"The Truth"

Goodness knows why Dumbledore chose today, of all days, to reveal the truth of the argument between Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. It was the nine-month anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. If The Truth had been revealed in the forties, then the two wizarding wars need never have happened. But no one ever thinks of these things, do they?

You looked up, surprised, when the headmaster signalled for quiet. So did everyone else, and there was immediate quiet.

"The nature of the argument between Gryffindor and Slytherin must now be told," Dumbledore said, and everyone looked at each other. You could see Hermione Granger's eyes bulge out of her head. Clearly, she thought that something was about to be said that would contradict Hogwarts, a History. "Now, much has been lost in translation; it wasn't until the beginning of the century that the truth was discovered, and nothing could be done about it. In faith, it wasn't over blood that they argued. It was over blood-red carpet, which was to go in the Great Hall… er, here."

Murmurs broke out around the hall. Two of the four great founders of Hogwarts had split up over carpet?

"Yes," Dumbledore continued, nodding seriously. Granger looked ready to faint. "The carpet was supposed to be an extra… indulgence, if you will. You see, this hall was for the operettas to be performed; the operettas that Gryffindor and Slytherin wrote together. Slytherin argued that the carpet would dim the sound too much, with the rest of the hall being made of stone. He didn't want his music to be affected by magic, either, as it was suggested that they change the acoustics using charms. He was dead against this."

"I didn't read about that in Hogwarts, a History," Hermione said out loud. She sank down in her seat when everyone looked at her, and the headmaster chuckled, twinkling.

"As a celebration of Voldemort's downfall in three months' time, we'll be performing one of the operettas, as it will also promote house unity," Dumbledore continued. "Every student is free to audition, and sign up for crew. You may choose a song from any of the musicals they wrote. The lists are up in each of the common rooms. Now, scoot!"

You were one of the first students to stand, and moved behind your fellow students as they made their way upstairs. The Gryffindor and Slytherin musicals were rarely performed, partly because of the house divide. You found it absolutely fascinating that it was an argument over furnishings that created the rift between the two male founders.

Many students were crowded in front of the list, signing up. You approached the parchment after they had all moved away, and saw different names scrawled up there. Well, you didn't fancy the thought of being onstage. Perhaps a backstage role?

Yes! you thought. I know what I'll volunteer for. You pulled out your wand, and tapped it on the list, and your name appeared beside 'Stage Manager'. Now you could boss everyone else around. You couldn't wait for this afternoon, to see what would happen!

A few minutes later, the other students were still discussing things. Some were already warming up their voices. An owl tapped at the window. Seeing that everyone else was occupied, you opened the window. It was a letter for you, from the headmaster.

He had accepted it! You were now, officially, the stage manager of Hogwarts' first musical. You were invited to the auditions, and would be trained in your role of SM by… Professor Snape. Oh dear.

You gulped, but bravely folded the parchment, and shoved it into your pocket. Now you had to prepare for the auditions, and went to the headmaster's office. He had some last-minute tips, and wanted to describe the audition process to you so that you'd be prepared.

Should I have the character (you) talking with Professor Dumbledore, or should we just skip to the audition process? I suddenly decided to write this in second person point-of-view, and in past tense. Usually, second person is in present tense, but I can't stand present tense. However, if you want me to rewrite this in present tense before continuing, let me know so that I can write the next chapter in the same style, or in third-person, and make up a new character as the SM.