The Dragon's Triangle

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So this story, while beginning in the Great Demon Kingdom, does span into Yuri's world so we get to see the gang have to face the plot there too! I haven't seen many stories like this so I wanted to extend my fan-services into it.

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Things to note:

1) Takes place somewhere after season 2, disregarding season 3 since it's not vital to the story's purpose

2) This is a Wolfram-centered story and will have Yuuram (explicit sexual interaction as well!)

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1) Greta's presence (probably the most spoilers for now ^^)


In this chapter, none. In future chapters, more graphic content and such, but each chapter will be warned appropriately and respectively ^^

Thanks to everyone in advance who reads this! I hope you like it. First chapters are the most difficult for me!

The Dragon's Triangle: Water

"Operation 'Revised Treaty' was a success!" Yuri declared in a half exhausted sigh as he punched the air with a fist. His horse neighed as if concurring before it whined gently, trotting forward with a pat from Yuri's hand.

"I guess even a wimp can have his moments."

Yuri grumbled and glared at Wolfram, but the look lacked spite. "Don't call me that!" he reminded. But the longer he stared at those emerald eyes, the more Yuri found himself relaxing. Wolfram would never cease calling him by the oh-so-poetic term and Yuri was suspecting he was becoming use to it now.

Beside him, Wolfram rolled his eyes and smirked toward him. Keeping his horse alongside Yuri's, Wolfram concluded, "I suppose having the help of a fiancé such as myself has helped to shape you become a better king."

"Right," Yuri mumbled, suddenly beaming at the open space that greeted them. "Finally, I can see the castle!"

"Greta will be very happy to see you," a voice from Yuri's other side exclaimed in a soft chuckle. Conrad smiled to his godson, earning a similar smile back from the boy.

Yuri nodded. "Yeah, I just got back a few days ago but already I had to go off. Poor Great."

"We'll spend plenty of time as a family once we arrive!" Wolfram insisted, his own eyes sparkling in eagerness at the prospect.

Yuri laughed nervously at that and resisted a blush. "Let's just hope Gwendel doesn't put me to signing paperwork," he prayed, slouching forward already at the potential threat.

"You know Gwendel," Conrad laughed softly, watching as the castle's towers expanded the closer they got.

The trip had proved tiring but the revisions for the treaty went precisely as Gunter had instructed them with the only complication being Wolfram's jealousy toward a particularly pretty servant girl. Conrad could not resist a faint chuckle at the memory of the incident when she brought Yuri a robe during his time in the baths.

Conrad shifted his gaze to catch the betrothed ones chatting. Wolfram's otherwise insulting comments had become a familiar expression of affection toward Yuri while Yuri's tension around Wolfram had completely ceased from when they had first met.

But still, Conrad felt his heart skip at the notion of Yuri returning Wolfram's feelings. It would prove to be an exciting moment, no doubt, but the brotherly instinct in Conrad warned him to guard Wolfram's feelings in the event that Yuri truly neglected Wolfram and the engagement.

Even if Yuri didn't return his feeling, Yuri wouldn't let Wolfram break apart, Conrad assured himself, reminding himself that he had duties to fulfill. Being Wolfram's caretaker was not one of them, nor did Wolfram exactly want such attention on himself.

"Conrart! What are you staring at? You're lagging!"

Blinking thoughts away, Conrad smiled at his half-brother. "Ah, my bad," he said, hurrying his horse forward.

Yuri grinned. "Come on! Race you all!" he shouted, lightly tapping his horse's side with a heel.

As the horse rushed forward, Wolfram's gawking look was quickly switched with a glaring one. "Hey, you can't start off before us, Yuri!" he bellowed, commanding his horse to chase after Yuri.

"His Majesty just took the opportunity," Conrad explained, laughing as he took off after them, surpassing Wolfram's barely by an inch.

"Yuri!" Wolfram growled again, spotting a short arch over of land over the river. Calculating his advantage by taking it, Wolfram smirked and tugged on the reigns in the direction of the semi-hill.

Yuri glanced back to see where his competitors stood and blinked when he saw Wolfram taking an alternative route. "Hey!" he whined.

But Wolfram's horse had already scampered onto the half-formed hill and was leaping off of it. But he never made it safely to the ground opposite the small river.

The water beneath trembled and shot up, roaring like a wave as it curled around both Wolfram and his horse. Wolfram barely registered it and could only stare in shock as he was hurled off his horse by the massive force.

