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"Come on Derek." Spencer called, and Derek finally focused in to realize that Spencer was already at his door.

Spencer was standing halfway in, and looking at him quizzically. Derek looked around himself to determine that no one was watching his embarrassing actions. When he saw that no one was, he stormed over into the house. He locked the door and practically tackled Spencer. Spencer staggered back because although he was the taller out of the two, Derek was the bulkier, and the weight shoved him. Spencer tugged Derek against himself and both of his hands went down to grasp Derek's backside through his pants. Derek gasped as his hips were jerked against Spencer's own and their erections rubbed through layers of material.

"I take it then that you aren't going to let me shower first?" Spencer asked as he swayed with Derek's movements. The response he got was a rumbling growl, "Well, I suppose if you are in such a hurry…"

Spencer tugged on the material of Derek's shirt which was black this time, "Off."

Derek couldn't have agreed more wholeheartedly, and he quickly shucked off his shirt and threw it over his shoulder. Spencer immediately descended to Derek's neck like a vampire. Hands flew up to grasp his shoulders. Derek hissed as Spencer nipped his neck before licking the injury. He squirmed as several other bites decorated his skin causing his arousal to throb in want. The agent didn't even notice Spencer undoing his pants until they were suddenly on the floor, and the cool air of the room smacked against his heated skin. Derek awkwardly kicked off his shoes and backed up as Spencer led him towards the hallway.

"Spencer," Derek called, and when Spencer turned, he grabbed him by the tie and pulled him into a kiss once again, "you are wearing too much clothing."

Spencer chuckled and dipped down to rid Derek of his boxers. The silky material fell in a puddle around Derek's socked feet and said man groaned loudly as cold air flicked around his erection.

"Hmm, I guess that is just too bad." Spencer murmured as he dragged Derek into his room.

He pushed Derek down onto his bed, and Derek shuffled back towards the many pillows. Spencer climbed onto the bed and removed Derek of his socks before he crawled up between the spread legs. Derek watched as Spencer moved gracefully up to him and he couldn't help but stare. The man was so fucking hot when he wanted to be. Oh, how lucky he was to get to see what he saw when others didn't.

Spencer paused as he hovered over Derek's body, "Oh right, too many clothes."

Derek found it hard to breathe as Spencer sat back and stripped off his clothes slowly and seductively. Derek didn't even blink for fear of missing any moment of the show. All of the clothes made a pile on the floor beside of the bed and Derek's eyes drifted down the body that he wanted so fucking badly. He didn't think he would ever grow used to the fact that Derek was so big, but he wasn't about to complain when all he wanted was for that same cock to be inside of him. He laughed on the inside as he realized that he didn't even want to be on top. He wondered what his co-workers would say to that.

Spencer ran his hands down Derek's chest to pet his stomach as his tongue swirled around one dusky nipple. Derek jerked and panted. He clutched the pillows behind of his head and wrapped his legs around Spencer's hips in order to bring him closer. Spencer took hold of Derek's thighs and spread them wider as he pulled back. His mouth planted kisses down Derek's stomach and then even lower. He avoided the throbbing erection to lick the inside of one thigh. Derek trembled and gave a sharp gasp. Spencer repeated the action on the other thigh and sat up.

"Derek, you're closer to the drawer."

Derek reached out and fumbled through the drawer impatiently until he grasped a bottle. He pulled it into sight and was happy to find that it was what he needed. He shut the drawer and tossed the bottle to Spencer. Spencer caught it deftly in an outstretched hand and uncapped the bottle. The slick gel drizzled onto his fingers and he warmed it up by rubbing it. Derek watched him willingly the whole time, and sucked in his breathe as the fingers trailed down his stomach and then to his entrance. Spencer stroked around the entrance a few times and then shoved two fingers into Derek's trembling body.

