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A dead hush fell upon the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit as one Derek Morgan walked in to the bull-pen. Aaron Hotchner stopped abruptly in his discussion of a previous case and casually paced over to him.

"Morgan, I thought I told you to take some time off." Aaron Hotchner stated to his agent.

"You did, look, I just came here to talk with Reid."

Spencer looked up from the decades old case file when Derek said his name. His brow furrowed as he studied the tense features of his team-mate. Aaron sighed low and jerked a thumb towards his office.

"You two can talk in my office."

Derek mumbled his thanks and ascended the stairs into the office, knowing that the genius would follow him. Spencer shut and locked the door behind himself then waited patiently.

"What did you want to talk about?" Spencer asked after a lengthy pause although he already knew exactly what Derek wanted.

Derek paced, agitated, "I know what I need to do."

Spencer sat back against Aaron's immaculate hard mahogany desk, "What do you think you need to do?"

Derek stopped his pacing to stare at the genius, "I need to let someone dominate me."

There was no hesitation in his words; they were completely unwavering.

Spencer paused before beginning slowly, "Morgan…"

"Not in the same way," Derek clarified as he began to pace once more, "I know that all sex isn't that vicious, but I still need to be shown. I need gentleness. I need caring."

Spencer regarded his friend with steady eyes, "I understand. How can I help?"

Derek bit his lip and gathered his courage, "Dominate me."

Spencer stood up slowly and shoved his hands into his pockets, "Is that really what you want?"

"I already trust you with my life Reid. I want to trust you with my body."

Spencer nodded and strolled closer to the vulnerable man before him, "You know there is no guarantee that this will help you. You will never be able to forget him Morgan, no matter how much you try. Deep down you know that."

Derek blew out a mouthful of air, "I just want the nightmares to end."

"I know. I can not make any promises to you. This is chance you are taking and it may not change anything."

"I am willing to take the chance."

"Then I am willing too."

Derek turned, unlocked the office door, and whispered out a 'thank you'.

Spencer waited a few moments before exiting. He walked to Aaron and whispered something into the senior officer's ear, his gaze falling to Derek who was standing near the building exit. Aaron observed Derek for a moment and he gave a nod to Spencer.

"Take good care of him, Reid."

Spencer left to the many confused stares of his comrades. The cool night air hit him as he walked out the door. Derek stood silently, waiting for the instructions he knew Spencer was going to give.

"My car," Spencer announced and started towards where he was parked. Derek trailed behind of him, getting into the car quickly. The worn leather interior crackled under his weight.

"We will stop by your place first so you can pack an overnight bag. You are staying with me tonight." Spencer said as he backed out of his designated parking space. He pulled onto the dark road and headed towards Derek's house.

Derek was silent, his leg bouncing nervously. Spencer gazed at him as he stopped at a red light.

"Derek," Spencer started and Derek jumped as his first name was used, "you said you trust me. You can trust me. I will not hurt you."

Derek hopped out of the car as soon as Spencer pulled into his driveway. He threw a look over his shoulder at the other man and Spencer gave him a reassuring smile. He was in and out of his house in less than 5 minutes. A small black bag was slung over his shoulder.

As Spencer reversed down the short driveway Derek startled him with a question.

"You say you won't hurt me."

Spencer glanced over to his passenger, "I won't hurt you Derek. You know that."

"It will hurt though. You can try and tell me it won't, but I know it will. It always did."

Spencer looked serious. "I will never hurt you the way he did Derek."

Derek once again lapsed into a quiet state not even realizing when they reached Spencer's house. His exit from the car was slow and Spencer waited patiently.

A look at the well-kept house sent Derek's fight-or-flight mode into hyper drive and he locked in place by the beat up car. Spencer immediately understood his predicament and splayed a hand upon the shorter man's back, murmured a soft 'it's all right', and gently shoved him forward.

Derek stumbled in to the house, breathing heavily as Spencer shut and locked the door behind him.

The genius shucked off his shoes and mismatched socks and Derek unconsciously did the same.

"Relax Derek." Spencer called as he strode in to the kitchen.

It was a ridiculous piece of advice.