"Wolfram!" Conrad yelled, bolting in the direction where Wolfram landed with a painful howl.

Yuri was the first to practically fall off his horse in an attempt to reach Wolfram quickly. The river splashed over the rim that normally contained it. Wolfram's horse was whining as it shoved its way out of the river with Conrad's help.

"Wolfram," he gasped, gently taking the blonde's arm to keep him from rolling around the wet earth.

A moan left the prince as he opened his eyes and registered his body's injuries. "I'm…I'm alright," he assured, using his free arm to push himself up. He hissed though, instinctively grabbing his throbbing ribs.

"What happened?" asked Yuri, prying Wolfram's hand away and carefully pressing his own hand over the torn blue uniform. "Here. Conrad! I can't tell if he broke something."

Already crouching beside them, Conrad reached out to examine Wolfram. The boy lightly slapped his hand away, a flush coming to his cheeks at the same time. "I'm alright," he insisted again. "It's just a little bruised at worst. But…what was that?"

Conrad softened his eyes, not taking the aggressive touch personally. He flicked his eyes to the water and already began pulling them away from its edge. "We have to get back and report this. I'm not sure what happened," he said. "Are you sure you're alright, Wolfram?"

"Yes!" the blonde snapped, wincing though when he put too much weight on his left foot; the majority of the fall had been broken by his entire left side and it wouldn't stop throbbing. "Is my horse…?"

"No harm it seems," Conrad said, gently patting the white coat. "A little spooked. Maybe you should ride with one of us."

"Wolfram, you're still hurt. We should check you out. Your face has a bruise and you tore your uniform," Yuri objected, suddenly concerned Wolfram was hurt more than he allowed the others to notice.

With a snort, Wolfram stood up (albeit shakily) and only said, "I'll ride with my fiancé, of course!"

Normally, Yuri would have raised a flustered objection but at the moment, he could only stray his worried eyes from Wolfram to the now calm river. "This wasn't nature acting out, was it?" he asked.

"I'll explain when we arrive, Your Highness," Conrad promised, offering a reassuring look.

Wolfram scoffed and tilted forward to capture a glance at the water's surface as best as his position allowed him. For a moment, he thought he saw a ripple dance across the water but when Yuri called his name, snapping him from his trance, he saw nothing.


"This is the third distress report this week."

Conrad tilted his head up, listening to the gravity of his older brother's voice. Gwendel sat erect in a large seat behind the grand desk, hands folded on the polished top. The only subtle indication of his pondering was the way his eyes would faintly narrow though they weren't focused on any thing in particular.

A soft exhale ended the silence and the members of the room caught the Great Sage studying the night through a window. "That makes it the seventh account in a little over a month," he calculated, his back still facing the others.

Shifting his gaze to the Sage, Conrad asked, "The incidents are all related?"

"Er…wait. So…What exactly is going on?"

Yuri smiled sheepishly from his position beside Conrad. Only minutes earlier had he been enjoying his daughter's embrace. Then, Yosak had insisted for His Majesty's and Wolfram's presence in the conference room only moments after Conrad had left them.

But quite frankly, in the ten minutes he had been in the room, Yuri failed to understand the situation.

It was Wolfram who answered first, in a stern but calmer tone less typical of him, "Something is happening to the bodies of water in this world."

"Water?" repeated Yuri, blinking. He quickly analyzed Wolfram again, still nervous that the boy was hiding injuries. The boy hadn't even bothered to change himself and the bruise on his face, though fading, was still apparent. Greta had broke into fit of concern when she saw the Prince in such a shamble.

Conrad set his attention on his godson, silently noting his concern. He elaborated, "Strange occurrences have taken place since you left where bodies of water reacted aggressively."

Frowning, Yuri studied Conrad's face curiously. "You mean, the water is attacking people like with what happened to Wolfram?" he asked, shooting a glance to Gwendel.

"We aren't completely certain but seems so," Yosak added, pushing himself off the wall he had been occupying. "The people I have interviewed said that the water suddenly heaves up and splashes over, like a wave. We're talking about rivers, lakes, even steams."

Yuri shifted his attention between them before laughing nervously. "You're kidding…"

"It's crashed over on bystanders, Yuri," Wolfram clarified, the emotion coating his words sharply. "I was barely hurt but that wasn't the case for many of the people."