"Ah! Oh hell!" Derek moaned as the long fingers scissored and stretched him. A third finger was in him soon after, causing only slight pain, and Derek rocked as they stoked the fire in his groin. The three digits crooked to press hard against his prostate and he thrashed his head back and forth and wailed. As soon as the finger's departed his body Derek pounced and shoved Spencer down. He grabbed the bottle up from where Spencer dropped it and poured some of the lubrication into his hand. He warmed it much like Spencer had and then reached down to coat Spencer's arousal in the gel. Derek mapped out the entirety of Spencer's erection and wondered at the feel of it. Then he froze. He didn't know what to do from there. How ironic. He could make love to any woman perfectly, yet couldn't even begin to start that same process with Spencer. Spencer took pity on him and rose up to push him back down. He licked the shell of Derek's ear and then whispered into it.

"How do you want to do this Derek?" Spencer inquired and caressed Derek's thigh, "Do you want to do it like the first time…or from behind?"

Derek whimpered and shut his eyes as he imagined both scenarios. He obviously knew what the first one would be like, and he could vividly envision what it would be like to have Spencer pounding into him from behind. His erection twitched. Damn Spencer and his sexy fucking talk was all that Derek could think.

"Or would you rather be on top?"

Derek knew he was blushing. There was no way he couldn't be. He could visualize that one too considering that was how they did it the second time.

Spencer once again took pity, "Do you want me to choose?"

Derek nodded vehemently, and Spencer captured his lips quickly.

"Then I'll take you like I did the first time." Spencer announced and watched Derek's skin flush. "It is undeniably erotic when your face contorts in pleasure because of me."

Derek's discomfiture was obvious. Spencer knew how to talk to make Derek horny as hell.

Spencer smirked and clamped his hands down on Derek's jutting hips. He gave a hard thrust, and was immediately encased in the tight heat of Derek's body. Derek gasped as all the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. It hurt, but nowhere near as much as it had last time. He felt so full, and it was incredible, so wonderfully, undeniably incredible.

"Yes!" He chanted because this moment was all he had been dreaming about the past week. His hands fisted into Spencer's soft hair and he tugged the man down for a harsh kiss. Lips crashed together with bruising force, and tongues danced sloppily. Spencer ran his hand down one of Derek's legs, and he gripped it before sliding it up over his shoulder.

Derek shivered as a harsh thrust drove him into the bed. He pulled Spencer flush against him, not caring that his leg was pushed down into an uncomfortable position. His other leg wrapped around Spencer's hip to pull him in deeper.

"Fuck Spence, just fucking fuck me already."

Spencer snorted before biting down near Derek's collarbone. Derek had quite a filthy mouth when he wanted to.

"You asked for it." Spencer practically purred. He pulled back as far as the position allowed and slammed back in. Derek hollered and his fingers dug into Spencer's back. Spencer barely noticed the nails scraping him. He was more focused on the noises that Derek was making. The man would mewl and whimper and then he would gasp and scream. Spencer made it his personal mission to wring as many of those noises out as he could before Derek was sent over the edge.

"Oh fuck," Derek moaned. He could feel the solid heat throbbing inside of him, and it felt so damn good as Spencer pounded into him with perfectly rhythmic thrusts. Each powerful snap of Spencer's hips drove Derek further and further into ecstasy and his cries escalated in volume.

"Spence…" Derek seemed to sob as he was petted on the inside and his prostate was repeatedly pummeled. Hot breathe fanned over his face.

"Derek…" Spencer uttered in return and slid back before jerking forward to impale Derek once again on his erection. Derek screamed and slammed his hips down to meet Spencer's thrusts. He tried to muffle his next scream with his hand, but Spencer pulled the appendage out of the way. "Come on and scream for me Derek. Only I'll hear you."

Derek bit the inside of his cheek as pleasure flowed throughout his body. It was white hot euphoria as the genius slid a hand down his neglected arousal. Derek panted loudly and then screamed as a particularly rough shove slammed into his prostate causing pin points of fire to shoot through his groin.

"Nngh! Spence…ah…I ah…can't…" Derek blathered as his body quivered in Spencer's grasp.

