. He was folding the paperwork into origami animal shapes. Sigh. Maybe he shouldn't have Naruto do his paperwork anymore.