Chapter 12

Orihime opened her eyes and looked at her body that lied on the ground in front of her. She then looked down and lightly gripped the chain that still connected her soul to her body. She then looked up at Kommaura as he had a look of horror on his furry face. She then quickly turned around however, when she felt a light tug on her chain only to see Soifon smiling at her. Then to both her and the wolf captain's surprise she broke the end of the chain that was contacted to her body making it so that she could never go back to her body ever again. And when the young woman realized this her eyes seemed to lose all emotion like the time that she had died the first time.

Seeing this enraged Komamura as he growled and released a large amount of his spiritual pressure as he said coldly, "How could you, Soifon."

The Captain of the Punishment Force stood up and tried protested with, "But Komamura, don't you see that-"

"Be quiet, Soifon!" Komamura barked back, making her back away from the two. "How dare you decide when it was Orihime's time to pass on to the Soul Society! How dare you take her away from all of her friends here! Now you shall pay for doing this!" He added, as he raised his right hand into the air as he commanded, "Bankai!" But before anything could happen the wolf captain felt someone jump up and grab onto his arm. And when he looked downward both his heart and anger melted away.

Meanwhile Kagome tried her best to walk as quickly as she could while holding onto Ichigo for support as he asked, "Hey Kagome, can't you walk a little faster?"

"Well, maybe I could if I didn't have to hang to someone who can barely stand on his own two feet!" Kagome shot back, as glared at him from the corner of her eye.

Before Ichigo could argue any further he soon found his shoulder being put over someone and when he looked he saw Chad smiling at him as he asked, "Chad, what are you doing here?"

"Both Uryu and I felt that there was something wrong with Orihime." Chad replied, before he started to walk away with Ichigo.

Kagome looked a little but confused and did not move right away. Until she saw Uryu standing next to her as he asked, "Aren't you coming? The priestess nodded as she followed the three young men as she wondered what could have happened to Orihime.

Meanwhile Komamura continued to look down at Orihime as she still cried as she said, "Captain Komamura, p-please stop. Y-You don't have fight for me." The wolf captain lowered his arm and bent down so he could hold her as she went on with, "Please don't blame Captain Soifon for this because even if this sounds strange I knew deep down I wanted this to happen."

"Orihime..." Kaomamura let out, as he lightly held her.

Soifon took this chance to leave through a Senkaimon as Orihime then smiled as she stated, "And besides now we can be together."

The Captain of Squad 7 nodded in agreement as he replied, "Yes, you're right Orihime." He then lifted his sword and turned it as he prepared to perform a konso. Before he did though he looked into the young woman's eyes as he reassured her with, "Orihime, I promise that after a day or so of you being in the Soul Society I will come for you. And I hope you will accept to wanting to become my wife."

Komamura waited a moment for her to answer as she smiled and answered, "C-Captain Komamura, are you serious?" He nodded making her blush as she continued with, "In that case I would love to marry you. I've actually been waiting for you to ask me that question."

The wolf captain smiled as he slowly began to lower the hilt of his sword towards her forward. Before it come into contact with her though he stopped when someone said, "I see so Orihime really did get killed again."

Hearing this caused him to see Ichigo, Chad, Uryu, and Kagome standing a few feet away as Ichigo slowly stood on his own and took his sword out as he begged, "Captain Komamura, I hope you don't mind this. But since Orihime is my friend I was hoping that I could perform the konso on her."

Komamura nodded his head in understanding as he stood up and moved away from Orihime, who looked up Ichigo with sad eyes as he protested with, "Hey, don't give that look."

"I'm sorry Ichigo, I didn't want to pass over yet...but I know that I'll be alright." Orihime stated. She then looked over at the others as she went on with, "Uryu, Chad, thank you for being there me when I needed you." The two young men nodded, as she then looked over at Kagome and ended with, "And Kagome, please...take good care of Ichigo."

Kagome slowly nodded her with a sad smile as Ichigo placed the hilt of sword on her forward. The orange haired woman then closed her eyes and seemed to go into the ground, but in reality her soul was being sent to the Soul Society. The Captain of Squad 7 started to walk away knowing that Orihime's friends needed time by themselves so they could grieve over the loss of such a dear friend as he opened a Senkaimon. But before he stepped into it his ears twitched when Ichigo said, "Captain Komamura, wait...please."

The wolf captain did not turn around, but Ichigo knew that he was listening as he asked, "I was wondering now that Orihime is over on the other side. Could you promise me that you'll make her happy."

Komamura nodded his head and then walked through the gateway. But before it closed completely he could hear Ichigo let out a, "Thank you." And once it closed completely the substitute soul reaper couldn't hold in the pain any longer as he began to cry.

