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I think I can figure it out, but I'm gonna
Need a little help to get me through it
To get me through it...

-Motion City Soundtrack

It seemed like no matter what movement Chris made, Leo always seemed to follow. Any time Chris would catch him, Leo would either orb away or give Chris this easy grin like the two were friends or something.

By the time Chris had made it upstairs, he realized Leo had no intention of stopping this senseless behavior.
"Are you planning on following me into the bathroom too?" His sharp words left Leo averting his gaze guiltily.

A faint flush appeared, and there was a short apology before Leo disappeared back down the stairs.

Chris gave a sigh of relief before closing his eyes and laughing at his luck. This was getting obscene.
no... it was past obscene. On a scale of bad to Hurricane Katrina, this was Haiti. Admittedly, he didn't know much of either incident as the only mentions that had been given were in history lesson he had attended in junior high, but still... this was way past ridiculous.

Wyatt was sitting downstairs with Piper, trying terribly to adjust to his family's new dynamic,
"Mommy, is Chris going to be okay? He seems angry."

Piper looked down at her son with a melancholy smile, "We're going to work on it."

Wyatt looked doubtful as he furrowed closer to his mother, "I miss little Chris."

When the boy had fallen asleep, Piper picked him up, traveled the stairs, and laid him in her bed. Pulling a blanket over him, she stared at him intently.
She couldn't imagine his curious blue eyes turning icy, but somehow an image persisted in her thoughts. Did his hair still hold a curl, and was its hue the same gold?

A knock interrupted her thoughts, and so she gave her permission in a whisper as Chris entered discreetly.

He glanced at the sleeping boy with an unreadable expression, "I barely remember him." He murmured to her, "It's the part of him I'd like to save."

This was one the first admissions Chris had made to her, but there wasn't much Piper could find herself to say. There wasn't really anything to say. Their thoughts were unspoken; Just how had this naive child become the future source of all destruction?

Chris looked at her with a sympathetic expression, "Piper, it's not your fault. He can still be saved, you know."

She nodded. Was this all routine for Chris? How many people must he have said this to in the future to have come this far? Piper now seemed to notice all of her features in his disheartened face, her cheekbones and darkened hair... and suddenly she began to see even more, some things she didn't want to see and so she returned her attention to Wyatt.

"Paige and Phoebe are still asleep. Paige is probably going to be out of it for the next day or two, darklighter arrows aren't... they aren't fun." He shuffled a bit, looking down at his feet nervously, "In the morning we should come up with a plan to send Wyatt home."

"and then we'll destroy the Monster." Piper added immediately, no waver in her tone.

Chris gave no response as he left the room on his descent back downstairs.

As he passed Phoebe's resting form, he couldn't help but shoot an expression of contempt at her. She hadn't even been hurt by the darklighter but had still given way to Wyatt's safety, and not only this childish form but the infant too. Had she been placed in his future with his sister and himself, she wouldn't have been able to hold to her sanity for long. He had tried to shape his expectations to the situation, but how many times can someone experience disappointment before demanding absolute reformation?

Honestly, the only reason he had agreed to let Paige sleep was because he was much closer to her than to Phoebe and preferred her to company to temperamental-Piper and the ditz. In his future, Phoebe had four children though none remained anymore. The only remaining Halliwell descendants were all through Piper and were at constant war with each other.

Emily... he was missing her about now. She was unreasonably loud and expressive, often aggravatingly critical and impatient but at least she had a head on her shoulders. He had parted with her at only one other point in his life. It had been about a year before he'd left her behind. Embracing her whitelighter side and accepting that her witch powers wouldn't help against her eldest brother, Emily had made the choice to travel for six weeks around the world to help those who been left in ruin in wake of Wyatt. When she had returned, she had grown an awful lot but had lost much of her gusto. His sister was the only one who had understood his circumstances outside of Bianca, and he couldn't think of Bianca... it was too painful.

Leo was hushing infant Wyatt, whose wails were horribly painful and left Chris in a state of irritation once more. There was never peace with Wyatt. Chris tried to separate the baby from his adult counterpart, but it wasn't the easiest of distinctions. To add to that, he couldn't see himself having children and barely tolerated them. They were pestering, needy, and vulnerable. Like a puppy that you can't return, when you really should have known better but were too immature to.

Sleep didn't sound so bad anymore, anything to escape his thoughts and the thoughts of everyone around him.
Unspoken as they often were, he could almost feel their tension and it made him sick.

It seemed like no matter what movement Chris made, trouble always seemed to follow

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