39. I mustn't point out that of all the ex-Yugoslav countries I'm the only one that is not ethically clean, despite that I was accused of ethnic cleansing in the 90ties.

40. I mustn't drink when depressed, otherwise I'll spend the rest of my life in a bar.

41. I mustn't argue with Albania about his true origin, mine is shady too.

42. I mustn't tell any EU or NATO member that they destroyed the wall in Berlin so they could build it around me.

43. I mustn't complain how I hate America while I hold Cola and hamburger in my hands.

44. I mustn't complain on how Yugoslavia destroyed me. It's useless.

45. I mustn't tell Russia that I have a huge amount of sunflowers in my yard.

46. I mustn't think more than I usually do, I might find out I'm smart.

47. I mustn't punch anyone who sings the Godfather theme. They can save it for Albania later.

48. I mustn't punch anyone who tells me I'm like Nokia, getting smaller every year.