Jack and Ianto one-shot, Based after CoE, it's quite short.

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Torchwood, if I did I would NOT have let Ianto die.



Captain Jack Harkness grudgingly trudged to bed, pulling off his coat and shoes and then collapsing into bed. His heart was heavy and his mind was full, it had been one month since Ianto Jones had died and he stilled missed him with every inch of his heart and loved him in every way shape and form. He remembered all the sweet moments he and Ianto had had, when he asked him out on a date, when they first shared a kiss, when they first made love together, and when he died. It hurt like the fire of a thousand suns to think of his poor Ianto Jones dying. Slowly Jack fell asleep with a soft smile on his lips and slow, silent tears leaking out of his eyes.

Jack was in his bed, Ianto was next to him, hugging him around his waist, they were both in boxers with the blanket strewn around them, Jack smiled. "Hello", he quietly whispered,

"Hi," Ianto said smiling back, Jack gazed into his eyes for a few moments soaking up the moment, soaking up the sweet way Ianto smelled, how he gorgeous he looked, and how much he missed him.

"I'm still looking for a way to bring you back to me. I'll never give up, you know that?" Jack promised,

"I know Jack, but you know it's near impossible to bring me back?" Ianto said sadly

"No it's not!! I'll find a way! I-I'll bring you back!" His voice cracked on the last words, tears started to stream down his face,

"Shhh Jack, don't cry," Ianto soothed, hugging him closer.

"D-Did it hurt?"

"Jack you've died plenty of times before."

"Well… It's just… I thought it might be… different for you."

"No Jack, it didn't hurt," Ianto smiled,

"I never want this to end," Jack whispered, Ianto slowly kissed him, softly and sweetly,

"It never has to, I love you so much Jack, I always will."

And with that Captain Jack Harkness woke up, tears were streaming down his face, but he smiled. He knew that Ianto would come to visit him in many more dreams, and he would never be alone, despite how much he missed him.