Dark Water

Rated: T to be safe? I guess for now...might change later.

Summary: An accident could claim the life of a member of the team...

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS or its characters...but I like to play with them :)

A/N: For those of you who are new to my fics, I use the black and white still scenes we see on the actual show (I call them thwoop scenes) in my stories. They'll be indicated by ***astericks italicized writing and astericks***. That is all....oh! And enjoy! :)

***Gibbs, McGee and Ziva looked over the railing of the bridge, down to the dark water below, in shock and horror...***

"Where the hell is DiNozzo?" Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs said as he checked his rear view mirror for the hundredth time since they left to return from an investigation in Western Maryland.

"He left the same time we did," Agent Timothy McGee replied. "Can't be too far behind, but I'll call him."

"Perhaps one of us should have ridden with him," Agent Ziva David said from the back seat. "It is snowing, and he may have taken a wrong turn."

"What is it, Probie?" Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo said over speaker.

"Just tryin' to figure out how far behind us you are?" McGee replied.

"Well, if the damn heat worked in this piece of crap-"

"We passed over the Glendale bridge a couple minutes ago," Gibbs said. "Where are you?"

"Hey, Boss... Didn't realize I was on speaker...uhhhh... looks like I'm comin' up on the bridge here in a sec."

"Well, step on it and catch up. I wanna get home some time tonight."

"On it, B- oh...shit!" The three team members were all stunned into silence at the sound of screeching tires and metal hitting metal... Then silence...

Gibbs slammed the breaks, bringing the vehicle to a stop, "DiNozzo?" he shouted. The sound of labored breathing was all that could be heard.

"Tony, are you okay?" McGee asked as he strained to listen.

"I ca- can't reach the phone, guys-" his voice sounded far away.

"What happened?" Gibbs asked as he made a speedy U-turn in the road and headed in the opposite direction.

"Think I hit a deer," he said with labored breath. "Then...I think I hit a rail..."

"Are you hurt?" Ziva asked.

"I dunno...my head hurts." That's when they started to hear a loud creaking sound over the line. "Oh...oh shit..." Tony's voice was riddled with sudden panic. "I'm hangin' off the bridge here...shit!" The creaking got louder, as did Tony's breathing.

"We're comin', Tony," Gibbs said as he heard Ziva on her phone calling for paramedics. Suddenly the speaker phone made a horrific screeching sound...then the line went dead...

An eery silence fell over the agents; the only sound, coming from the revving of the engine as Gibbs plowed toward the bridge. McGee frantically redialed Tony's number, which went straight to voice mail.

Within moments, they pulled up to the bridge, seeing the destroyed section of railing, and a bloodied carcass of a deer in the middle of the bridge. Gibbs put the car in park and left the headlights on to light up what it could of the dark, cold night. The snow had stopped falling, but the chill was still blowing in the air as they exited the car and quickly made their way to the rail...

***They looked over the broken remains where the car had been, and down into the water below...nothing but the foam created by air forcing its way up from somewhere underneath...***