Spencer could feel Derek tightening around him indicating that he was about to lose it, "Mmm, I think you have little choice in that matter," Spencer mumbled into Derek's neck and gave another ruthless push into the dizzying heat while his hand simultaneously pumped Derek's erection, "Let it go. Come for me Derek."

The pleasure was building to unimaginable heights, and with Spencer's command he snapped. His eyes slammed shut and his leg tightened around Spencer's waist as his back bowed almost painfully. His head flew back into the pillows and he howled as the arrow of bliss shot through him. His muscles went lax and he weakly held on to Spencer as the man continued to drive into him.

Spencer flinched as Derek clenched around him tightly. He plunged into the overwhelming heat a final time wrenching a pleasure-soaked cry from Derek and came with a low groan. He leaned over and kissed Derek lovingly before withdrawing slowly.

Derek smiled as Spencer settled beside of him and wrapped him in his arms. He rolled closer to Spencer and nuzzled his chest.

"Mm, thank you Spencer," He muttered.

Spencer chuckled and kissed Derek's forehead, "You're welcome Derek."

Derek panted lowly and slowly and was once again amazed at how quickly Spencer recovered from the vigorous activity of sex. The cool air of the room bathed over his sweat-coated skin and he shivered. He shuffled closer to Spencer and grimaced as he smeared his ejaculation between them. He then paused and wondered about something he had never wondered about. He had an urge to do something that he would have found ridiculous in the past, but now found to be a tantalizing idea. With a tiny groan he sat up and locked eyes onto Spencer's flat stomach where the evidence of his completion was splattered in an array of white. He placed hands on both sides of Spencer's hips as the man just watched him, and then leaned over so his mouth was directly above the white skin.

"What are you doing Derek?" Spencer asked, yet made no move to stop him.

One part of Derek's mind was screaming at him to stop because what he was about to do was crazy. Another part was chanting at him to do it already because he would like it. He went with his cheerleading mind and answered Spencer's question by darting his tongue out to lick the smooth skin clean of his release. That part of his mind was right…he did like it…more than he believed a sane person should considering that one, it was his own semen, and two, it tasted extremely salty and musky. Spencer growled above him, obviously affected by the highly erotic sight.

"You certainly have gotten a bit braver than the first time we did this." Spencer stated and dragged Derek up to kiss him. Derek moaned and opened his mouth to Spencer's probing tongue as he settled down to straddle the lean hips.

Derek blushed darkly and coughed uncomfortably, "I actually don't know why I did that."

Spencer's heated eyes smoldered, and Derek turned his head slightly as he added something else.

"But…I liked it."

Spencer closed his eyes as pink dusted his cheeks. He opened them and locked an intense stare on Derek. He smirked lightly and snaked his hand around to squeeze Derek's butt. The noise Derek made was not at all manly.

"That is possibly the hottest thing I've ever heard you say." Spencer said and ran his hand up the taut muscles of Derek's back.

"I can't help it if I'm not as good with the dirty talk as you are."

Spencer smiled because there was a definite pout on Derek's face, "You are who you are Derek. You're the very attractive man…"

Derek reddened once again.

"Who I love very, very much and…"

Spencer grabbed Derek's forearms in strong fingers. Derek braced himself for what he knew was going to be an extremely dirty, and thus, extremely hot comment.

"Who I greatly enjoy slamming into and making scream."

Derek twitched and shuffled on Spencer's hips, "Don't keep talking like that!"

"I know. If I do we'll have problems and I'm not sure you could take another round right now."

Derek cocked his head, "Is that an insult Spencer? Are you saying I can't keep up with you?"

It was very much teasing. Derek knew he couldn't keep up with Spencer. He curled up against Spencer just bathing in the feeling of being loved. He was immensely happy for what seemed like the first time in his life. He now had someone who loved him unconditionally. Someone who would take care of him and always be there for him. That was the greatest feeling. The best gift.

Derek now had Spencer Reid.