The Kittens of a Princess

Full Summary:

In the forest of the great Clans, a kittypet related to the great leader Firestar-at that time Fireheart-gives birth to five kits. But when the Clans move away from the forest, what happened to the mother and her kits?

Follow their story as they strive to save their kind-kittypets-from an impending evil.

A Few Words...

Well, just as the full summary says, this fanfic is dedicated to Firestar's nephews and nieces, and their mother. We never got to know the rest of her kits, and more of Princess, but we've always wanted to know what happened to them, whether we realised it or not. I made up the names of her kits, so if Erin told you or something, don't come running to me saying, "The kit's name is Flame!" or something like that, because this is a FANfiction, written by a fan.

I'd like to thank several other people.

I'd like to thank Cherrysong, for giving me the idea. She's left now, and changed her pen name so nobody knew it would be her, but she wrote wonderful fanfictions, and I'm proud of her.

Secondly, I'd like to thank several people from Warrior Cat Clans 2 for helping me come up with some of the names-any names that are not mine will be marked with an . So, if you see something, like Flower*, that means someone gave me the name/cat. If you want to know who gave me the idea, highlight the bit you are reading, and use the rolly-thing on your mouse to scroll down to the bottom of the page, where I'll have a special "starry thing" section. Who knows what they're called? Is it an asterix?

Enough rambling.

Thanks to all the people reading this fanfiction. I hope I wasn't waffling on and on. If I was, feel free to tell me in your review, and I just know you'll review because you are wonderful, kind, generous people!

~Blurredpaw signing out~