Title: Choice
Pairings: Yohna
spoilers for the ending of the Manga.
PG (K+)
Word Count:

Disclaimer: I don't own Shaman King nor the characters.

Summary: The Shaman Tournament has ended, the new Shaman King has been selected. And this brings a different kind of problems for Yoh and Anna to deal with. Yohna. Manga-based.




"Are you sure about this?"

Some may think that an anxiety was evident in the person's voice, but it sounded nothing like it. Just conversing.

"It's the only way." A stoic, emotionless reply came; signs of a grave resolve in its undertones. "They need to overcame this obstacle."


"The spirits are insistent in that matter." The second voice continued, an irritation could be heard in it.

A pause, the silence stretching between the two beings.

"It's your decision in the end." The first voice stated after a while.

Another moment of motionlessness, then a reply came.

"I think we don't need to worry."

A smile.

"You're probably right."


A/N This story was the first one I've started writing when I rediscovered SK fandom a few months ago. The inspiration for this came while I was reading Eggshells by Keitorin Asthore (she's amazing! If you don't know her works what are you doing reading mine?). I wanted to explore her idea in a totaly different direction (not of what has happened to Anna - because it won't happen in this story - but more like the reason it has happened). Thus this piece of writing was born to be.

Sorry for the long AN, but I've stuck myself with Possessive. I have a few (even already written down) ideas for the continuation, but it involves quite a few OC characters and I don't feel comfortable about it. I don't want to ruin the story that's already written. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in beta-ing that story and help me decide what to do with it. If anyone is, then just PM me and we'll discuss the details then :)