Author's Note: This a prequel to Keep's Getting Better. Definitely can be a stand alone. Thanks for reviews :)

Piper's expression quickly turned to one of worry when she realized the spell she had just cast had backfired.
Instead of sending her a future family member or a reliable informant, the Elders sent her a young child. A child was the last person she expected to encounter.

The young boy seemed quite comfortable, given how much Piper was panicking, looking up at Piper curiously, "Mommy, did you finish the cookies?"

'Mommy?' Piper asked herself. She tried to swallow her fear, but was unable as she continued staring at the child, "Future Boy! get yourself down here right this minute!"

In a flourish of orbs, Chris appeared, his hair was disheveled and his clothing was marred with dirt.
Piper could only imagine what he had been doing before she had asked him to come down.
One had to snort at how Piper viewed her actions; she would tell others that she had asked Chris to come down, but honestly it was much more of a demand.

"What's wrong?" He asked, immediately concerned. When he noticed Wyatt, he paled visibly, but Piper didn't seem to notice.
No, she was much too worried about her own problems to worry about Chris's.

"He says he's my son!" Piper exclaimed hysterically, "Last time I checked, my son was barely a year old."

Chris had to hide his smile, "Tell me, what year are you from?" He asked the boy softly.

The boy looked up, almost hesitating, "I'm confused," He frowned, no longer content, "What's happening to my Momma?"

"You leaped a few years into the past. It's 2004." Chris suppressed a knowing expression, understanding the many complications of time travel.

"But I was a baby in 2004." The blonde reasoned, "How did I get here?"

"I'm not sure." Chris answered with an intrigued look on his face, "Piper, do you know how Wyatt got here?"

"That's Wyatt?" Piper asked with surprise. She immediately disregarded Chris's question,
instead Piper smiled at her older son, "You're such a handsome boy, Wyatt." She gushed proudly.

Chris felt an inkling of jealousy as he watched his mother so openly accept Wyatt without so much as an investigation.
He guessed it had to do with the fact that Wyatt couldn't be over six years old.

"Momma, the traveler asked you a question." Wyatt answered her immediately.

Chris looked at the boy curiously, 'The traveler?' he asked himself.

"What?" Piper asked Wyatt, now turning back to Chris with a half-glare.
He was clearly interrupting a potential bonding the two could share, but Chris couldn't risk Wyatt telling their mother about the future.

"I asked if you know how Wyatt got here." Chris asked her off-handedly.

Piper flushed sheepishly, "I cast a spell." She didn't elaborate, leaving Chris to ask supplementary questions.

"What kind of spell?" He tried to be understanding. After all, Piper was his mother and she had the right to practice witch craft as long as she didn't use it for personal gain.

"One that would bring someone to me who would tell me whether you're evil or not." Piper didn't beat around the bush this time.

Chris snorted, "That's great, Piper. Except that Wyatt can't be older than seven and he has no idea who I am."

"Well, you haven't been the most trustworthy person lately, Chris." Piper sniped in her defense.

Wyatt looked up curiously, "That's my brother's name." He piped up with a smile aimed at Chris, "You and my brother have the same name, cool!"

If Chris hadn't mastered a permanent expression of indifference, he probably would have ran as fast he could. This was not good.