A week later

Orihime looked over herself in the mirror in her white wedding dress still surprised that this was happening. She then grabbed her bouquet wondering which side of it she should show. But while she was doing this she stopped when someone stated, "I always knew that you would make a beautiful bride, Orihime."

She slowly turned around and when she did her eyes widen in both shock and happiness. There standing in the doorway was her deceased older brother Sora as she ran up and hugged him as she asked, "Brother, is it really you?"

He smiled at her as he hugged her back and replied, "Of course it is Orihime. When I heard that you were going to marry a Captain I was hoping to come. But to my surprise the Captain of Squad 7 had shown up at my shop and said that I was invited to his and my sister's wedding." Orihime gasped, after hearing this. He then let out a light chuckle as he went on with, "At first I thought he was joking with me since I really couldn't image you passing on so young. But after he explained to me what had happened back in the world of the living I told him that I would be more then happy to come."

"Um I don't mean to interrupt..." Someone said, which caused both Orihime and Sora to turn and looked only to see Hanataro standing in the doorway with a black tuxedo on as he added, "But the wedding is starting now."

Sora nodded in understanding as he turned and offered Orihime his arm as he asked, "Well, shall we go Orihime?" The young woman nodded as she linked her arm with his and two then walked out towards the outside garden where the ceremony was taking place.

Meanwhile outside in the garden Komamura felt a bit uncomfortable in his tuxedo. The only reason for that was because it was very tight against his body and he kept thinking that when he would go to kiss Orihime that it might rip. The only other problem that he had to deal with was his tail being exposed which right now was swaying from the side to side. Right after Orihime had settled in the Soul Society Komamura had asked her to marry him. His was quite happy when she accepted the proposal however, she had made one condition. She would only marry him if he could try and not be ashamed of the way that he looked and that he shouldn't hide anything from anyone since it would show that he no longer worried about what people might think about him.

He stopped thinking about these things though when the music started to play and as Orihime walked down the alley with her brother Komamura stared at her in awe. She looked so beautiful like an angel. And once the two had reached the end of the walkway Sora gently took Orihime's hand and placed onto of the wolf captain's as he stepped aside while the two turned towards the Head Captain who was to marry them.

"Ahem, we are gathered here today to join these to two souls in holy union." Yamamoto began. He then looked up a bit as he went on with, "However, if there is anyone here who thinks that those two should be wed. Let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

The Head Captain waited a moment or two before he looked over at Hanataro and asked, "Hanataro, do you have the rings?" The member of Squad 4 nodded as he walked towards the bride and groom and handed them each their own pacific ring. And once that was done Yamamoto looked up at Komamura as he continued, "Captain Komamura, do you take Orihime Inoue has your wife. Do you promise to take care of her in sickness or in health? For better or worse for as long as you both shall live?"

The wolf captain gently slide the ring across Orihime's ring finger as he simply answered, "I do."

The Head Captain then turned slightly and asked Orihime the same thing, "Do you Orihime Inoue take Captain Sajin Komamura, to be your husband? Do you promise to take care of him in sickness or in health? For better or worse for as long as you both shall live?"

The young woman smiled as she slide Komamura onto his ring finger as she replied, "I do."

Yamamoto nodded as he ended the ceremony with, "Then by the power invested in me as the Head Captain, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." After hearing this Komamura gently removed the vial that covered Orihime's face as he bent downward while she stood on her tip toes. But once theirs lips met in a soft kiss everyone cheered.

Before the newly weds headed to the reception the two said goodbye to Sora as Orihime asked, "Brother, are you sure that you can't stay for a little while?"

Sora shook his head sadly as he replied, "As much as I would love to dance with you Orihime, I need to hurry back to my shop since I'll have to open it soon."

The young woman nodded in understanding, but then smiled as she said, "Well, I hope that you'll come to visit us if you ever get the chance."

"Of I will Orihime, if it's alright with Captain Komamura?" Sora stated, before he looked up at the Captain who nodded letting him know that he could come whenever he could. The young man smiled in gratitude as he waved goodbye to the two while walking in the sunset. But while Orihime was waving goodbye she knew that everything would be alright now that she was with the one person who she loved.

The End

Well, there you have it that's the end of the story. And sorry if it seemed a little bit rushed...I kind of lost the outline of the story that I had made a while back. But anyway thank you to everyone who read this story and left a review it means a lot to me. Now I do plan on making some more stories starring Komamura, but first I must say a short farewell to part of the site since now I want to try writing a few stories for another anime that I like.

Don't worry though because once those stories are done then I'll be sure to come back here and start the Komamura x Momo story. So again bye for now and thank you for reading.