"Wait, so is there any clue as to what this is about?" Yuri pressed, looking at them all, especially his comrade. "Murata."

Murata glanced back, smiling calmly in that manner that made Yuri frustrated to no end sometimes. "I'm afraid I only know as much as Ulrike and Yosak have explained to me. We'll have to keep tabs on it and advise people to stay away from major bodies of water."

Yuri shook his head and protested, "How will they get their water though or wash their clothes?"

"I could send some units out to help the villages gather water," offered Conrad. "It's the best solution for now."

Nodding toward the brunette, Murata rested a hand on his hip. "What do you think, Shibuya?"

Yuri huffed a bit, contemplating the situation. "Okay," he finally agreed. "I think that might be best until we crack this mystery."

"Mystery?" Wolfram inquired, raising an eyebrow at his fiancé. He watched Yuri nod in determination and clench a fist.

"We have to solve this problem right away!" Yuri declared with a strong expression. "Kids should be able to play in the water without worrying about it crushing them!"

"Sounds like a plan," Yosak returned with a half grin.

Gwendel finally lowered his hands so they lay flat on the desk, speaking once more. "Alright. We'll set up arrangements. We'll inform you once we've distributed units."

Yuri nodded in understanding. "Come on," he said to no one in particular. "Greta is deserving of extra love now! We have to hurry before Gunter comes down. You know how hard it is to get away from him when something like this has happened."

"Hey, wait for me!" Wolfram said, hurrying after Yuri once the black-haired boy had stepped out of the conference room. "And I don't want Gunter all over you!"

With a final nod to his brother, Conrad stood from his seat but only took three strides before the Great Sage's voice broke in.

"Wait, Lord Weller. I want to speak to you three."


"Ah," Yuri exclaimed as he flopped into the much missed comforts of his grand bed. "Oh, that's the spot."

The soft padding of Wolfram's bare feet on the floor sent Yuri's stomach churning anxiously. It wasn't that he didn't expect the Prince to be crawling into his bed anymore but rather, it was because the King knew Wolfram would be pressing into the same mattress as him. His stomach would knot and then tighten up to his throat where it tickled his voicebox, forcing him to clear his voice.

"I have to agree," Wolfram stated, his pink nightgown cuddling his body loosely. He smiled faintly and sunk into the bed beside Yuri, keeping his eyes open though.

Yuri felt his face flush and he sighed, having given up kicking Wolfram out ages ago. He had to admit, it was comforting having the presence of someone he trusted nearby at all times. However, he also wasn't sure if he could trust Wolfram from…

Don't think such things! He scolded himself, suddenly envisioning Wolfram kissing his vulnerable and sleeping self.


The Demon King stared up and then glanced to Wolfram, realizing he must have looked strange thinking to himself. "Er…yeah?" he managed after clearing his throat.

Wolfram was studying him with a conflicted expression—one Yuri couldn't decipher on his own. "I'm glad you're back," the blonde whispered, looking ready to shut his eyes.

The comment tugged Yuri's lips into a fond smile. "Me too," he returned, rolling onto his side to face the boy. "You know, it was nice how Greta made us a special dessert tonight."

"She's very talented," Wolfram murmured proudly. Yuri could now examine the exhaustion that were slowly pulling the blonde's eyelids down.

Yuri bit his lip, not wanting to disturb Wolfram's sleep but he had to ask again. "Wolfram, are you really okay?" he whispered. After all, Wolfram had bathed on his own earlier and when had already slipped into his nightgown before Yuri saw a glimpse of skin.


"Wolfram," Yuri groaned, huffing. "I mean, you fell down hard."

"I'm not dead, am I?" Wolfram opened one eye. Reaching out, he shoved Yuri's head into a pillow. "Now, sleep. We had a long day."

Yuri complained but quieted down, watching Wolfram doze off. His face softened watching the blonde and with a hesitant pause, he pulled the blanket up past Wolfram's exposed shoulder. "Must be really tired to doze off before I did," he chuckled, lying back down, grateful to see the small cuts on Wolfram's face gone thanks to the blonde's own healing abilities, no doubt.

Following the trail to dream land, Yuri let his body succumb to his own achiness, knowing more problems could be addressed after they had a good night's sleep.

What he didn't expect, however, was the shrill scream that would wake him up in the middle of the night.


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