Years went by and tragedy has spread into the entire kingdom. A day never goes by without you hearing someone screaming and pleading for mercy. Akihiko sighed sadly as he walked through town. People is still avoiding due to fear that they will suffer his wrath much like what his father is doing to them. As he got back to the castle, he went to the gardens. It was the only place in the castle that he ever felt peace.

As he got in the garden, he saw a small boy no, a man silently tending on the garden. He has a slightly long brown hair that goes to his shoulders and he has bright green eyes. 'So, he is the one tending the garden whenever I am away…' Akihiko thought as he smiled slightly and slowly walked over and talked to the boy.

"Hello…" he said softly, not wanting to alarm the young man.

The young man jumped and immediately bowed to him. Akihiko frowned. He didn't want that reaction to the young man.

"Um, hey… so you were the one tending this garden..I just want to say that you're doing a pretty good job" He smiled.

The young man looked up to him in suspiciously before smiling happily. Akihiko gaped as he stared at the young man's smile. It was enchanting. He never saw anyone smile so warmly like that…well, except for that little boy he met a few years ago.

"So… what's your name?" he asked curiously.

The teen smiled sadly at him before pointing to his throat and shaking his head.

"You can't speak?"

The young man nodded. 'I see…' Akihiko thought. He felt bad for the young man for not having a voice. How he wished he could hear the young man's voice someday.

The young man nodded and went back on taking care of the plants. For the whole while, Akihiko just stood there and watch as the man's gracefully waters the plants around them.

'He looks beautiful with all those flowers around him' Akihiko thought.

When the young man was finished he looked at Akihiko and started to walk away. Akihiko blinked and run up to the young man and stopped him.


The young man flinched at the contact but didn't make any move. Akihiko can see that the teen was trembling. 'Maybe he is scared of you.' the nasty voice inside his head spoke. 'I mean who won't? You're a monster! A filthy monster! '

'Does he think of me like that?' Akihiko thought sadly. He let go of the boy's hand and looked down. Covering his eyes he said "I'm sorry for bothering you." and with that he left the boy alone.

What he didn't see is the young man's curious expression towards him.

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